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Everyone Is Busy Doing Something

My wife's zen tangle art work


What Is Your Thing ?

The morning breaks

My wife and I

Are up early after wonderful love

My body is still shaking

She is more reserved and quiet

A simple I love you

Says it all

Three days of our vacation are over

Each day we try to accomplish so much

We put our small but pretty Christmas tree up

Decorations around our home are placed

They highlight the little spots

That make our home sweet

I am enjoying reading more of a book I am fascinated about

My wife dusted

I washed the sheets

Oil change soon

I looked over a few things

We decided we didn't need

So we are packing them away and putting them down the cellar

To take out at a later date

My wife went to a paint night and did food shopping on the way home

We had two days of light snow

We both spent more time with our cat Charlotte

Who always brings joy to our home

Writing in little spans

Of what I like and who I am

Returning to work next week

For now enjoying a little ice cream as a treat

My wife baked sugared butter cookies and chocolate chip

I made pizzelles for our neighbors

An anise Italian flavored cookie

I tried to build a tower of them before they came crumbling down with a quick fall

I just couldn't leave well enough alone

I have to keep pushing the limit

There were still more leaves to rake

That got buried until Spring

My wife almost done with our Christmas Shopping

The magic of lighting the Christmas lights

They can be seen from a distance

Taking in the little and the big

Enjoying it all

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