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Executive Order

Executive Order

Executive Order

It was my first day on the job working at the White house
I thought I was in heaven when I stepped in, the place was abnormally clean, from the chefs to the maids stood out
The security team was thorough and left nothing to chance
Alien looking secret agents stood in many places, I never stared, only gave a glance
I was given this great opportunity, I had a job close to the president
I was still in shock knowing I had put foot in this powerful residence
Even though all I did was inventory for the office, I felt I was queen
Arriving in the white-house, what a scene!

Oh my God! It's the President. He walked by, waved and said hello
I almost swallowed my tongue fighting for the response to leave my throat but only silence echoed
I could not believe this, I promised to work my skirt off to create a name for myself
I worked late, never asked for overtime pay, the feeling of working for the president was the joy I felt
From time to time he would pass me by, wave hello with a nuclear grin
For a while a little naughty thought slipped into my mind, I quickly crumpled it and placed it in the bin

One afternoon while finishing up the journal, I heard steps in the corridor, must be an agent
I took up my coffee mug to get refueled, as I opened the door I came face to face with the president
"Ms. Shirley is it?"
"Yes, Yes, Yes Mr President. I am sorry if I nearly bumped into you sir."
"Don't worry about a little bumping Ms. Shirley. I was heading to get a drink, I was feeling a bit thirsty"
"When you are through, I would like to see you in my office Mam."
"Yes Sir Mr President!" As he walked away in my mind I shouted "Oh Damn"
The president wants to see me in his office, what does it mean
Did I miss something on the inventory, did I smell clean?

As I approached the doors to his office I was surprised no agents were around
I knocked on the door, made a step back and placed my eyes to the ground
"Come in Ms.Shirley."
Is he psychic, how did he knew it was me?
Oh I forgot I was expected, not thinking straight, my mind mode was on silly
I opened the door and the president looked straight in my eyes
"Ms Shirley, how much do you love your country?"
"I would die for my country sir!"
"How much do you rate your president?"
"I would do anything for you sir?"
"Good, that's all i wanted to hear."
He walked around me and then stood in front and gave me a cold stare

"Do you know what is an executive order Ms.Shirley?"
"Yes Mr. President. It is basically you do whatever the President tells you to"
He laughed and placed his hands on my left shoulder
He was tall and much older
"I am giving you this executive order tonight Ms.Shirley."
He leaned over and whispered in my ear
I was shocked! I looked up at him, smiled and gave him a committing stare
"Please, carry out this order immediately Mam, the President has much to do"
The president gave me an executive order, I had a mission, just me, no staff, no crew

I dropped down to my knees
I wasted no time
I did what needed to be done, it was no crime
It did not last long, It was over in 5 minutes tops
Because I already had my notepad and pens
The president hated the carpet and wanted me to feel the texture and suggest a couple amends
He wanted me to order a carpet which when he walked made him felt liked he flowed
What? did you all think I gave the president a bl..?

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