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Escape From Aggregor

A teen. Of a bald head, and an orange robe is climbing up a mountain.

He notices a cave with a giant lizard sleeping.

Its Ben’s rival Aggregor.

He steals the cart of snacks, but Aggregor is woken up.

“Ben? I said if you stole my stuff from the cave. You’d be dead.”, Aggregor says.

“Well, its still in the cave. So, not stolen!”, he says as he is backed up, but the cart gets hit by a car from rolling away.

“You get me my snacks before winter, or I will eat every skin cell in your body.”, Aggregor says.

Meanwhile, back in a forest, a dude named Kaleb, of Cardi B’s skin tone and slim build wakes up.

“Its spring! Wake up!”.

Another teen with yellowish brown skin pops out of a leaf pile.

“Morning! I gotta go wee-wee.”, Omar says.

“Not in the lake we drink from!”, Kaleb says.

“Where’s the food?!”, Omar asks.

“Its spring. We ate all the food, Omar. Now we gotta find some more.”, a girl of dirty blonde hair and petite size says.

Her dad, of grey, thinning hair notices a piece of snow falling and falls on his back.

“Dad, it was just a snowflake.”, Kira says.

“But it could have been a predator! How many times must I say it, Kira? We play dead to look dead.”, Jeff says.

“You ain’t looking so good, Kayla.”, a deep pigmented man with dreadlocks said to his wife with dreadlocks. “

Rihanna, Bob and Edward were up every 3 to 4 weeks! T-Pain, can you watch them today?”, Kayla replies, reffering to their triplets.

“Why people saying I need a man? I look like a nest, and smell like a swamp. When you find someone who is good with kids, sweet, and has no sense of smell, call me!”, Juliet says to Kira.

Omar notices something strange.

“What is it? I’d be less scared of it if I knew what it was called?”, Kayla says.

“Let’s call it Akon.”, Omar says.

Kaleb goes to check it out, but sprinklers in a backyard spray him, and he trips out onto a road, where kids playing hockey hit him with a puck, sending him flying back through the bush where he encounters the family.

“What even is that? Pink savage primates!”, Kaleb says.

“That is a bush (and not like the bush covering my pair of smooth criminals down under). It is not to be feared. It’s a gateway to the good life.”, Ben says as he shows up out of the blue.

“They have a TON of food. Loads of food. Food enough to last your entire lifespan!”, he says as he then opens a Doritos Nacho Cheese bag causing an explosion of cheese flavoring, covering their skin and hair.

“That is called a chip. Now who wants to steal some food for the winter?!”, Ben says.

They then go on some missions.

Stealing coolers, and wagons, and snacks.

Especially breaking into a womens car trunk, and quickly getting away just as she comes to take them in.

T-Pain then climbs a tree, and uses his dreadlocks as an opposable grabber to steal some sausage on a grill.

Back at their place in the middle of the night, Ben unveils headphones, to which he and Kira both wear, as the others hear lyrics playing: “Smack that, all on the floor. Smack that, give me some more. Smack that, till you get sore.”.

The next morning, Kaleb is bringing the wagon back, but Ben tries to stop him.

“Why?!”, Ben asks.

“My tail is vibrating. Yes, I was born with 2 tails. Don’t judge me!”, Kaleb replies as they wake up a Rottweiler.

They run from the Rottweiler, but run so fast up a slide, they grab an umbrella but the wagon falls on a car.

“You’re the devil.”, Ben says to Kaleb.

The friends decide to distract the human Teryl Kilanowski’s guard Patrick.

Juliet distracts him.

“Don’t deny me. My filth? I am tired of people saying I’m filthy. I got news for you. I got makeup on my butt, dude! And you don’t even wanna know about the cork!”, Juliet says as Patrick is distracted and the friends steal the food.

But an exterminator arrives and captures them while Ben escapes.

They wake up in cages of a truck while Ben arrives being chased by Aggregor.

Aggregor breaks the window while Ben jumps in and they throw him out, and holds on as they roll up the window.

“Let him in.”, Kaleb says.

“After what he did to us?!”, Juliet asks.

“He came back to help.”, Kaleb says.

“And he brought a reptile!”, T-Pain says.

Aggregor tries attacking but T-Pain delivers a punch to the eyes, knocking out Aggregor.

They get back home, but Aggregor has returned, while the exterminator has a tazer.

He tries to taze the family through the bush, but gets the lizard with a punch back.

Omar then drinks a soda, which stops time except for him, and he sets up the laser trap in Mrs. Kilanowski’s yard, which traps the lizard and humans in a cage.

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