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Earth Bubbles

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.


Earth bubbles float through the night sky silently passing under the full moon.
Tall trees tower above the forest floor and sway gently in a lingering breeze.
I breathe in deeply and fill my lungs with purified air. The smell of the forest brings in memories of childhood walks in a beautiful nature park. A slowly trickling stream nearby calms my blood. I sense serenity.

Wanting to sleep I keep writing words to comfort my quivering fingers. My chest aches as I try to think of words to express what I don’t really know. I catch bits and piece’s of dreams I’ve had and so want to know what they meant to teach me. Do I really believe what I express? Why can’t I remember?

Listening to the creatures in nature I find myself drifting off into a relaxing sleep. In my dream I am trying to make sense of thoughts that fly through the forest. Was it a rabbit that said to plant more carrots in the light of day? Or was it the red bird wanting me to fill the bird feeder again?

I catch a glimpse of a lost thought and as soon as I capture it, it disappears. What did it say? Why don’t I remember my lessons in the morning when I wake? I know they’re meant to pass wisdom through the core of my being. I have to remember to complete my self love activities each and every day. What will today’s activity be? I wonder. Will I complete it in time?

The sun is in my eyes as I think of the bright light shinning in my soul. Is that you silver spirit? I feel your tender energy fill my heart with a comforting essence. Soon my heart beats to the sound of the wind as it rustles the leaves in the trees. Wild birds sing to me and I relax. Elves leave me moon drops to quench my thirst.

Cotton woods are dispensing their cotton and it lays on top of a pond. The cotton fairies float down like little paratroopers on a mission falling from the sky. There is no wind to speak of and the sun is warming the air. The humidity is thick and it’s difficult to breathe.

The story of long ago is yet to told. I look forward to connecting with ancestors to learn of my future. As I learn to live in the moment I consider my next self love act to strengthen my esteem deep within. With growing gratitude and thankfulness I maintain a renewed loved for myself each day.

My mind of old times is overwhelmed and burned out running ancient programming. Help from affirmations of my mentors, guides, and my scriptures comfort my heart and soul. My spirit flies to the moon and back for confirmation of forwarding my soul to the outer limits of the universe. As energy of universal love calms my inner insecurities I find myself confident in my higher powers’ abilities of teaching, guiding and leading me home. I leave my trust in good hands.

As I recite one of my affirmations I look into the mirror of my heart to find new growth. It reminds me of little green ferns coming up on the spring forest floor. The smell of moss and pine needles comfort me as I walk among the tall trees. They speak to me of gentle fairies and elves which live with them.

Coming to a close, my life will tell of many well worn path’s that taught me love. A love for myself, a love for my fellow beings, and I can’t forget my fellow fairies and elves. Soon I will leave this place and continue my journey of forever, being thankful for the love I learned. In a cosmic cloud of love and light I remind myself that I matter. I won’t ever lose my hope nor be sad.


© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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