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Elisa's Day Off

author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

Elisa Sprang Out of Bed

It was the start of spring recess and Elisa couldn’t wait to meet her friends at a spectacular amusement park. The square was filled with tremendous rides, games and cinema clips. Her mom had planned a dynamically filled day with a jester!

Elisa sprang out of bed and quickly bathed. She loved to play with her favorite dolls on the edge of the tub. She also had a tiny sailboat she loved to float on her imaginary ocean while she covered herself with soap bubbles. She desired to look her best for this grand day with her friends and clown.

Mom had already pressed a beautiful dress for her and placed it on her armoire. She searched for matching crisp, lacy Bobby socks and her favorite pink, shiny shoes. She slipped on her dainty floral dress with a beautiful bow and ruffle, and then she deftly put on her spiffy socks. Oh! She almost forgot her shiny, pink leather shoes. She skillfully slipped them on her feet.

Elisa wore her pink, dainty, floral dress.

Elisa wore her pink, dainty, floral dress.

Mom Brushed Elisa's Tresses into a Neat French Braid

Elisa's hair was quite long and she had difficulty combing it. The comb would tangle her curls and get caught in it. Thus, she cried out to her mamma for assistance. Mom ran promptly into her bedroom when she heard her daughter calling. She was wearing a bright, emerald green silk dress with her gorgeous blonde hair pinned into a chignon coiffure.

Mom brushed Elisa's tresses into a neat braid and inserted sweet diamond earrings in her ears. And then she sprayed a bit of Rose perfume on her wrists. She smiled and curtsied in front of her reflection and thanked mommy for styling her hair.

Next, it was time to eat a scrumptious breakfast, consisting of salmon and broccoli, and finishing it up with crumpets with English marmalade. Oh, yes. She wasn't going to be one of those children who ate sugary snacks for breakfast.

Mom had drilled Elisa about eating healthy, and salmon it was for her brain and broccoli for strong bones. She was growing too fast and needed all the help she could get; at least this is what mamma would forever say. Mom's words were ingrained in her soul.

Mom loved her spectacular emerald dress.

Mom loved her spectacular emerald dress.

Elisa Learned a New French Word Every Day

Elisa wanted to be as beautiful as her mother when she grew up, and learn how to intelligently express herself in French too. Every day, mom would teach her a new word, and today it was crepuscular which meant sunset. She had a bit of trouble pronouncing it! Only, when she puckered her lips, the sound came out exactly right. And mom was exceedingly proud of her when she adorably said it. And mommy kissed her on the cheek and gave her a huge hug.

"You'll write children's stories in French one day, Elisa."

Mom loved to compliment Elisa.

Mom loved to compliment Elisa.

Elisa Was Excited to Ride a Giant Ferris Wheel

Now, it was time to walk down her cobbled street to the park. She grabbed onto her mommy’s hand and skipped all the way there. She couldn’t control her enthusiasm! She perceived her neighborhood school friends were excited too.

The street was buzzing with mirth. Some children were wearing their Sunday best with elaborate hats and skirts. One girl already had a colorful red balloon, and Elisa greatly wanted one of those.

Elisa could see the Ferris wheel and Merry Go Round from afar. The park was filled with her school friends. She searched for the clown and couldn’t find him! Perhaps, he’s hiding in the thicket somewhere or is cheekily late to our spiffy bash.

"How could he do this to us!"

Mom noticed Elisa was terribly disappointed and she prodded her on the back to stop.

Mom tookElisa to the park.

Mom tookElisa to the park.

The Clown Never Showed Up

“The clown was supposed to chaperon and entertain us. And now he is not here!”

“You will have to improvise,“ mommy cried. “Do you think, you and your friends could chaperon yourselves? I believe you’re old enough to spend an unsupervised day with your friends.”

“I don’t think so, but if you believe I can, I will, mamma.”

“I trust, you’ll be excellent. Here is ten dollars for snacks and a watch to keep time. I want you to return home by four o’clock.”

Elisa rode the Giant Ferris Wheel with her School Friends.

Elisa rode the Giant Ferris Wheel with her School Friends.

They Wouldn't Split

With that mom disappeared!

Elisa took hold of her friends’ hands and together they walked into the amazing park. They were filled with awesome wonder and couldn't settle on which ride to enjoy first.

Elisa wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel while the others wanted the Merry Go Round. They couldn't split, they just could not!

Therefore, they voted with a show of hands and rode the Ferris Wheel first. And then they voted again for the next ride until they rode every single ride in the square. They had the best time ever!

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