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Except for the Beats of Her Heart

An English language teacher who loves the combination of coffee, biscuits and poetry.


A gentle smile broke on his face
As he was holding her merciful hand
He shifted closer to her, and with grace,
Kissed her, and gave her a wedding band

Her large round eyes opened widely
And the dark silence stood still
Thoughts in her head ran wildly
Though uncertainty was the answer at will.

But as her lips slowly began to move
He swept her off her feet in haste
And evanesced with her before she could approve.
Alas! Her tranquility forever she’d encase.

Rough winds howled in the vanishing sun
And moonless nights enveloped her soul
Her regret and worries she thought she could outrun,
But his claws had already pierced a hole

In her soft innocent heart, so deep,
And with his fangs he tore her apart
And scattered her flesh for the Grim to reap
Except for the beats of her heart.

But her powerless pulse had changed direction
And beat life into a new soul
Marked by apathy yet bold determination
To conquer his venom as a whole.

And now after months of her resurrection
Between her small fingers she holds
Her pen, with which she seeks his destruction
Through prose her gallantry unfolds.

© 2017 WinterJay

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