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The Boy and the Red Ant

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The boy and the red ant

The exterior of beings, many times, is not the reflection of their interior.

No one is defenseless, we all have our armor of protection and many times hidden defense weapons. Appearance does not dictate the truth. Most of the time, a great hidden potential can be in some people, who appear otherwise.

A long time ago, when almost everything was unknown, because ignorance had covered the planet earth, the realities of life began to be revealed. On a certain occasion a red ant was walking towards her house and sees a barefoot boy of about 8 years old who is going towards her, who tells her:

-Little ant, little ant, did you know that I can crush you by putting a finger or my foot on you? You make me laugh, little red ant.

-Don't you dare child, don't laugh so much, you could get scared. You don't know what we red ants are capable of. - the ant replied.
-Look how I tremble, you presumptuous and conceited ant. ! Now for saying that to me, I'll crush you! You're little and I'm big- she said with a threatening attitude.
- Do it then, give it! said the defiant ant.

What the boy did not know was that the anthill was near him and because of the noise of the voices, the other ants had come out and were observing everything that was happening.

When the angry boy puts his foot on the red ant, it immediately stings him and the desperate boy takes his foot away from him. But the other ants had climbed on his legs, and started to sting him too.

-Help! The boy yelled, brushing many red ants off his legs.
-Cowards- you are many, I'm just a child! He exclaimed crying.
- Yes, now you say you are a child, but a few seconds ago you said you were big. So what is the truth? - argued the ant.

- I'm a boy, red ant. I'm sorry, from now on, I will respect you and none of you, I will approach-replied the boy.
-I hope so, child, because our nature is like that, if we feel that someone threatens us, we sting to defend ourselves.-said the ant.
-Yes, I already know- that's why I won't try to attack them either, I repeat I will never attack any red ant. Goodbye, red ant, take care of yourself- the boy said more

calmly, after having talked with the ant.
-Goodbye child, take care of yourself too- said the ant, saying goodbye.

Serve as a lesson to petulant people so that they never underestimate anyone, no matter how small or defenseless they may seem, because behind their appearance, they can have a great surprise, discovering unsuspected qualities such as: intelligence, strength, effort, and many more. The manifested potential is projected even more, if the defenseless assumptions are supported by their comrades, thus adding union and loyalty.


The piece of cake

The red ant dreams of a cake. The boy from the previous story visits her, and
he asks from a distance.
-How are you red ant?
-Fine, thanks, boy and you?
"I'm fine," the boy replied, "but I notice you're very thoughtful." What happens you?
-It seems my spirit is very noticeable. It happens that I was dreaming of a cake.
I really like cake, but I've only tried it once.
-If you want I'll bring you a piece.--said the boy- Yesterday was my little sister's birthday, and there's still
cake in the refrigerator.
-Very well, friend child, bring me that piece of cake, I will eat it alone, I will not give it to anyone-said the red ant anxiously.
After a while the boy returns with the rich cake. And he places it on a napkin, next to him, and then he goes to his house.
Suddenly a great uproar is heard and hundreds and hundreds of red ants are seen,
taking little pieces of cake.
-Nooo, it's my cake, the boy brought it to me-shouted the dreamy ant.
-Here in the anthill everything is shared. Did you forget that?
-Do you remember that every time one of us brings something, we all eat?
-Yes, you're right, friend ant-Sorry for forgetting something so important about our family.
Go ahead, let's all eat, because my friend, the boy, brought a very big piece of cake, and I will share it with you, dear sisters.
We'll get our fill and there'll be some left for tomorrow.
"Yes," they all yelled.
We should not be selfish with our family mainly, we should be supportive and share what we have.
The end

© 2022 Venus Mary

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