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Dying Dreams - What They Mean


Dying Dreams - What They Mean

Dying Dreams - What They Mean
Who doesn't remember those dreams of times gone by? A childhood spent staring at fluffy clouds searching for shapes and faces that just could be something more signal the awakening of our ability to envision tomorrow differently than today appears. It is the creative energy within that emerges softly, gently, encouraging us to see more, believe more and become more. Little did we imagine that we were experiencing the wakening of a giant within, one that would shape and ultimately control our destiny. Dreams are significant, acting as an inner roadmap guiding us to where we plan to arrive in our lives; one day.

Time passes so swiftly once we leave those formative years. Even in childhood, we become busy with events and changes that may be beyond our control. So easy it is to move through time without any awareness of its passing; like the changing of seasons that bring falling leaves and finally daffodils that peak through the mud as Spring approaches we cease noticing change around us as we become enmeshed in what is before us. What about those dreams, where is that giant within that planned to emerge and pursue things we once thought were undying dreams?

Noticing how much time has passed or how fast it is moving seems to become more important at a few distinct times in life. It becomes most important when we look behind us at the landscape traversed and believe our dreams have died, that it is too late to pursue them. We imagine we have wasted the time, forfeited it to some imaginary crisis or a sensible idea we were pressed to believe in. This brings a sense of sadness, even despair to some. It is a good time to re-examine the dreams we once held dear.

Dreams that gradually fade away are not the same as those that have died. These are the dreams we willingly forfeited because something changed. We gather more information about things that interest us as life continues. Sometimes we learn that the price is higher than we are willing to pay, that the reality of the dream was significantly different from what we imagined or we simply replace it with a new dream that fires an inner passion. Something becomes more important and replaces the old dream and so we discard what was for what inspires us far more. We changed.

Dreams that die are different; we imagine they don't involve a personal choice, believing that something or someone prevented us from aspiring to what we once held dear. These are painful losses that can leave us feeling battered, beaten and even bitter. Look deeper within those emotions and you are likely to find a different cause, one with more emotion behind it that incites deep feelings of loss. Believing our dreams are dead to us is typically rooted to another person and our expectations of the role they would play in our dreams. We are disappointed in a person, sometimes expecting far more than they were ever willing to give. Our dream falls apart as changes emerge, leaving us feeling like we are left behind to flounder and find a new path. Many times this leaves us feeling lost and lonely regardless of our age.

When a significant event alters the course of our life, and we all know when something is significant, it is time to broaden our horizons. Change has arrived like an intruder into our nicely planned life and we are left with few if any choices about the ultimate outcome; or are we? When big things happen they arrive to guide us to a new and different path, one that forces us to be uncomfortable, to stumble and discover how strong we are or what part we are intended to play in what lies before us.

When you cease to struggle against the change and stop clinging to what used to be you become free to embrace what can be. Your dream may not have died at all; is it possible that you have been redirected to a better place, a better way or an opportunity you never dared to believe in? Your dream may have been expanded to include opportunities you never knew existed that can lead to far greater joy in your life. When change arrives leaving you feeling like all is lost look for the opportunity; you were not redirected without a plan. That gentle giant within you has awakened and moved you forward. Dare to dream a new dream, again.

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