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Fiction: A Heartbreaking House Eviction

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My parents had four kids (my older brother, sister, me and then my younger brother). Growing up my big brother never liked staying at home he would disappear for months and only show up when some family relative had died. Seeing this, my mother made me my late father's heir apparent and I took on the responsibility. I went to school completed my degree and luckily I was quickly employed soon after graduating. I renovated and extended my family home with the help of my big sister who was already married, that costed me a lot of money as i had to hire experts in construction to ensure that the house does not get ruined, well, i am now satisfied with the way it looks and of course the souls of my parents will definitely rest in peace as i believe that they do witness the great thing i have done to their house. I got married back in 2017 and my brother didn't even show up even though I had told him, it was even hard to link up with him but i was just glad that i told him about the wedding, so that he does not come back one day and blame me and the family that we did not invite him to the wedding.

My younger brother is still in college and soon as he finishes and finds a job I'm going to help him build his own house and start his family there since this one is culturally mine now although it will always be OUR home, my younger brother is more understanding and i believe it won't be much of an issue for him to understand that the house culturally belongs to me.

Earlier this year my big brother came back for our mother's burial and I could tell he was very shocked to see just how beautiful our home is now. He left shortly after the burial but returned a week later, he sat us down and told us how sorry he was for abandoning the family all those years. sharp we forgave him and we were happy that finally he's coming back to his senses, little did we know there was more to it .

Summary: he's now demanding what is traditionally his (our home) He says since he's the oldest the house belongs to him and he will allow me and my family to stay there until the end of the year because he's planning to move back in with his own family. Mind you he never contributed a cent into building this house.

He's threatening to burn us all alive because we "hate" him. My wife wants us to move out because she fears for the children but no ways I won't allow this man to do me like this, she's threatening to move back to her home if I refuse so here I stand to lose one of the two important things in my life MY WIFE OR MY HOME.

The thing is, i love my wife so dearly and would not want to lose her for anything in the whole universe, she is all that i have been praying for all my life, but it seems as though my brother is slowly winning on separating us.

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