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Far Away Faces

The zen tangle effect by cami


The People In And Out Of Our Lives

As we grow older we will meet so many people in our own families

Friends so many friends

Some people we see every day now

Aren't even on our minds later

The simple answer is people change

People fill a purpose in our lives

They are important for many reasons

What is good today

Isn't necessarily good for us or them tomorrow

We grow older and hopefully wiser

Some of us are happy where we are in life

Other people have more dreams to fulfill

Some people change for the better

Other people change for the worse

I always try to take a step back and look around

I continue to ask the same questions I have for years

Am I fulfilling my life's dream ?

The three I"s

Is this who I am ?

Is this who I am proud to be ?

Is there more ?

The two A's

Am I happy ?

Are my friends good for me ?

What is God's plan and how do I fit in ?

I believe we are all blessed with unique talents

It is up to us to find out what those wonderful gifts may be

Some people find their calling at an early age

Other people like me

Might keep searching their whole life

I do know so many people have inspired me over the years

They have been influential in so many ways

I like to think everyone I have met in my life

Have left their own beauty mark on me

I am not the same person I was before

I do know that I can and will continue to help so many people

That is when I feel my greatest love

When I go to bed at the end of the day

I constantly say

Now that was a trip

It sometimes takes me awhile to realize what just happened

I did what ?

So as the snow falls quietly outside my window

I will continue on

Sometimes at a fast pace I can't even keep up

Other times a snail has a huge lead

You may never know me

We might of just met

Live your life like there is no tomorrow

If it does come

Make the best of it and every day after

Years from now

You won't be looking back and wondering what could I have done

You will be able to say

I did it and I loved it so much

Because I did it with all of you

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