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Jessica and her husband Joseph woke up just as the sun was peeking its way through their bedroom window. It was a Sunday so they stayed in bed for the longest time talking and talking. They recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary and looked forward to a long life ahead of them.

Jessica got up and went into the bathroom. Just as she did, Joseph got up and went into the kitchen. He put a pot of coffee on to brew. He called to the bathroom and asked Jessica if she wanted cereal for breakfast. She said that was fine so they had cereal and coffee for breakfast. Joseph looked across the table and said, "It has been ten years and you are still as beautiful as the day I married you."

"You are the sweetest man," she said with a smile.

They took a Sunday morning stroll down the street, stopping and chatting with some of their neighbors as they went. As they went along they saw a couple of squirrels playing in the autumn sunshine. Birds were chirping from a nearby tree. The air was just starting to get that first taste of an autumn chill. They walked down one side of the street and came back toward home on the other side. They stopped and talked with the couple that lived directly across from them. Charlie and his wife Petunia were the nicest older couple. Charlie was getting up in years so Joseph often would help Charlie do a few things around their house.

Jessica and Joseph sat on their front porch and rocked in their recently purchased rocking chairs. They felt so comfortable rocking back and forth. They sat there for the longest time. Waving to Charlie, they went inside their house. Jessica sat down and decided to read a book. Joseph sat there for a while flipping the channels on the TV and muttered, "there isn't anything good, on a Sunday morning. I'm going to go out and cut the grass. I have to do something."

Jessica heard the mower start up. Joseph always like to keep the grass cut short and was proud of the way he kept the yard. It was about a half an hour later when Jessica heard the mower shut off. She was sure that in a few minutes, Joseph would be walking through the door. He never came in so Jessica decided to walk out on the front porch. She just stood there with her mouth wide open, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. She stepped down off the porch and looked to her left and her right.

She went around to the back of the house calling out, "Joseph, Joseph." He never answered. She looked at the mower sitting there and knew Joseph always put it away. Jessica walked around to the front of the house again. Fear was overtaking her, she was in a panic. She looked around again. There were no houses. What happened to Charlie and Petunia. The blacktop of the street was still there,but there were no houses, no people, nothing but hot steamy sandy desert blowing over the blacktop. She walked down the street for a little while, looking around at nothing but sand. As far as the eye could see, nothing. What had happened to her town?

She walked back to her house. It was now gone. Just sand where it had been. In its place was a wooden sign that looked like a hundred years old. Jessica stopped in front of it, just staring. She dropped to her knees and screamed, "No, No, No, No!" The sand was burning her knees, but she barely noticed as she stared up at the sign. She turned white as a sheet, shaking her head, thinking it can't be.

The words on the sign read in big bold letters, YOU HAVE ENTERED THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

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