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Fade Away Love

Fade Away Love is about how unfair relationships can be as well as loving yourself before you can love someone else.


Do not let me fade away. I ask you never ending questions that all have one answer. You look at me like I am crazy but forget that you have made me this way. I once went about my days without having to know the whereabouts of another soul, I was alone and happy to be that way. My once independent nature has turned into a thirst for you that you will no longer quench. You have left me here wondering why your name runs through my head and sitting by a phone that never seems to ring. Despite these things that you do to me, I still hold a place for you in my heart. I am free falling into a pit of loneliness and you will not save me from this fall. Soon, I will let you go. You will fade out of my heart the way I have yours. You will become a memory, and I will miss you dearly. But I must stop loving you, so that I can try to love myself again.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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