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Fiction, of Course...?

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The Meeting

"So what are we to do?" asked the new member.

The leader made a slow smile.

There had been conversations among the others in the room. But slowly, everyone ceased to speak, aware that the Leader would say something important.

When there was silence, the leader, who had sat with fingers on his cheek, emphasising his smile, spoke softly;


There was hums and gasps and mumbles and sounds of confusion which splashed about the room for half a minute.

The Leader turned his eyes to one of his Advisors. She was an older woman who made herself look young, with the careful hairstyle, the eye makeup.

She, as the others, (save the Leader) were masked. It improved her appearance.

Then, as the Leader affixed his mask, she removed her own.

"We let.." and she made those repulsive finger quotes; " human nature" take its course." and made a slow smile.


Human Nature

The members looked puzzled, proving they were as stupid as some believed.

She waited a moment, then, in her most pretension voice;

"Many of you are old enough to recall the reluctance of some citizens to get the polio vaccination. Those are the ones who got polio. Some died, some straggled on a bit before dying, and many were crippled for life."

Even the youngest member had heard something about this.

"All of you know of the reluctance of persons to get the MMR. We all know the 'anti-vaxxers' . And we all are aware of those who died of measles."

Heads nodded.

"Let the public talk themselves out of getting the vaccination against Covid."



The members exchanged glances, their slow brains processing the information the Advisor had given.

She, realising that the Members were as dense as granite, spoke again.

"We have two million citizens. We can not afford to buy vaccinations for all of them. We can not buy inoculations for half of them. Hence, we settled on the purchase of One Hundred Thousand "

She paused, letting the information seep into the swamp of their brains.

"Yes, that is only one twentieth of the population, but then, how many citizens are intelligent enough to take the jabs?"

The Members reflected on their constituencies.

They thought of the blatant lies they had told, which, beyond a reporter or their rival, had been swallowed whole.

They did a mental math, separating out those persons who had some value to the community, and those who were mere sheep.

The equation seemed accurate

Simple Explanation

The Leader, deciding to take control made a cough sound, looked at the Advisor.
She happily put back on her mask as he took off his.

Looking around the room, his eyes making brief contact with each of his people, he took a breath, spoke:

"The majority of citizens will decline the vaccination. They will claim Covid is a hoax, will claim the drug is a trick, and will probably say it causes sterility or whatever stupidity comes to their tiny brains."

"The media will go out and interview the 'public' . That is, the lowest members of society. The media will broadcast the stupidity that drips from their lips and this will convince their clones not to take the vaccination."

"We will try to convince them, weakly I must demand, and when the roll out begins, only the most intelligent and useful people will take it. Hopefully, we have one hundred thousand intelligent citizens."

"In this way we save money, which is a priority."

Everyone nodded at this.

"Secondly; we let the least intelligent sicken and die. They only take up space anyway and there are cemeteries for that."

" Thirdly, we can paint ourselves in the brightest most glowing light because we tried. We purchased the inoculations, and could not force our people to take them. Alas."

The Members nodded.

None would reveal how few inoculations had been ordered. All would act 'pro-jab' in the most casual of manners at public events.

Privately, they'd make sure they and their friends and family got the vaccine.

It was no secret how many people thought Covid was a hoax or that the vaccination was some kind of poison or contained a micro-chip.

As they left the meeting they reflected on how brilliant the Leader was to so know the stupidity of his followers.

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