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Everything Will Fall

Chapter 1: Knowledge Of The Ancient

“The Heart of the universe. The most powerful energy source in the cosmos. And our master Thanos wishes to harness its immense power for his greatest plan yet”. A voice says followed by the sound of multiple footsteps coming towards the massive metal door guarding the Heart Of The Universe. Two guards, wearing paladin armor with a crown in the center of their chest plates. Both stood about 6’0” with a golden cosmic sword, both about 6 feet long. One on the right has long black hair (Balkia) and the one on the left has a scarlet bob cut (Tralis). The black haired paladin turns his head to his partner and says to him “No one has ever made it inside these holy walls before and they will not on this day!!” Just as Balkia drew his sword, five strange images appear and started to close in on them. The guards hear a bold voice cry out in the distance. “By the cree of Lord Thanos!!! We demand you open these doors!!” Black Dwarf yells through the darkness. To which Tralis replied with, “I’d rather die than let a bunch of clown like you into the heart of the universe!” As he finished his words. Black Dwarf hurls his double bladed axe at Balkia, which crashes into his chest sending him smashing into the right side of the door. Dwarf then drew his huge mace and began charging at the red haired paladin, Dwarf then throws his mace at the paladins head! The mace hit him with such force that he rammed through the door and as he slammed onto the ground the mace destroyed his head. Black Dwarf walked forward and picked up his axe and looked back at the rest of the Black Order and said to them.
“I give you the heart of the universe” Just then 10 Paladins come running toward the Order shouting.
“THEY’VE MADE IT PAST THE FRONT LINE!! STOP THEM!! THEY MUSTN’T BE ALLOWED TO REACH THE HEAT!!” a golden paladin shouts as they are all running at the Order. Behind him Dwarf hears his Corvus Glaive tell him.
“We need to end this quickly Dwarf. You know the master doesn’t like to wait”. Corvus leaps over Dwarf and plunges his spear into one of the paladins skulls killing him instantly! Corvus ripped his spear from the paladins head. The other nine paladins saw their ally brutally murdered before their eyes...they all became consumed with rage and hate for Corvus. They all began swinging their blades at him in all directions, Corvus thought to himself.
*These weakling are only delaying the inevitable. I don’t even need to use my powers on them* so Corvus, dodging the paladin's sword swing, with the utmost ease, starts slaughtering and butchering the nine paladins. He stabs 2 with his spear and throws them into space! He then runs at the 5 paladins trying to swing at him, he backflips and in the midst of his flip Corvus sliced their heads off. While her husband was butchering the paladins, Proxima slowly walks through the door with Ebony Maw and Supergiant following close behind her. Corvus hurled his spear through the final two paladins.
“Good work my love. Now let us obtain the heart for the master”. Proxima said as she walked down the halls of bloody and dismembered body parts that Corvus left.
“Don’t you two think you’ve gotten carried away with the killing this time around Dwarf and Corvus?” Ebony says as the Black Order walk upto the Heart. Proxima, Corvus, Dwarf, Ebony, And Supergiant all looked a pawn the Heart Of The Universe. Proxima looks over Ebony and told him.
“Maw. hand me the containment device so we may give the power to Lord Thanos” Maw gave Proxima the sphere like containment device, it glew as bright as the Infinity Gauntlet itself. Proxima held the sphere up to the heart and sucked the energy from it. Proxima closes the sphere and turns around and begins to walk, as she is walking she tells the rest of the Order.
“Make haste! We best not keep the Master waiting.” With that the rest of the black order follows her down the long hallway. The Black Order comes to the broken down door to see Thanos himself standing there with his arm crossed.
“You managed to retrieve the gem quicker than i thought. Excellent. Hand it to me” Thanos says as he holds out his hand with the Universal Gauntlet on it. The entire Black Order Neils before their master and Proxima opens the sphere and hold it towards Thanos. Thanos takes grabs the energy source and vise grips the power and molds it into a golden gem. Thanos then opens his palm and grabs the gem with his pointer finger and thumb and holds the gem in the air and grind a little bit.
“The Heart of the Universe! Or better yet. The Infinity Gem!!!” Thanos shouted out as he placed the first of five gems in his Gauntlet. Then Thanos’s eyes went white and Thanos had a vision. A vision of other worlds other than his own! He saw. The mighty Darkseid, He saw the Furries.
But most importantly he saw….the Anti-Life Equation. The most powerful source of energy in this world and Thanos knew where he must go. Thanos come back to. Proxima and the Black Order are all looking at their master with concern. That’s when Supergiant steps forward and asks their master.
“My lord are you okay??” Thanos says to her.
“I am fine. I now know what my destiny is!! To conquer other worlds. But first i shall need five more power sources. Which means i must take these other five worlds most powerful energy source and harness it and make them into a gem for my Gauntlet! I must go to. Apokolips.

Chapter 2: Power To Destroy
Ebony Maw walked over to the right side of Thanos and bowed before him and asked.
“Shall we depart my lord?”
“Indeed we shall Maw” But before Maw could open a portal back Thanos stops him and turns around slowly and sees The Hulk hurling toward him.
“The Hulk. I should’ve known at least one of the Avengers would try to stop me.” Thanos says as the Hulk lands 30 yards from him.
“Hulk smash!!!!” Hulk crashes down in front of Thanos and the Black Order. Thanos glared at the Hulk and leered at him.
“Ah. The Hulk. Finally your meaningless existence will end. You mindless rampaging child!!!” Proxima and Corvus quickly stepped in front of Thanos with their spears drawn ready to take on the Hulk.
“Proxima, Glaive. Yield! I will be the one to take down this fool. He shall be the first to be slain by my new power.” Hulk started running towards Thanos screaming out in rager and raising his fist to punch Thanos. Thanos simply stood there waiting for Hulk, Hulk punch Thanos square in the face. But it had no effect on The Mad Titan.
“I thought you had more in you than that. Here. allow me to show what you are up against.” Thanos grabbed Hulk by his wrist and throw the Hulk into the chamber where the Heart of the Universe used to be. Hulk stands right back up screaming.
“HULK!! SMASH!!” As Thanos is walking through the doorway.
“I waited a long time to face you to see what you were made of. I’m very disappointment.. Now...let me show you true power.” Thanos says as he begins charging at the Hulk. Hulk ran at Thanos. Hulk throws a right hook at the Mad Titan. Thanos dodged the punch and punched Hulk under his jaw. Hulk staggers back. But before he could get back into the fight Hulk was met with a knee to the gut from Thanos. Thanos then grabbed Hulk by his head and throw him to the ground with such force that Hulk’s body made crater on the floor. Thanos slowly walks down the hall.
“I’ve grown bored of this scuffle. Time to end your pathetic life one and for all” Thanos raised his hand and his Gauntlet began to glow gold. And a ball of energy began to grow in Thanos’s hand. The energy ball grow to the size of a fully grown elephant. Thanos devilishly glared at a beaten and bloodied Hulk and told him. “Now meet your end beast.” Thanos casted the energy ball at the Hulk. The Hulk hauled out in agonizing pain!!! Thanos begun walking towards the Black Order.
“Maw” Thanos said to Ebony Maw. Maw bowed to Thanos and said.
“Yes my lord” and he opened a portal back their ship. But as Thanos and the Black Order where waiting for Maw to open the portal. They hear Hulk's voice in the background.
“Hulk...not...done…...fighting….yet.” Hulk says as he struggling to walk. This engages Thanos!
“You are more durable than I expected. How unfortunate.” Thanos began storming at Hulk, Hulk with what strength he had left, began running at Thanos. Realizing this Thanos started charging at Hulk! Hulk and Thanos both through a fist at one another collided with such a grand force that loud CRACK could be heard throw out the universe! Hulks entire arm was eradicated by the shie force of the collision!! Thanos kicked Hulk in the gut again and told him.
“You’re not worth dieing by the infinite power of my Gauntlet. Black Order. Finish Him.” All five members drew their weapons. Ebony smirks.
“it’s time to show this imbecile what it means to defy our Lord Thanos”. Ebony opens a portal under the Huk.a large 15ft piller came jutting out of the portal launching Hulk into the air. Dwarf jumped into the air began to swat Hulk with his large mace. Dwarf left welts all over Hulk’s body. Just as Dwarf and Hulk were falling back down to the ground Dwarf throw his double bladed axe at Hulk, stabbing him and leaving a 60in. Gash in Hulk left pectoral. Hulk slammed onto the ground of the chamber. Proxima and Corvus both leap into the air and come crashing down on Hulk and stab him in his stomach and arms. Hulk screams out in pain with every stab to his body. Proxima, using all her strength, stabs Hulk in the chest with such force with that Hulk slam into the chamber floor and makes a crater. Proxima and Corvus land on the ground in front of Hulk. That’s when Corvus walks behind and kicks Hulk, Hulk is standing on his knees, he can feel his body going numb. Corvus then raises his golden spear and stabbed Hulk in his spine and he twisted his spear, latching his spear into Hulks cervical spine! Corvus tungs Hulk upward. Proxima walks over to Hulk, she glares at him. Then she looks over a Supergiant, who is standing with the rest of the Black Order outside the crater.
“Supergiant, come. Imbue my spear with your Omnipathy so I may destroy both his physical and mental body. We don’t need any portion of him returning.” So with cryptic chant and wave of her hand. Supergiant imbued Proximas spear with Omnipathy. Proxima glared back at hulk and she raises her spear.
“Now scum! It is time to meet your end!” And Proxima severed Hulk's head from his body. Corvus ripped his spear from Hulks spine. They both flung their spears to the side to take off the Hulk blood. They both walked back over to Thanos and the Black order. A small grin grows on the left side of Thanos’s face as he look at Proxima and Corvus.
“Superb work. Now. Ebony reopen the portal. We must get back to the ship.” Thanos says as Maw opened the portal and the order begins to walk through. Thanos can sense three individuals coming towards him. Thanos looks up to see All-Father Thor, Symbiote suit IronMan, and Cancerverse Captain America flying over to their location and landing at the doorway of the chamber. As the Avengers walk into the chamber they see Hulks dismembered body and Thanos and the black order about to walk through a portal. IronMan screams out in a rage filled hate!
IronMan starts to charge at Thanos, but before he could even fly past Thor & Captain America, Thor grabbed IronMan by his foot and throw him onto the floor and tells him.
“Stop Stark! Thanos wields a power unlike anything we’ve faced before. You see that golden glowing gem in his gauntlet? That is the Heart Of Universe. Somehow Thanos has harnessed the power of the entire universe! Stand down you fool! Or you will die!!” Thor says as Iron Man is getting up off the ground The Avengers all glare at Thanos. Thanos grins, looks over his shoulder, and tells The Avengers.
“It appears your Code Green wasn’t as successful as you thought it would be Avengers. I warn you only once. Do not stand in my way the next time we meet…. i won’t be so lenient” With that. Thanos walked through the portal and returned to his ship with the Black Order and the warped away in the blink of an eye.

Chapter 3: Ryze Of A Guardian
Once Thanos’s ship warped away, Iron Man walked over to Hulk lifeless body. He collapsed onto his knees.
“This is my fault….this is all my fault….if i hadn’t decided to send him off into space this wouldn’t have happened….” Iron Man says as Captain America walks over to him and places his left hand on Tonies shoulder.
“You couldn’t have foreseen this Tony….don’t blame yourself for his death.” But before Cap could continue Tony through Caps hand off his shoulder, stood up, and looked at the other two Avengers and told them.
“Thor….tell everyone and prepare to lay our friend to rest….Steve you do the same...I’m going to go back to Stark Tower. We’ll meet again in 5 days.” Thor and Cap both nodded at Tony flew off into space heading back to earth. Thor and Cap looked at one another.
“You should tend to him Captain America. You’re closer to him than I ever was. I’ll take our fallen warrior to Asgard. I’ll have Hindal tell all the realms and the universe of the final service to the Hulk.” Thor says with a small tear in his eye. Thor then picks Hulk’s body and throws it over his shoulder. He then picks up Hulks severed head and grabs a hold of it tightly in his right hand and yelled out.
“HINDAL OPEN UP THE BIFROST!!!” And the rainbow bridge opened up and took Thor back to Asgard. Captain America stood there...thinking about everything that about to happen and what was Thanos doing with the power of the Heart Of The Universe? Once Cap realized that the entire universe may be in terrible danger. Cap uses his space suit to fly back to earth on his own. Back on earth in Stark Tower, Tony Stark is sitting at his bar talking on the phone with his girlfriend Pepper Potts.
“Yeah pepper. 5 days from today. In Valhalla. Thor will be here to take everyone on earth there. Ok i’ll talk to you later. K bye.” Tony hangs up the phone and starts grabbing bottles of alcohol off shelves. Tony starts off by pouring 4 shots of 176% proof Balkan Vodka. Tony quickly chugs down the 3 shots and continues to take 3 shots of any alcohol he can get his hands on that he knows are a 100% proof or higher. Tony has been taking shot about an hour & a half now, his visions is blurry but he can still make out a few things. Just then JARVIS comes online and says to Tony.
“Excuse me Mr. Stark. I’m sorry to interrupt your deep depression drinking but Mr. Rodgers is here to see you sir.” Tony is silent. So JARVIS opens the glass doors at the front of Stark Tower and Captain America makes his up to the top level of the tower to find a very intoxicated Tony Stark. Rodgers walks down the 4 steps in front of him and walked over to Tony. Rodgers sits in the leather black bar chair next to Tony & Rodgers grabs the bottle of Balkan and starts drinking with Stark. Rodgers looked at Stark.
“Hey Tony. There’s a saying we had back in the day. When things go south. Drink until you’re sick of it.” Tony looks at Steve, shrugs his shoulder, and takes 3 shots of the Balkan Vodka. Tony turns his head and looks at Rodgers and ask him.
“Hey Steve you want to see something funny?”
“Sure. I could use a good laugh right about now” Rodger says with a drunken smile.
“JARVIS. Bring up the thing” Tony says with slurs.
“What thing sir?” JARVIS says to Stark.
“You know the thing...with the hollow grams and videos and recordings”
“You mean the projector thing with all the uhh...files! There we go” JARVIS responds with

“Ah. yes sir.” JARVIS pulls up the hologram of Hulk tossing Loki around like a rag doll. Tony & Rodgers yelled out laughter. Tony kpt telling JARVIS to rewind the video and the continued to laugh for the next 2 hours at this same video. Tony and Rodgers passed out on the floor from their laughter & drunken state. While Tony and Rodgers are enjoying themselves, Thor was in valhalla, within the bastille of healing. Thor watched as the 8 long black haired bastillas circle around the Hulk’s body parts and they raise the Hulk's body & head over the 5ft long table. The used valhalla weavings to reattach the Hulks severed head to his body. Thor moves from his standing position at Hulk’s head to lean against the doorway opening of the healing room. After 10 minutes go by and the bastillas are finished healing the Hulk.
“Good work. Now take him to the Hall Of Champions…” But before Thor could finish his directions he turns his head to the left because felt that something was coming. Thor spun his hammer 10 times and flew through the window Thor could feel a very strong being emanating from his Throne room. Thor forcefully flies from one side of valhalla all the way back to Asgard! Thor burst through the roof of his throne room and crashes at the foot of the stairs leading to his throne, making a crater. Thor looks up at his throne to see a portal of fire and holy light over his throne. A loud BOOM! Is heard from the portal. A long crimson red dress flows out of the portal next a pair of 4ft long white divine horns come out next followed by a dual spear with one side made of hellfire and hellwood. And the other end made of holy gold and the flesh of Sera, former ruler of heaven. Thor stood unfazed by the theatricks.
“Art thou done Angela? I have much preparations to do” Thor says with a look tiredness on his face. Angela fully came through the portal and levitated for a few seconds before coming down to Thor.
“I make my glorious return to Asgard in a grand way and you ruin it.” Angela sighs and continues.

“I now rule heaven and hell-” But before Angela could finish Thor cut her off.

“I know you wouldn’t come all the way to Asgard to simply tell me you conquered two realms did you Angela?” Thor says with a frustrated look on his face. Angela walk to the left side of Thor looks him dead in his eyes and tells him the truth. “No..the real reason i’m here is see what Loki’s reaction is to the Hulk’s end” and Angela stars at Thor, waiting for him to respond, About 5 minutes of silence go by before Thor says something.

“You are in luck. I was on my way to lowest level of the dungeon to tell him. Follow me” Thor and Angela fly through the hole in the roof that Thor made. They fly in silence for roughly 5 minutes. The entire time Thor is thinking to himself.

*What other powers could Thanos being trying to gain from this new power? The heart of the universe is the most powerful energy in the universe.* Thor & Angela land in front the dungeon doors where the guards are standing. The guard see their King Of Asgard & the Queen of Heaven and Hell and they, as quickly as possible, moved to the side to let them in. As Thor ad Angela walked further and further down the onyx steps of the Asgardian Dungeon. They can hear all the prisoners yelling and screaming at their King.



“Look he brought the whore of the 9 realms!!! Queen Angela!!” But both Thor & Angela ignore them and continue walking. Thor stops at a 100ft door with an engraving of his symbol on it. Thor tricks the door with hammer. The door slowly opens. Thor and Angel walk into the dark room. They walk for what seems like an eternity through the darkness. Angela looks to her left & to her right sees torches unlit all around them. Angela grabs tightly onto her spear & swings the hellfire side around in the air, lighting all the torches in the room. And to her’s and Thor’s sight. There was Loki chained down. Loki was on his knees, both his arms, spread to the sides just a little bit over his head chain to the walls. Along with both his legs chained together. Loki, realizing the torches in his cell have been lit for the first time in 3,000 years. Loki coughs a little bit, he inhales deeply in through his nose and out through his mouth. Loki looks up to his Brother & his Sister looking down at him. Loki looks back down at the cold stone floor. His long black hair laying in his face.

“So… after all these years. The Great King of Asgard has graced me with his do ow this dreadful family reunion?” Loki says to his siblings as Thor sets his hammer to the side of him and walks over to Loki and stared him down and Thor tells Loki.
“The Hulk has fallen in battle” Thor says. Loki’s head jerked out downward and howled out in laughter for 10 minutes. Thor began to become angry which turned into rage. Thor’s rage began to swell inside him. Thor’s rage was growing so much that lighting storms began to ravish through Asgard. The dungeon began to shake from his raging anger! Thor clinched his right fist so tightly that it began to bleed! Thor raised his right fist and hurler his fist into Loki’s jaw. Thor began to assault a chained down Loki with punches and kicks to his head and body! Thor, breathing heavy, pulled Loki’s hair back punched him square in the forehead and nose. Thor continued to beat down Loki for the next 30 minutes. Angela stood watching the entire thing. She realized Loki was nearing death. Angela bolted, ducked under Thor and stabbed him in his right hand with the hellfire side of her spear.

“That's enough Thor!! If thou continues this assault you will shrilly kill him!!” Angela told Thor. Angela shoved her spear deeper into Thor’s hand. Thor began to back a away. Thor ripped his hand from Angela's spear. Thor glared at Angela and then at Loki. Thor picked up Milnir off the ground and walked to the doorway and halted. Thor inhaled deeply through his nose and exhaled through his mouth. And flipped back his hair.

“Next time Angela won't be here to save you brother…..once Thanos has fallen…..I WILL be back to kill you!” With that Thor leaves the dungeon. Angela looks down at the floor and looks over at a bloody and beaten down Loki. Angela walks slowly over to Loki. Angela glared down at him. Loki told her.

“You all truly think you can just beat up the bad guys and go home huh? You don't get do you?” Loki says as he coughs up blood from Thor’s assault.

“Thanos has finally won! They’ve lost their monster the Hulk! It's only a matter of time before the universe burns and runs red with the blood of humans and gods a like. I will break free from my chains and take my bloodshed throne from Thor once and for all!!” Loki coughed up more blood and looked up at Angela and grind. Angela became enraged that only thing Loki truly cares for is to take the throne from Thor even when the entire cosmos is at risk. So Angela stabbed Loki in the chest with the hellfire side of her spear. But she makes sure she doesn't hit Loki's heart. Loki screams out everlasting pain! Angela begins to tell Loki what will happen if he ever gets out of his chains. And as she talks Angela pushes her spear deeper in Loki's chest and closer to his heart. Loki’s screams of pain can be hear all the way to the bifrost bridge! Angela smirks and tells Loki.

“I look forward to your escape Loki. It will the greatest pleasure of my existence to hunt you down through the nine realms and watching you run from an everlasting hell. Constantly fearing my presence every second you are free from these chains. Thor will not partake in the task of spiling you tainted blood on his weapon. I will be one to take that honor.” Angela ripped her spear out of Loki’s chest and slashed Loki’s chest with the Heaven side of her spear and healed his chest. Angela walks away towards the doorway. She stops and slightly turn her head to the right to look over her shoulder. Angela raises her spear into the air and taps it on the ground and siphons all the fire from the room. The dungeon is once again shrouded in darkness. Angela leaves the room and the door closes. Meanwhile with Thor has already contacted Hindal to bring the earthlings to Valhalla while he prepare the Funeral. Meanwhile with Tony Stark. Tony has already sent Captain America back to his home. Tony is walking down to the lowest level of Stark Tower in a secret elevator behind his hulkbuster armor. Tony walks into the elevator and the hulkbuster armor shifts in front the doors. JARVIS asks Tony.

“A Illuminati meeting sir? With the funeral of the Hulk in a few days?” Tony replies with.

“We’re the reason the Hulk was in space in the first place JARVIS. We need to figure out a way to not only stop Thanos but also how to get a new Hulk.”

“A new Hulk sir?” JARVIS says confused. Just before Tony can explain it to JARVIS. The elevator doors open to a 50ft long pitch black hallway with bright white LED lights every 4ft. After a 20min long walk Tony comes to a 20ft onyx door with the combined symbols of the Illuminati. Tomy opens the door to see Dr. Strange sitting on the right side of the 10 ft long round table wearing an all black sorcerer supreme robes with a deep purple cape that had a symbol of the Eye Of Agamotto on the back of it, saying.
“Ah glad of you to join us Stark. Off on another of your drinking quarrels again Stark?” Black Panther, sits across from Strange wearing his Black Panther outfit with his helm on the table in front of him; his cape lingering off the to the side of his chair, glares at Stark and tells him.

“This better be important Iron Man. You interrupted my peoples festival of who will try to take the throne and title of Black Panther” Tony looks over at Namor, who is on the left side of the table, Namor has his long shoulder length hair resting on the back of his neck. His steel armor shining in the LED light above him, looks at Tony & demands:

“Why have you summoned me here if you were just going to be late Stark!?” But before Tony could answer Professor X sitting next to T'challa, wearing his all white King Of The Mutants Royal attire slicking his blonde hair back behind his ear, Now going by the name Savior, asks Tony in his mind.

“Heed this warning Tony Stark. I am a man of both peace & violence. I suggest you explain everything before i turn your smart brain into smart pudding”. But before any of the other illuminati members could bombard Tony with more demanding questions Reed Richards, wearing a midnight blue 3-piece suit with midnight blue shoes, stands up and raises his right hand to the sky which gets everyone's attention.

“Now, now everyone. Don’t you think we've all attacked and threatened Tony enough?” Reed says as he finishes his sentence Reed sits down in his chair. Tony smirks a little bit and tells his Illuminati allies.

“Now everyone calm down. I understand that I was a bit late but i’ve brought you all here for a good reason”. Tony tells the illuminati as he slowly walks over to his chair at the head of the round table. Tony continues.

“Thanos has returned. And he was able to take the Heart Of The Universe”....the entire illuminati went silent with shock. It was so silent you could hear air moving in the room. Dr. Strange was the first to speak.

“By the flames of Dormammu!!! How did he get his hands on the HEART OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!?” Tony replies with.

“He used his Black Order to break into the chamber and slaughtered every single guard that stood in their way. Myself, Thor, and Captain America rushed to the chamber where he was. And to our dismay we saw Hulk…...dead.” Not a single illuminati member said a word. The Savior tried to read everyone's mind. But there was nothing but silence. That’s when Reed looked at Tony in disbelief and ask Tony, “this can’t”. But Tony cut him off and said

“I saw it with my own eye Reed! The Hulk's body in a crater inside the chamber and his severed head next to it. Black Panther asked.

“What do you propose we do Stark?” Tony smiled and pulled out a square metal box with a royal blue 1 inch button on it and pressed it to bring up a hologram of his new plan.

“I’m glad you asked T’challa. Here’s my plan. There’s an infinite number of earth's right? So...I had JARVIS look through the multiverse and I may have found the solution to our problem.” Tony’s hollowgram shifts into. World Breaker Hulk. The entire Illuminati looked at Stark as if he was insane!

“He is the most out of control being in the universe!!!!” Dr. Strange bursts out. With a look of outer shock on his face The Savior say.

“In our last encounter he nearly killed us all!!” Black Panther yells at Tony .

“YOU FOOL!!! HE’D RATHER KILL US ALL THAN HELP US! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING STARK!?!?” Tony closed his eyes for a brief moment and inhaled slowly. He exhaled and told illuminate members his plan with a smile of genius.

“Gentleman. I understand your concern. But I did my homework and found out the one thing World Breaker Hulk hates more than us”. The illuminate look at Stark with a look of both intrigue and confusion as Stark continues.

“Thanos killed every single hulk in the multiverse. Except two. Our Hulk and World Breaker Hulk. Obviously he's killed our Hulk”. Reed Richards cuts Tony off to ask a brief question.

“But why would Thanos, a being obsessed with death itself, spare a Hulk if he was basically trying to commit genocide”? Tony looked at Reed with a look annoyance and replies to reeds question.

“I was getting to that Reed. It turns out that when Thanos came to Earth-10223 and faced their worlds Hulk. He defeated him with a simple back hand to the right side of Hulk's face. He told him to get stronger and to search the multiverse for him. Just find the trail of dead Hulks and you're on correct path. And he's been on a hunt for Thanos ever since then. I'm sure he's already heard of our Hulks death and of the funeral. Myself, Thor, and Captain America will address him after funeral”. The rest of the Illuminati simply nodded in agreement. Meanwhile on the rainbow bridge Thor is hovering 5ft towards Hindal. Hindal is standing in the center of the Tower Of Vision looking over the entire multiverse, Thor hovers into the tower. Hindall turns around and looks at Thor.

“You Majesty”. Hindal says to Thor.

“You know why i’m here Hindal. It’s time to tell everyone”. Hindal nods his head in agreement and stabs his sword into the center of the tower, Thor walked over to Hindal and placed his right hand on Heimdall’s left shoulder Heimdall's eyes began glow white and Thor could see, hear and talk to the entire multiverse! But before the King Of Asgard could address the multiverse. He had to allow Reed Richards to be the one to tell God Doom of the fall of the Hulk. Only the words of his sworn enemy will convince Dr. Doom of something this catastrophic.

“Richards! Reed Richards”! Thor yells out to Reed. Meanwhile in the Baxter Building Reed is watching his fatal four, Carnage, Abomination, and Human Torch. Train for their next mission. Reed watched as Carnage rips his way through way through Reed's newly built AI’s with his razor sharps tentacles! Carnage looks up at Reed, who is standing in the control center of the training room using all 10 of his fingers to stretch and raise the level of Carnages using his hollowgram computers, and yells at Reed.

“Only a level 7 Richards!? What kind of senseless joke is this!?!? Raise the level to Max or I'll have your head on the end of my claws!!!” Reed smirks and tells Carnage.

“Hm. Be careful what you ask Carnage”. So Reed turns the red dial from 7 all the way up to 20. Once Reed has turned the training lev all the way to Max just like Carnage wanted. The floor opens up 15ft from Carnage, a 20x20 platform rises up and with it a massive hulking AI rises with it. The AI takes the form of Thanos with a complete Infinity Gauntlet. Carnage smiles a sickening smile on his face and lunges at AI Thanos! But before Reed could watch Carnage fail at his maximum training. Reed hears Thor's voice in his head.

“Ah. Thor. I was waiting for you to contact me”. Reed says as he leaves the control center and walks down the stairs to a bookshelf wear pulls a Stephen King book out of line by 20 degrees and the bookshelf slides open to a long downward spiral staircase and finally into Reeds private lab. Thor tells Reed.

“I already know your reason for telling me to contact you Richards. You want to be the one to tell God Doom of the Hulk. Because you are the only one he will believe. So get it over with, you have 10 minutes mortal!” Red responds with.

“Perfect. That's all I need” After he says this to Thor Reed fells Thor's voice leave his mind. Reed put on a different suit, Reed walks over to the right side of the lab and puts in a six digit code, 984157, in a keypad on the wall. Once Reed put in his code the keypad opens up a 50ft tall and 50ft long hallway of Reed's most expensive suits and dress shoes along with millions of hand crafted Rolex watches. Reed takes 13 steps into his secret collection with the door close in behind him. As Reed walks through his suit collection he stretches his right arm 15ft to the right and takes a touch screen panel off the wall and searches through his suit and he picks a crimson 100% Egyptian cotton suit with onyx black dress pants with a crimson red tie and deep black dress shoes. Reed waits 5 seconds for his dress-bot to grab the suit and put it on his body. A mirror drops down from the ceiling and Reed brushes himself off a bit and adjusts his cufflinks. Reed says out loud.

“Alright 2 minutes well spent. Time to tell Doom”.

Reed continues walking through his collection until he comes to another wall with another keypad. Reed puts in another six digit code,271859. The wall opens up to the rest of Reed's secret lab. Reed walks over to his dimensional drifter. Reed types in Earth-15513 and with loud BOOM!!!! A forest green portal opens up. Before Reed walks through it he says to himself.

“This is it. Time to tell the biggest egotist in the multiverse the second worst news of his life.” Reed then walks through the forest green portal. Reed's portal lands him right in front of God Doom’s castle! Before Reed could could even take one step forward the 100 members of the Thor Corps, God Doom's Police Force, come flying down surrounding him. Reed raises his arm half way into the air and tells the army.

“I mean you no harm. I only wish to talk to speak with Doom”. That's when the leader of the Thor Corps, Beta Ray Bill, floats through the crowd of Thor's. The Thor Corps parted like tall grass. Reed looked to where the Thor's had part to see Beta Ray Bill, his golden Asgardian armor shining like the core of sun!, his hammer in his hand pointing at Reed Richards is radiating golden lighting! Beta Ray Bill levitates 10 yards near Reed and says to him.

“Reed Richards. What business could YOU of all people have here in God Doom's world? Battle World”. Reed response with.

“Beta Ray Bill right? Look I'm only here to tell Doom about the fall of the Hulk and where the funeral is going to be held”. Beta Ray raised his hammer above his head and was about to strike Reed down with the full force of his lighting, but before he could. Both Reed and Beta Ray Bill, along with the 100 members of the Thor Corps look at the giant 30ft oak wood double doors to see a 20 by 20 deep purple portal opened and a voice comes from the portal.

“That’s enough Beta! He said he means no harm and he only wishes to speak to our Lord,God Doom”. The voice says. A yellow cross is beginning to appear in the portal. The cross is covered in a black Cloak with the bottom tips of blood red cape also coming out the portal. Then a body can be seen coming out the portal. And finally a face. The face of Dr. Stephen Strange. As Strange floated down to Beta Ray and Reed, Strange teleported the rest of the Thor Corps to another part of Battle World with a simple snap of his fingers. Strange floats in front of Beta Ray Bill and tells him.

“As I said Beta. That's enough. He hasn't committed a crime. So get back to your patrol Beta. Or must I inform Lord Doom of reckless behavior?” As Dr Strange finishes talking he scowls at Beta Ray Bill. Beta Ray says nothing and flies off into the sky with a feeling a bitterness. Back on the ground with Reed and Strange. Reed thanks Dr. Strange for the help. And Dr. Strange tells Reed.

“Not a problem at all old friend. Now then. Allow me personally take you to God Doom” Dr. Strange levitates both himself Reed in a purple sphere and they begin to head towards God Doom's throne room. Dr. Strange floats himself and Reed through the portal he made in the double doors and land on the forest green rug and begin walking down the 50ft long hallway. As Reed and Strange are walking down the 60ft tall hallway Reed turns his head to the right and left, first looking at the millions of pictures & statuses of Doom all around him and then he looks at Dr. Strange and says to him.

“That egotistical bastard! Victor was always one to be full of himself” Dr. Stange sighed because he knows that Reed is right. Reed and Strange walk down the entire hallway and they finally make it the 40ft tall oak wood door, the door to the throne of God Doom. two members of the Thor Corps are guarding the doors, they both bow their heads to God Doom’s right hand and they opened the Door and there was God Doom! Sitting a pawn his throne made of the body of Groot. Dr. Strange and Reed walked up to God Doom’s throne, Reed looked at Sue, who was laying on a side branch next to Doom glaring at Reed with seething hatred in her eyes. Reed stairs at God Doom and is about to tell him about the funeral. But before he could Doom says.

“Richards! You’ve finally come from the other Earth. To my world! Battle World! I knew one day would finally come to your senses and leave your pathetic version of earth to kneel before God. Speak your business Richards or i will kill you where you stand”. Reed smiled at Doom and told him.

“The Hulk has fallen Victor...the funeral will be in valhalla. In the Hall Of Champions.” Doom responds to Reed with.

“Hmph. About time someone killed that green brut. You have relayed your message Richards. Now leave my world!” Reed takes one last at Sue & God Doom and leaves Battle World. Back with God Doom, he tells Sue,

“Leave me my dear. I must speak with Strange.” Sue hops off the branch she was laying on and left the throne room. Doom looked over at Dr. Strange and heavily sighed.

“In all my years of conquering….i never thought the Hulk would ever be beaten...let alone killed.” Doom says as he slowly rises from his throne and slowly walks over to his castle balcony. God Doom looks out over the horizon of Battle World, he looked over his left shoulder at Dr. Strange.

“Tell Sue that we will attend the funeral, Stephen. I do not wish for my children to see their god…..their a moment of weakness”. God Doom says. Dr. Strange nodded in agreement and floated off to tell Sue.

“So the time has finally come.” God Doom looks down at the ground and thinks of every fight he has had with the Hulk. When Hulk stood in his way when Doom abstained the power cosmic, or when Doom wheeled Mjolnir and the Hulk took Doom to his limits! Or even when Doom became God Doom and Hulk stood and challenged God…..and lost. But now.

“There's nothing left”, Doom thought.

“What is there for a god to do….with no one left to pose a threat to my throne….to my power! What is a god to do!? Without a worthy challenge!? “ God Doom said as he gripped the edges of the balcony he was standing on. God Doom began to swell with rage and disappointment! Dr. Strange, floating back into the throne room behind God Doom. Saw this and used a protection spell to shield all of Castle Doom from what God Doom was about to do. God Doom clenched his fists, he closes his eyes tightly as he possibly could, then Doom raised his arms into the air and screamed at the top of his godly lungs.


The entire planet began to shake!! Lighting storms form all over Battle World! And in a blinding godly light the balcony that God Doom was standing was eradicated!! The force of the light was so great! that the force of Doom’s godly rage had brought Dr. Strange on bended knee! Strange saw that his shield was beginning to have cracks in it! Stranges shield was weakening and faster. But before Stranges shield was destroyed and Castle Doom was erased. Doom stopped. God Doom was floating where the balcony used to be. Dr.Strange caught his breath and floated over to Doom.

“My Lord? Are you alright now?” Strange asks God Doom. God Doom looks at his right hand man and tells him.

“I'm fine now Stephen. You have my thanks for protecting my kingdom.” As Doom floats back into his throne room he orders strange to leave so he may properly prepare to pay his respects to his greatest foe. Meanwhile in Asgard.Thor and Heimdall have already contacted everyone in the multiverse and have already gathered more than ⅓ of the earthlings for the funeral. All that is left is for the superheroes and villains from the other Earth's to come and everything can begin. The Hall Of Champions! The most prestigious hall in all 10 realms. Will now be gravesite of The Incredible Hulk. The space sky that light up with the stars of the 10 realms is now drowned out by a storm that even Odin would fear! All the earthlings in the multiverse were already seated in the Grand Hall where the Hulks open casket was being held. The Hulk was dressed in a slim fit all black three piece suit. One by one the earthlings pay their last respects the greatest hero the universe had ever seen. From J Jonah Jameson to Jessica Johns. Peter Park, Hulk cousin Jennifer Walters. They all walked by Hulks casket crying and places their hands on him and remembering Hulk for the great man he was. As the earthlings take their seats inside the hall. Two Elite Asgardian guards are standing outside of the Hall Of Champions with a large 20 by 20 shield in their left hand and a 20inch long straight sword in the right hand. A loud BOOM can be heard at the end of the 484 yard long Rainbow Bridge. A blood red vortex opens up on the Rainbow Bridge. The rain that was pouring down upon Valhalla is now blood, black hell smoke consumed 12ft of the Rainbow Bridge. A Hellfire Stone throne begins to emerge from the bridge and the guard look over to who is arriving only to be met with demonic laughter. And there….at the end of the Rainbow Bridge sat Mephisto. Mephisto stood up slowly from his throne, his throne returned to his realm. His long crimson red cloak covered his body from the neck down. His collar covering the sides of his head. Mephesto began to walk down Rainbow Bridge. After walking for 10 minutes. Mephisto comes to the door of the Hall Of Champions. He lifts his head up to see a sea of humans, then looks to his left and to his right at the two Asgardian guards, Mephisto smirks and tells them both.

“if it was not for the death of a great hero…...I would kill you both…..just for entertainment”. Mephisto says to the guards before he walk into the Hall. Mephesto walks down the 150 yard long aisle towards the Hulk coffin. Mephisto looks down at Mephisto Mephisto opens his cloak with his right hand and placed it on the coffin.

“Hmph. I never thought this day would ever come”.

And Mephisto walks the back of the Hall & raise his throne from his realm and takes his seat. Back on the Rainbow Bridge, another guest is arriving. A blinding crimson red smoke is slowly swallowing the bridge. In the center of the bridge a pool 30 by 30 circle of boiling blood begins to form and curved horns begin to emerge from the blood pool. The guards can see a head begin to come up from the blood pool. Then a pair of small bat wings then arose. As the two guards look on as the figure’s piercing white eyes with red highlights around them. A pair of 36c breasts coated in boiling blood. The figure focuses her gaze upon the guards and continues to arise revealing 20inch long onyx black spiked shoulder pads. As the women continued to raise from her pool. As the rest of her body came out of the blood portal. The 7 foot tall women, still with her gaze on the guards, spoke her name.
“I am Hela. Goddess Of Death”. Hela says as she levitates across the Rainbow Bridge. As Hell is going towards the Hall a trail of boiling blood follows behind her. Hela stops at the doorway and glares at the guard to her right and left and told them.

“You shall be threatened many times on this day...the darkest day in multiverse. But remember this one thing. Once the ceremony has may want to stay on your guard….you may lose your lives on this day as well”. Hela then set her sights on the Hulks coffin as she lands on the ground and walks to the coffin. After a 4 minute walk Hela finally came up to the Hulk lifeless body and as she looked down at Hulk and placed her hand upon Hulk's head and says out loud.

“You’ve never looked so at peace….tis a shame it took for demise for us to celebrate you”. As Hela finished her words. She walked over to Mephisto and looks at him. Hela waves her right hand and her throne rises from hell. As Hela takes her seat on the left side of Mephisto, Mephisto looks to his left and smirks as he asks Hela.

“So..I would take it that the Queen Of Death is sadden that she lost the one soul she always craved...other than the soul of Thor”? Hela scowls at the demon.

“Indeed i am Mephisto. To become a soul in death is to truly be free.” Mephisto said nothing to Hela as he turns his head to continue looking around the Hall and waiting everything to begin, Meanwhile on the bridge. As the guards await the next attendence to come down the rainbow bridge, when a blinding royal portal, in the shape of a cross, appeared 30ft. Above the bridge. Nine figures can be seen shaping in the portal. The nine figures levitate down onto the rainbow bridge, the aura of the portal clears. And reveals the illuminati and the X-Society.. Iron man, to his right is T’Challa, Namor to Tony’s left was Reed Richards, The Savior and next to him was Dr. Strange, Strange was using his levitation spell to float down the rainbow bridge. All of them wearing a 3 piece all black suits with the Illuminati symbol on the side of the collar. As Dr. Strange continues to float everyone across the Rainbow bridge The Illuminati and the X-Socity halted at the doorway, as the entire hall turned their head and scowled at the Illuminati as they walk down the long aisle, The Savior telepathically spoke to the entire Illuminati.

“We should do our best to avoid anyone. Who knows what these hounds will do to us after the ceremony” As the Savior finish his mental sentence the entire Illuminati avoid Hulk’s body and walk to the back of the Hall Of Champions and sat down. Back on the bridge, the two guards stood at their post. When a all of a sudden the entire bridge was engulfed in rose red hellfire chains! Breaking through the 42 ft thick bridge like a chainsaw through an oak tree!! Twisting and turning throughout the entire bridge! The bridge began to bleed drop waterfalls of blood and dark energy, but the two guard stood their ground and looked to the end of the bridge where all the blood spouting from to see a hellfire stone throne coming out of the blood. An orange flame can be seen first. A pair of glowing white eyes pierce through the blood and dark energy. As the figure rises more and more out of the blood, folded hands along with the top half of the figure’s body can now be seen. But the figure stays quiet. The rest of the throne come out of the blood. The figure stands up from the throne and begins floating towards the Hall Of Champions. Halfway down the bloodied and chain torn rainbow bridge the figure finally spoke.
“I am Dormammu! Ruler of the Dark Dimension!” Dormammu says as he floats across the rainbow bridge with his arms folded, right over left. Dormammu land when he arrives at the doorway of the Hall and lands on the ground and unfolds his arms. Dormammu says nothing to the guards and begins his walk down the idle towards the Hulk’s body. Dormammu sighs a heavy sigh as he looks at the Hulk’s cold lifeless body. Dormammu puts his left hand on the casket, turns to his left and starts to make his way towards Hela and Mephisto. And just like them Dormammu summons his throne and takes his seat awaiting everyone else to arrive. Back with the two guards look back down to the end of the bridge to see a portal of fire and holy light over his throne. A loud BOOM! Is heard from the portal. A long crimson red dress flows out of the portal next a pair of 4ft long white divine horns come out next followed by a dual spear with one side made of hellfire and hellwood. And the other end made of holy gold and the flesh of Sera, former ruler of heaven. As the figure fully emerged from the portal and landed onto the bridge. The figure reveals itself to be Angela, Queen of Heaven & Hell! Angela floats down the bridge and in the Hall, straight to Hulk’s body. Angela looks down at the Hulk lifeless body and for the first time in centuries Angela actually cries for another. As Angela cries for 2 minutes she walks away and quietly takes her seat next to the Illuminati. At the same time Angela has taken her seat a flaming vortex is forming above the end of the Rainbow Bridge. The sound of horses can be heard all throughout valhalla! The Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse have arrived to valhalla! The horsemen of Death, Wolverine, lead the pack riding his undead decaying white horse with black with neon green glowing hooves and eyes and peeling skin, and a spiked saddle. The horse's jaw is falling off. To Wolverines right, The Dark Phoenix Jean Grey, is the Horsemen Of Famine, riding a rotating corpse horse. The horse's entire body was falling apart and was as black as space. To Wolverines left is, Archangel, the Horsemen Of War. Riding an all black horse with a long mane draping over the left side of the horse's head. The horse’s entire body was covered in apocalyptiain armor which had demonic runes all over it saying, in ancient tongue, Hail En Sabah Nur! The Great and Powerful! And on the side of Dark Phoenix was Cyclops, the Horsemen of Famine. With his long 15 inch flowing through the air as he rides down with his pale white dieing zombie horse, with its ribs sticking out dripping blood and guts dangling out of its gut. The splitting and deep purple veins draping over the horse’s right side of its head. The hooves peeled back and were broken. As the four Horsemen land on the Rainbow Bridge and send away their horses away and stood two on each side, Wolverine and Archangel on the left and Phoenix and Cyclops standing on the right. The flaming vortex began to turn pitch black and royal blue. A long royal blue cape be seen coming out of the vortex. A pair of piercing light blue glowing eyes can be seen through the vortex. As a 7ft tall figure dressed in an all black combat suit come floating out the vortex, the Four Horsemen kneeled down to the figure floating down onto the Rainbow Bridge. As the figure slowly walks to the front of his Horsemen. The Horsemen of Death says out loud.

“Hail En Sabah Nur! Hail Apocalypse!” Apocalypse stands in between Wolverine and Phoenix, as he throws back his royal blue cape he tells his horsemen.

“A raise my horsemen. We must pay our respects to our greatest adversary” The Four Horsemen stand up and follow Apocalypse down the Bridge, with Apocalypse leading the pack. After 5mins of walking Apocalypse and his horsemen come into the Hall Of Champions and they walk up to the coffin of the Hulk. Apocalypse told Phoenix, Cyclops, and Arch to sit down next to Dormammu. As three of the four Horsemen take their seats, Apocalypse and Wolverine stand side by side looking down at the corpse. Wolverine places his right hand Hulk wrist and squeezes a little bit and says out loud.

“Rest easy old friend. Your long journey is finally over”.

With that Wolverine joins the other Horsemen and Apocalypse simply stood at the coffin with his arms folded. Looking down at the Hulk. Apocalypse says to himself.

“I have lived for all of my one was as glorious in battle as you”. Apocalypse then turned to his left and walked over and sat down with his Horsemen. Back on the bridge. A rumbling can be felt all through the Rainbow bridge as if ragnarok himself was approaching Valhalla! The Rainbow bridge shattered into millions of peaces!! As the guards floated above the broken pieces of bridge. A divine heavenly vortex opened with a loud BOOM!! Golden Stardust began falling from the vortex. As the light becomes brighter and brighter a man with a hooded cape and metal face, dressed in all black, can be seen. The man has a woman's left arm draped over his chest. The Man levitated himself and the women down onto a medium sized forest green portion of the now destroyed Rainbow Bridge. The man finally said his name aloud so that all of Valhalla could hear him.

“I am GOD DOOM!! Ruler of BattleWorld! And This is my Queen! Sue Doom!!” As God Doom used his limitless Godly powers to manipulate the pieces of the bridge into the Battle World flag. As he and Sue walked down the bridge and arrived at the doorway of the Hall Of Champions. Everyone looked back at Doom and Sue. God Doom through his left arm out from under his onyx black cape and put his hand out for Sue to take it, and she did.

“I’ll be right here with you my Queen” Doom says to Sue as she begins to walk. Sue is wearing an black front opened dress with golden tips. The sleeves of the dress flowed to past her hand a bit, which also had golden tips, The dress also had a 24 Karat gold belt on it, Onyx and 24 Karat gold shoulder pads that flowed into a necklace of the same two gems that covered her chest and made a V at her breasts, Sue also has a black veil over her face along with a 10 inch 24 Karat Gold Peacock like neck piece on the back of her neck the extended up past her head. As Queen Sue and God Doom walk down the idle slowly so that everyone can bask in their majesty, as only Doom and Sue could. Sue lets go of Doom’s hand and places her left hand over her mouth as tears begin to fall from face. and her right hand stroking the right side of Hulk’s face. As Sue continues to cry Doom walks up behind her and gently grabs her shoulders and leans up to her left ear and tells her in a calm voice.

“I know you are hurt my beloved. I will be here for you every step of the way. Please take your seat, i shall join you and your beauty soon.” Sue wiped her tear from her face with her right hand and held both of Doom’s hands and nodded and sat down next to Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen. While Sue takes her seat, Doom puts his arms to his sides and his black cape closes and looks down at the Hulk in disbelief. Doom's says to himself

“You're actually gone….you we're the only worthy one left in the entire multiverse.” As Doom clenched his fists and walked over and sat next to Sue. As Doom sits next to Sue, Doom holds Sue’s hand as she is crying on his left shoulder. Now that all the guest have a arrived. The only person left to come was Hulk’s original Captain America Arrived in Valhalla, in a three piece, all black suit with a red tie, from King Thor teleporting right to doorway of the Hall. Everyone in the Hall rise as Cap walked down idle and looked down at the Hulk and tears ran down Caps face as he clenched his fist and sat down in the front of the seating next to She-Hulk. Unknown to any of the guests. World Breaker Hulk was standing on top of the Hall look at funeral take place, a few days ago when Tony was done his meeting with the illuminati He ask Worldbreaker.

“So...after hearing everything would you be willing to help us? This is bigger than any of us think it is. We all need to work together for this.” World Breaker responds to him.

“Be lucky I loathe that bastard Thanos more than any of you! I will not attend the funeral. But i will help Stark,” A light of heaven shines above the Hulk and a Golden cross can be seen. A man in white roman robes floats out of the cross, it is Jesus Christ! Jesus floats down to the ground and looks upon everyone in the Hall and tells them all.

“Good evening my children. On this day, we have lost someone we all held very near and dear to our hearts. The Incredible Hulk. or as some of you may know him as. Bruce Banner. Now i know it hurts...and losing someone we love is always hard. But it’s at times like this is when we all need to come together and be there for one another! Bruce was a man of science but more importantly. He was a man who loved every single one of you and if you happened to on the other end of his fist, as i look around the room i see many familiar faces who have been on the receiving end of his rage, But in the end he never truly wanted to truly end you but only to teach, to teach a lesson of Justice. Not Vengeance. With that being said. We will have five of Hulk closest friends, family, and enemies tell us of their most memorable times with the Hulk. The first we’ll hear from is Beta Ray Bill.” Jesus walked over and sat down in a singular chair on the left side of the Hall. And Beta Ray Bill stood up and grabbed his hammer, Throw back his cape to the right and walked up to the podium and looked out at the sea of people and said.

“Good evening everyone. My name is Beta Ray Bill. I knew the Hulk when he arrived on Sukar. We meet in the colosseum, i’ll be honest he kicked my ass.” Beta and the crowed shared laugh for a brief moment and Beta continued.

“Once he stopped hitting me, i realized what he had done.he freed me from the shackles of the planet's leader. Hulk always tried to do what was right for the people around him.” Beta Ray paused for a moment, his emotions were getting the best of him as he started to tear up a bit. And he continued.

“Hulk the greatest was the greatest warrior I ever had the pleasure of both meeting and battling with.” As Beta Ray finished his speaking he walk down from the podium and to Hulk’s casket. Beta reach down to his waist and brought out the helmet that Hulk on what is now known as Planet Hulk. and placed it onto Hulk’s head and walked back to his seat. The next person to walk up to the podium was King Thor. as King Thor walked toward the podium, he threw his cape to his left side and placed his hammer on his right side and stared out at everyone and said.

“”Greetings all.” Thor paused for a full minute and then he continued.

“I never thought this day would ever come honesty...i never thought i would ever have to stand at his funeral. If anything...i thought he would be at my funeral. Banner was the most honorable mortal I had seen. He showed more bravery than any other being i have ever seen. The Hulk was the most feared Avenger in the cosmos. But he was loved by millions. He was father, a friend, a warrior. He won’t be forgotten.” As King Thor walked down from the podium he stops and looks down at Hulk and he reaches for his waist and pulls out the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and placed it underneath the Hulk’s folded hands and then took his seat once more. The next person take the podium was the Hulk's cousin She Hulk, Jennifer Walter, Stood up wearing an all black one piece dress. She whips away her tears and walks up to the podium. She Hulk looks out at the sea of people and says.

“My cousin was a great person….We’ve been through so much together. We’ve fought Dr. Doom, We stood side by side when we formed the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. i remember one time when I was captured by Doom for 6 months. Bruce fought through everything Doom had for 6 months to help me escape! He was such a great man to everyone and everything that was around him.”

As She-Hulk tries to continue speaking she breaks down crying, putting her right hand over mouth, and partially draping over the Hulk casket. As She-Hulk is breaking her husband The Juggernaut, Cain Marko, dressed in an average all black suit, stood up and took hold of his wife and walked her back to their seats, but before they could sit back down She-Hulk reaches into her all black 22 inch leather handbag and took out the Left Handed Infinity Gauntlet and placed it onto the Hulk’s left hand and then sat back down. The fourth person to walk up to the podium is the Earth-616 Captain America. As he stood up and walked down the aisle all Steve Rodgers could think of was who would have possibly done this and how will his universe survive without him. Steve stepped onto the podium and looked every person in their eyes and begins to to talk.
“Hello everyone, it’s been awhile since i’ve had to do one of these so bare with me here.” Cap starts out as the crowd laughs a small bit. Cap continues.

“Bruce was one of the best soldiers I have stood by. When Loki invaded Hulk was there with me, When Ultron took control of Vision and rampaged through the world Hulk stood at the front line with me! Hulk was the most fearless of all The Avengers! But above all else he was a friend, a courageous person, a true man of honor.” As Cap walks off the podium he places his shield onto the Hulk’s abdomen and walked back to his seat. The crowd goes completely silent. All that could be heard was everyone breathing as Doom levatitated to the podium. As God Doom landed behind the podium, he inhaled deeply and exhaled heavily and then he began to speak.

“Bruce Banner...a man with two sides. A courageous man of science. The most brilliant mind in the entire multiverse! Countless times the world needed to be saved by intelligence and not with brute force and there was bruce right there figuring out a way the day. Then there this the Hulk...What else can be said that hasn’t already been said? The Incredible Hulk was the a true mans man. He was the warrior we all wanted to be. He had all right things going for him. We will all miss our greatest ally.” As God Doom finishes his speech he walks down to Hulk body and bows his head and then proceed to remove his mask to reveal his now normal face, thanks to his god powers, and placed his mask on the left of the Hulk’s body. God Doom throws his cape forward and rejoins Sue. As God Doom sits back down Jesus sands back up floats to the front on the Hulk’s casket and says.

“Now that we’ve heard from everyone who wanted to speak. We will now close the casket and begin to bring the Hulk’s body to the Flame Of Honored Champions. Will the five people along with with Apocalypse to be the ushers.” As the six ushers began to stand up a lous KABOOM!! Can be heard outside the doors. On the rainbow bridge an all black vortex in the shape of a bat begins to form and an in the shape of a bat flies out and land on the bride. The guards are not concerned at all, they believe it is just late comers to the funeral. Just then a man in an all black slim fit suit, holding some form of a blanket under his right arm, comes floating out of the jet and lands on the bridge and turns his head back at the jet and says to the other man in the jet.

“Come on Bruce. We’re already late as it is” That’s when Bruce jumps out the jet and replies to the other man.

“Shut up Clark. Let’s go” As the two men walk down the bridge and they come to the guards and Clark says to them.

“I am Clark Kent. better known as Superman and this my friend Bruce Wayne. Better known as Batman. We heard of the Hulk’s death and rushed as fast as we could. May we enter?” The guards opens and as the doors open the entire hall looks back at the doors and to their surprise it is Batman and Superman! While Clark floated over to Hulk’s closed casket and draping his black cape over the casket. Bruce looks over at Tony, nodes, and says.

“Stark” And Tony replies with a node of his own.

“Bruce” While the two billionaires are conversing the entire Hall flies over the the Flame Of The Honored Champions and lay the Hulk’s casket into the eternal burning flame! And with that the funeral of the Hulk concludes. As everyone leave both through the bifrost and by their own means. Tony, Bruce, Clark, King Thor, and the Cancerverse Captain America stand in the empty Hall in a circle. When Tony stands up and looks up to see World Breaker Hulk! World breaker leaps from rafters of the Hall to land in the center of all the men. Without a single word World Breaker back hands Stark! And tell the group.

“I know of all of you. I have come across your names in countless universes across the multiverse. I know of Thanoses plan to to travel this planet called-” Before he could finish Batman says.

“Apocalypse. I’ve been tracking This thanos since he showed up in the solar system a few days ago. I knew that if I was going to stop them i would need help from your world.” World Breaker glares at Batman and tells him.

“If you ever interrupt me again i’ll snap your neck! I’ll help you all get to Thanos. But when we finally do. He’s mine to kill.” The group nodes in agreement and the World Breaker Hulk jumps back into the cosmos. As the Hulk leaves King Thor helps Tony up and says to him. I hope you know what you’ve gotten us all into Stark. Tony, trying to catch his breath, says to him.

“Don’t worry. Everything is under control” Then Batman says out loud.

“If we want to take a handle on this situation. We need to go to the Batcave in Gotham City. I’ll open a cortex so we can travel there safely. And with that Batman pulls a remote control from his pocket and presses the bat shaped button to open another bat shaped vortex and Batman, Superman, King Thor, and Cancerverse Captain America, and at the last second World Breaker Hulk, went through the portal to figure out the situation at hand.

Chapter 4: Titan VS. God

Meanwhile on Thanoses ship, Thanos is sitting in his throne with the Black Order kneeling at the steps of his throne. Thanos tells his Black Order.

“Rise...You all did well in obtaining the Infinity Gem. But there no rest we finally have arrived at Apocalypse. You shall be teleported to where the single is at its strongest. Once there find the gem and bring it to me.” The Black Order bow to Thanos and then Thanos, using the power of his Infinity gem, opened a golden portal and the Black Order walked the portal and as they left the portal they found themselves in a colosseum. Black Dwarf says out loud.

“This is Apocalypse? Looks like nothing more than a quiet barren wasteland” But before Dwarf could finish Proxima Midnight says to the Order.

“Silence….I hear something.” As Proxima finishes speaking the sound of wings flapping can be heard all around the colosseum in the distance. The Black Order all draw their weapons and all of a sudden an invasion sized army of parademons begin flying and swarming into the colosseum! The first Black Order member to go attack was Ebony Maw. Maw summoned a 30ft pillar from the ground and launch himself at a small group of parademons Maw created seven cosmic energy orbs in his hand and hurled them at the parademons head, killing them instantly! Maw then transforms into a pitch black 6ft tall shadow beat and began going on a rampage of ripping parademons apart, limb by limb, shoving his arm through their chest ripping out their skeletons and organs! Maw flough all around the colosseum killing as many parademons as he can, meanwhile back on the ground Black Dwarf smirks and says out loud,

“We can’t let Maw have all fun can we?” Dwarf leaps onto a 14ft tall parademons chest and slammed his dual sided axe in its chest and began hacking a slashing the beats until it fell over, crushing 5 parademons. Dwarf ripped his aex out of the beat and began jumping from parademon to parademon bashing their skulls in with his massive mace! While Maw and Dwarf are slashing through parademons, Supergiant looks back at Proxima Midnight Corvus Glaive and flies off capturing as many parademons as she can inside her obsidian orb and crushing them causing it to rain blood all around the colosseum. Proxima and Glave found themselves surrounded be 30 parademons. Proxima heaved her golden spear at one of the parademons head she then drop kicks her spear fully through its skull! Glave started cutting off the head of 10 parademons at once and both he and proxima cleaved 100 upon 100 parademons!! As the Black Order finish slaughtering the parademons they all return to the center of the colosseum. Proxima says to the others.

“Excellent work. But our search is far from over. We have guests” as Proxima finishes her words she point up at the top of the Colosseum with her spear to see Darkseid's Furies staring down at the Black Order. There stood their leader, a 7 foot tall women with royal blue chainmail. Laced with golden chestplate, golden gloves, and a golden mini skirt and horns sticking out of her crown. To her right stood a 5’ 8” plus size women, wearing a skin tight yellow jumpsuit with red shoulder and chest plates, with her black hair tied into a ponytail. And to the 7 foot women's left was 6’ 6” tall women.

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