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Feeling the Fire of Anger and Hurt


She looked up at him, her eyes asking that question that really didn't need answering. Could she have prevented the violence that was going to begin? She didn't know that answer as the dark clouds above seemed to be showing pity.

Robbery was never a consideration even though she had several hundred dollars in her purse. She wanted to offer it to him if he would just leave, but she knew it wouldn't have made a difference. He would have taken it and still made the violence primary.

She started the morning jogging and decided to use the park as her field of choice. Her day started to turn to ashes and she couldn't feel her body. It was totally numb. Her world felt like it was closing in on her. The air was tight and she felt her breath struggling to get out.

If she was killed will that man care? Would he feel the pain he was inflicting? Would he be the last person she'd say good-bye to?

The man chose a large boulder behind a prickly bush near the path to drag her tired body. At first he appeared troubled and she was hoping he was having second thoughts.

He waited, allowing that thought to penetrate and then wash away. It was almost as if he felt some shame creep into his mind. There was almost a hint of humiliation that crossed his face. It lingered in his dark eyes for a moment and then it was gone.

Her stomach started to churn and she wanted to kick and scream but the fear kept her still. The thought of the violence kept her frozen in place.

The aromas from the wet soil beneath her was enhanced by the early morning sun as it broke through the dark clouds. The sun's good morning rays filled her senses with beauty and a peaceful calm. The hatred in heart was strong, but she couldn't reach down into that ball of hate and use it to fight the violence that was nearing.

“You know what I want, don't you?” he whispered.

Dreaded emotions were rising as they seeped out of her pores like sweat. She couldn't fight back the tears and there was simply no holding it back as the hot tears poured down her face and between sobs guilt entered her mind. She wanted death to take her place.

She wanted him to hurt as much as she was hurting and she wanted to witness his damnation.

The crows watched from several trees on the horizon as she felt the torment rush of pain consuming her. She couldn't wait for death so that the wave of pain would pass.


He was grunting like a wild animal and suddenly his voice got quiet and she looked up at him, directly into his evil dark eyes. Something was happening. Something made him stop.

She pushed him off her and he kicked several times. She didn't know what was happening, but it was almost too good to believe. He jilted like a man struck by lightning. Then he grabbed his chest. He was suffering from a massive heart attack.

Revenge filled her heart as she picked up a rock that was as big as a softball. She thought about caving his head in. She stood up looked at the man. There was no pity in her heart as she gathered her belongings, dropped the rock feeling the fire of anger and hurt still burning inside her.

She looked over toward the crows and nodded, hoping they would feed well that morning...


© 2018 Frank Atanacio