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End of Story

Updated on November 01, 2016
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The way down became increasingly steeper. I glanced at the figure beside me. Involuntarily, I cried out: "The brakes won't hold."

Danger Ahead
Danger Ahead

Let me begin at the end of the story. It will help everyone understand what went before.

As the car plunged over the cliff, I could see through its rear window the outline of the figure in the passenger seat. The vehicle disappeared and there followed a crash like metal doors slammed together by a giant hand. An explosion followed the crash and a flash of flames lit up the night. I turned and tottered away as quickly as I could move my trembling legs.

Still working backward, I had eased the car along the dark, winding road and over the pass between two high peaks. The way down became increasingly steeper. I plied the brakes. I glanced at the figure beside me. Involuntarily, I cried out: "The brakes won't hold." I wrenched open the driver side door and flung myself out just as the car approached a hairpin curve.

Earlier in the day, I had packed the car for the drive across the state to my sister's place. Some of us were gathering to celebrate her birthday. It would be an overnight trip so I put extra blankets in the car along with packages of birthday presents. I helped Jason into the car and fastened a seatbelt around his overstuffed waist.

That morning, when Dad had learned I planned the trip and would drive over the mountains after dark, he had reservations.

"I don't like it, Geraldine," he said. "You'll be alone on a dark road."

"No, Dad," I said. "I'll have Jason."

"Jason? Who's Jason?"

"The full-figure blow-up doll I bought to put in the passenger seat. I call him Jason. He makes it look as if I'm not by myself, that I have a big, burly man with me. People leave me alone. Don't worry."

I gave him a kiss and said I'd be back the following week.

OK, here's the real ending. State troopers brought me home safe from the crash. I missed my sister's birthday party. I miss my car. I miss Jason.


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      Dan Magpayo 2 months ago

      This is a really cool story. I like it. Keep making more

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