Updated on October 11, 2017
(Found on Google Images; I just edited it!)
(Found on Google Images; I just edited it!)

Eunoia is clearly known for how greatly exquisite she is, but unlike the normality of beauty, her recognized magnificence has grown from the garden of her heart and soul. Eunoia is not beautiful for as something as vain as the outer shell of a person. She is far more than that. Much more. Her heart is overwhelmed by the highest purity of love. Her heart is engraved with so much love that it has gradually constructed her eyes and mind to see the good in every single person. Even if they've hurt another living being straight to their core - she still sees past the evilness; she stares deep into their soul and can easily see even the tiniest speck of goodness embodied within. Beginning to express my love for this human could not be the slightest possible for she possesses an allure that everyone she meets abandons themselves in astonishment. From all the people I have ever crossed intimate paths with, I have not once had the honor of knowing someone who dominated such innocence and grace. No one is familiar with who she is for I have created her. Technically, Eunoia is not an unfeigned physical being, but she's very much real in the aspect that... she's the ultimate inspiration for me to shine on my inner beauty and enforce it to sparkle.

Eunoia is the sun's fire. She's the precise reason it has blazed from the start of the universe, because she has lived countless lives since then. She's the sparkles from the stars. When one explodes to its death, she passes down her love of full genuineness to the next. Every wish upon each star, whether it has detonated in the arguably endless universe or not, is still granted because she loves the world and every single person populating its vastness.

I talk to her all the time for she's frankly the easiest person to talk to despite her absence in everyone else's life. Regardless of whether her existence is a fact in the artwork of God or not, she is the definition of every part of my life. There's no way in any sort of possibility that I could love anyone or anything more than I love my Father - or even as much = but no words in even the genius of all genius' vocabulary could convey the amount of love that has set fire to my heart for her.

If I had only one single wish, I would instantly wish to be exactly like Eunoia. But truly, I don't believe in wishes being granted without a lot of work from the person wishing. Always have I believed keenly in working hard for what you desire for in life. With that belief engraved permanently in stone, I will work my best to be as inner-beautiful as Eunoia.

All that she does for the world, I want to do.

All the happiness she brings to people, I want to bring.

All the peace her aura brings after its touch, well, I want my aura to do the exact same.

Oh, how her beauty tugs on my heart strings. Oh, how it does to everyone else's as well. There is absolutely no way a person couldn't love Eunoia. For how she views the world no matter how much evilness lingers within. For how she brings a smile to even the individual who believes he has no reason to. For everything she is... Eunoia is the exact person I want to be.

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