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I was that loner kid who read comics when everyone else was playing, listened to the B-sides and watched old movies ... Now I write about it


When I was married, the three of them would get together outside of work, but I was never invited. I guess they assumed that because I had a wife, I had no need for a social life. Or maybe my wife wouldn't let me hang out with three women, even if I spent 7 hours a day with them. If only they knew how much I need the interaction.

Yeah, I was married, but we were more like roommates; her in one room, me in the other. Her watching her show, me watching mine. Me wanting to go to car shows, farmer's markets and arts and crafts festivals in the park, her not interested in spending time with me in that fashion.

Fatina and I had been pseudo friends for years. When she was a teacher's assistant and her car was down, I'd taken her home on many occasions. And it never had gone any further than that. Mostly because she'd never invited me in and had never had any phone conversations with me, even though she had my number. So now that my wife and I were estranged and I'd gotten my own place, I invited the group over so she would have no qualms about showing up.

She arrived first. Even though I told her that she didn't have to bring anything, she brought a Cherry pie ... because she remembered me saying that I loved pie ... Cool.

I had sausage and peppers cooking on a high fire on the stove. I told her to make her self comfortable. She did by slipping out of her shoes. But then she asked me if I needed help with anything.

I didn't.

She asked if I was sure.

So I created a task for her to do. I let her cube and dice some tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese and pour out some black and green olives for an appetizer tray. And I imagined what it would be like to do this with her all of the time.


I had a DVD playing that I had burned from downloaded files on my computer. Playing was a segment from a British talk show that featured WILL SMITH and his son performing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song together. That's when Fatina said that she'd kill to watch the actual television series, because she hadn't seen it in years.

I told her that I could remedy that. That I'd be right back and encouraged her to pull the corn bread and Egg pie out of the oven in twenty minutes if I wasn't back. And I proceeded to the closest WALMART to buy season one of said classic sitcom, thereby preventing her from being a murderer.

Let me tell you, the thought of her being alone in my spot kind of excited me if I can be honest. But my mood got even better when my co-paraprofessional called my cell phone and informed me that she couldn't make it, because she couldn't find a sitter. And then the nurse called and said that she couldn't make it either ... Land O' Goshen, was I a happy camper!

Egg Pie

Egg Pie

I didn't tell Fatina right away. I waited until the food was ready and we made our plates and she was in the middle of the sitcom and had begged for a slice of my pie before she could start eating her dinner. Because her late grandmother used to make Egg pie and nobody else seemed to know how to make it.

Anyway, she liked the pie very much. And after seconds on dinner, she asked if she could have another slice of pie. So I gave her a really healthy slice. And let me tell you, for such a thin bodied girl, she could really put away the food. It was surely a sight to behold.

Then after she ate, she patted her stomach and crossed her arms. She was cold. But instead of turning up the thermostat, I went and got her a blanket. Because I wanted her to get as comfortable as possible. The longer I could have her in my presence, the better.

Me: We should do this more often. Like every Friday.

Her: Every Friday?

Me: Every Friday ... Every two weeks ... Once a month ..."

Her: Really?

Me: You could come over .... We eat ... We watch Law & Order reruns ... You sleep over .... You take the bedroom and I'll take the couch ... The next morning I take you out to breakfast .... After that, you either go home or we can spend the day together. It's up to you.

Her: Really?

Me: Just something to think about ... If you don't want to, no harm, no foul. It would be nice though.

Her: What about your wife? I'm sure she'd have something to say about this little plan of yours.

Me: That's done. This is my apartment ... Just me.

Her: What? Wh ... Why didn't you tell us?

Me: I don't know ... It's embarrassing ... I'm a lifetime guy ... If I'm with you, I'm with you from A to Z/ 4ever and a day .... But everybody is not like that ... Point being ... I enjoy spending time with you. That's why I stay after school sometimes, because you're there. And I didn't have fun Fridays when I was with her. Or Saturdays for that matter. But I'd like the opportunity to do that with you. But like I said, if you don't want to, I'll understand. Just think about it.

Her: Ok .... (she looked towards the kitchen).

Me: You want some more pie. Don't you?

She grinned.

I gave her another hunk of pie.

I turned off the living room lights with her permission and turned on the more intimate table lamp. Then I dared to get her pillow from my bedroom. She accepted and proceeded to fall asleep.


Round about Midnight, I scooped the fair damsel up in my arms and carried her to my bed. Then I kissed her on the forehead and said softly, "Goodnight Beautiful."

She woke up.

I thought that this was the end of our time together. Except, she didn't move. So I searched for my Wolverine t-shirt out of my drawer, tossed it to her and told her she could sleep in that. Then like a gentleman, I walked out of the room and closed the door behind me.

With a slow jam CD playing on low, I went to the kitchen to clean up and put the leftovers away. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw her standing in the doorway of my bedroom, watching me. Wearing my t-shirt like a short dress; the sight of her bare legs and bare feet making me melt inside.

She was hooked and so was I.


© 2020 LaZeric Freeman

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