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Faith is Relentless


It is the longest walk, this walk called faith,

It seemed so much shorter from someone else’s perspective,

I guess the shortcut appealed to the senses,

But, faith doesn’t walk by sight.

Sight is an aspect of the five senses,

I can’t physically see around the corner,

I would have to take steps to reach that destination,

Faith doesn’t need to see around the corner,

Just walk and faith will guide you.

Faith will direct you to your individual respective place,

Faith will properly place you,

The walk doesn’t seem as long now,

Where is it leading, this now faith is?

Walking towards substance.

What is substance?

It is the core!

Repentance is the substance,

That faith is leading to in this very hour,

How is holiness really seen and revered?

Without the ability to see the need to repent.

Being a good stewardess of the universe

Is knowing that my life has not been in compliance

With all the laws of who created and provided everything here,

What should my response be to that premise?

Creator, I repent for the entire stay, herein and on the earth,

I repent over every second of each day and night,

For all the months, years and decades,

From conception to death, because

I acknowledge the role as a sinner,

That sin is not a joke, and that,

It is my individual responsibility to be sorrowful,

The main reason that I repent, is that I sorrow and grieve

Over my role as a sinner,

Why? Because I honor You.

I deem You worthy of my repentance,

It is a part of my worship,

If there is no repentance,

How can I say I worship You?

When I have lived in a world that I did not create/

By creative rights, only You deserve exclusive rights,

As Creator and Maker of all that is from its base,

A foundation that cannot be shaken,

Is who You truly are, Creator of all,

Only You are worthy of every pure moment, I can give,

Because I have nothing else that I can offer,

That repentance will not have to expose.

“Examine yourselves,

Whether ye be in the faith;

Prove your own selves.

Know ye not your own selves,

How that Jesus Christ is in you,

Except ye be reprobates.” (2 Corinthians 3:5)

When the examination is made

Faith is procured within,

Proof of who I am is determined,

By the plowing, pruning, and purging,

When I meet up with the reprobate in my discovery,

Void of the judgment required, I repent!

It is the shortest walk,

This walk called faith,

It seemed so much longer, in retrospect,

I see from my own perspective now,

I guess the exit from un-repentance was the shortcut,

It is a real journey traveling from faith to faith.