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Example of Flash Fiction: Forgiveness

JC is a self-taught writer who fancies writing flash fiction and short stories to express her story-filled imagination.

Forgiveness is a flash fiction with 1063 words.

Forgiveness is a flash fiction with 1063 words.

A Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is a genre of fiction that is shorter than a short story. While there is no definite consensus on its official word count, flash fiction usually consists of no more than 1500 words excluding the title.

Below is an example of flash fiction entitled Forgiveness, with 1063 words.


“I love you.”

I cannot think of any words to say to ease Leah's pain as she lifelessly lies on her bed. Aside from staying by her side, this is the only thing that I can do right now to help her.

My heart pounds louder every time she breathes deeper and slower. Her pale-while skin, tired and dull emerald eyes, and her now limp hands tell me that I'm about to lose her anytime soon.

“I know.” She answered in a faint whisper.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know.” She tries to give me a genuine and sweet smile like she always does and adds, “It’s okay.”

With those words, I cannot help but look away from her as I try to stop my tears from breaking.

Everything that happened in the past few months suddenly rushed back to my memories, along with all the anger and regret that I had since the day I told her I am in love with someone else.

I can vividly remember that day when I ask her to meet me at our favorite coffee shop.

I stood outside the coffee shop for several minutes as I watched her patiently waiting for me inside. I saw her order our usual food while I tried to gather enough courage and words to tell her that I have been seeing another woman for a few months and that I am about to leave her.

That was probably the toughest confrontation that I had to make.

I never want to hurt Leah, she is the first woman I ever love, and she is the sweetest and kindest person I ever met. She is my soulmate, but I don’t want to be unfair to her. She is my childhood best friend, and she is the only person who always finds a way to understand me and accept every flaw I have.

For five years I thought we were perfectly matched, but everything just happened so fast, and I just found myself loving another woman more than the woman I spent almost half of my life with.

With all the courage I could gather, I walked inside the coffee shop still not knowing what to say regardless of how many times I prepared for this moment. She smiled at me as soon as I sat down in front of her, but I could see how tired she was. She has been sleeping late lately for a project she’s finishing for their company.

I thought of doing this as soon as she finished her project, but guilt is filling me every day that passes. I have been keeping this from her for months as I tried to understand and figure out my feelings for her. I wanted to make sure that I am doing the right decision for both of us, and I wanted to be honest with her as soon as I realized that I am really loving another woman.

Without wasting any more seconds, I spoke that I have to tell her something which we did in unison. She lightly laughed and told me to go first, and without wanting to prolong the heaviness on my chest, I told her everything.

I saw the disbelief on her face and the tears that started to build up in her eyes. I looked away from her as it breaks my see her in pain, and worst it is because of me. I did not know how many times I told her how sorry I was and how I mean it.

I did not want to leave when she asked me to leave her alone, but the least I could do at that time was to respect her wishes.

I left her alone with our untouched food in our favorite place, and that was the moment that I would regret for the rest of my life.

I was too preoccupied with my own discomfort to notice the paper she has been reading over and over while she was waiting for me. I was too eager to free myself from the guilt to notice that the paper was from the hospital that diagnosed her with stage 4 lung cancer.

I should have let her talk first. If I only knew that she was about to tell me her condition, I would never hurt her, I would not leave her.

“Hey.” She softly calls for my attention and makes me look at her again. “I know what you are thinking, please stop. Forgive yourself.”

“How can I? I shouldn’t have left you. I should have been there for you.” I said.

“For what? To fool me and yourself? To be here by my side knowing that the person you really love is out there? I…” she coughs a little before she continues. “That day, I am glad that you became honest with me before I can even tell you. It was painful but I was relieved because you will not be alone. You are the only family I have, how can I leave you alone?”


She cuts me off.

“Do you remember this?” She hands me the paper rose that I made for her for our first date.

“I’ve always treasured that gift, as much as I treasure you. It always reminded me of how much you love me. When I’m gone, I do not want you to regret everything that happened.”

She coughs again choking for air as it became harder and harder for her to breathe. I ask her to stop talking to preserve her energy, but she continues talking.

“This is meant to happen, don’t you think? I am about to leave, maybe that’s why you met her. You will always be my match and my soulmate, but I am not yours. Once I am gone, give that to your match to remind her how it feels to be loved and treasured by you, and live happily, okay?”

At that moment, I cannot help but burst into tears.

She reaches for my face, and I immediately feel her cold frail skin. Something that she used to give me comfort whenever I am sad or in distress.

“Promise me.”

“I promise.” I smiled at her with tears still flowing down my face.

She smiled at me with contentment. After a moment, her hand fell lifelessly from my face as she slowly closes her eyes.


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