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Embrace the Best


When in need of a good cheering up and everything seems forlorn,

Remember that staunch and stubborn spirit, of which we're all born.

There's an answer to every question, be it tough or just hard to take,

We'll get through these trying days, for we're all too strong to break.


We're all formed from sterner stuff, forget those misses, that rebuff,

We're not weak, a cream puff, is ours from the start, strength enough.

Dig deep inside then to find your way, get right up to face everyday,

Be determined, no matter how grey, look for the best, in every way.


Be looking for bluest of the skies, while we are ignoring the worst,

Newer chances are sure to come, when our bubbles seem to burst.

Show this old world you can take its best, then ask for some more,

When we are knocked down, get meaner, rise up from that old floor.


When we were each born, this the proof we were all meant to be,

This story is very factual, we can handle everything, that we see.

Every mother's child does so deserve the best that life has to offer,

With a little care and a helping hand, a treasure in our life's coffer.


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