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Tarnished Stars and Faded Stripes


I wonder why we are what we are

So close to ourselves and yet so far

I watch the world become a blur

And changing inside from what we were

The cries of hate the tears of pain

What morals inside us still remain

With much consequence, seeking pleasures

We pay no mind to moral measures

The balance of freedom and of morals

Challenged by the rise of foreign toils

Leadership lost in greed and want

Battles between the haves and haves not

Decisions of the noble fall on our head

For unknown causes soldiers fall dead

Children at school, energized to learn

At the whim of evil, feel the bullets burn

Divided, intolerant and unkind

Hate of difference has made us blind

race, religion, misplaced reasons to kill

We fall from being that "city on a hill"

Stars and Stripes fall from the air

But all of our nation show no care

I hold the fallen stars deep in my soul

For all to fix is each man’s role

To live and see our uncertain place

Is to constantly live with a terrible taste

No one will hear so I quietly weep

And wait for all to wake from slumber so deep

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