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Dusk Carnival

Reflected memory from Timmy Teardrop

Okay kid you get one last shot, Timmy lowered his arm like he was going bowl a strike.
Took a deep breath and tossed the ring on the glass bottle without a bounce.
His eyes filled with excitement" lucky toss kid which balloon do you want" said the carny Timmy looked around the tent puzzled then pointed at the one that caught his eye.
A small green turtle shaped balloon "Timmy grab your balloon it is getting late we have to go home" his mother uttered.
Timmy had his prize in one hand holding his mothers with the right, with the biggest grin like he just conquered Rome.
As they were halfway through the fair the crowd became thicker everyone bumping into each other.
Timmy lost his mother's grip as he began to catch up to rejoin her.
The balloon caught wind and fled from his hand he froze in his tracks then proceeded in the balloon's direction.
The wind teased close enough, but Timmy couldn't reach.
The noise of the crowd started to get loud when the sun started to set going grey.
Clouds started to form with a lion's roar Timmy was all alone in the storm.
When the rain poured, mixing with tears gliding down his cheeks.
The crowded began to change from humans to devilish creatures.
So, Timmy ran and hid under some bleachers thinking to himself in fright.
It's going to be alright mommy will come back fantasying himself safe in her warm arms.
He later fell asleep near a puddle of mud to only awake from silent screams.
As the sun rose filling the surrouding sky red.
Timmy sadly realized his mother wasn't coming back for him.

© 2021 Cory Dye

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