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Far And Away From Home

I wrote a letter to my darling and

He penned one back to me

My Darling has gone so far away

To fight a War, not of his choosing

But his duty to uphold

And these words I did suggest

I made a vow to wait until his return

That to no other I would belong

That I'd wait in great anticipation for the Day he should come home

My Darling answered back to me and said this in a song

While I am away from you, my Day's blur into Nights

I can only dream of you

Ad holding you tightly

Underneath the Sycamore tree as we did each Night

Will you belong to only me

When I return will you wear a gown

And will you bonnie one pledge to me for all to see

A ring of gold will I give to thee to wear for all eternity

I wrote a letter to my darling and this is what it said

My love for thee grows stronger with every passing Day

Do you remember the chair in which you often sat

While I penned or sewed or read

I would give a hundred tomorrows

For just a sight of you in that old chair

My darling did not respond

So in this his favorite chair I sit and sit and wait

I wrote this in 1990 or 1991 when my Ex Husband went off to War for the first time. I sent it to him in a love letter, he may still have it in his stack of love letters or I may.

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