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Embrace Life's Mysteries

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


The beauty of the green earth…

Majestic trees, noble vines, and luxurious flowers

Air filled with succulent sweetness

Steel blue ocean waters teeming with life

Ancient stones, vast deserts, and endless grasslands

Snow-capped peaks and crystal clear rivers

Harmony as far as the eye can see

Contented to rest below the starry skies

Illuminated by the pure light of the moon

Each well-known as each is a mystery

Listen to the calling on the wind…

Open your hearts

Open your very souls


As the spirits of the earth beckon you

Take the first step, the first embrace

Immerse yourselves

In the life of the universe

From which all things proceed

And which all things shall return

Let your heart rejoice

Delve into the pureness of spiritual love

Commune with every living thing

Gather strength from their beauty

Embrace their compassion in your heart

Admire their humility

Emulate their reverence within your soul

Seek more than what lies on the surface

Knowing that seeking means revelation

Fear not the Mystery

Only there will you find the answers

That you cannot see within yourself

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