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Exquisite Presence


Each evening's promenade, a beautiful experience, seen at days ending,

A lovely conclusion to a special day's presentation and of its descending.

Every portrait greater than the one before, of the master artist's rendering,

An exclamation of how wonderful, essence of his presence, remembering.


His palette, full of such rich and vibrant colors, spread upon the scene,

A final bidding of his adieu, by a marvelous work on canvas, so pristine.

His gorgeous portraiture, inspirational to the finest art, landscaped here,

Vivid reds, the golds, blended perfection, always in our minds, to revere.


This creation, like that of a finest orchestration and its finest of daily oratories,

As a musical demonstration, the maestro, writes his best of intriguing stories.

A statement finalized, of such beauty captured only by a rainbow's finest array,

A reminder to his creation, that of human kind, a precious gift he does portray.


With his brilliant collection of paints, he presents us each, as if we're all of saints,

No benevolence of his escapes all of a generosity, and this without any restraints.

The grandest host of all in life, Maker of all that's to be, these marvels, his intent,

Takes the time, his works,so sublime, by his gifts to us, and are from heaven sent.


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