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Driving Too Fast for Road Conditions: A Story With a Happy Ending and a Message

A woman who continues to learn and a passion to write. A story not yet told but still being lived someday she will wow the world.

I've Got This

As a mother of two teenage daughters, I was extremely privileged to teach both of them how to drive. I thought who better than the granny driver of the family, unlike my husband who was a little bit of a lead foot, so I gladly took on the challenge.

My girls are only a year apart so I spent two years pulling my hair out and fighting to make them good drivers. We had many good drives and a few scary moments, but overall I thought both of them would do just fine. Years later we still have laughs about my methods of teaching them to drive. Both of them will still laugh when they take a turn too short and end up in the other lane (of course no cars are there) and say, "Oops I just hit a car." I used to tell them this when they where learning to drive and it would make them so mad. I thought if I was a little overdramatic it would stick. It stuck, when I was in the car.

I have since learned that no matter how you teach them to drive the minute they get their license they forget everything and do what we all do, drive like they know it all.

Both of my girls learned the hard way that driving carelessly can cost you. My oldest daughter had a couple fender benders that she paid on for nearly two years.

The story I am going to share with you is about my youngest daughter who also learned a valuable lesson about driving too fast for road conditions. The rest of us learned how thankful we are.

Just Another Day

On December 9th 2015 the Lord provided my family with another miracle.

It was an ordinary day like any other, my daughter dropped off my granddaughter at around 5:00 AM and headed out to work. She made the same twenty mile drive every morning, only this morning it was raining and blowing and extremely dark.

At around 7:30 AM the phone rang and I instantly had an uneasy feeling. I didn't get to the phone until the third ring and this is what I heard, "(crying) mom I was in an accident on the freeway, I was hit by a semi truck head on!" My heart stopped beating and I started screaming at my husband to get up we had to go. I handed the phone to him and ran around getting ready. She said she was at the hospital and we headed out right away.

I knew I had spoken to her but those words kept going through my head. I kept asking myself questions like "is she really ok or is she in shock." "What the heck happened?" "There must be a mistake how do you get hit by a semi and call me on your own?" I wouldn't get those answers until later.

My husband and I headed out and in order to get to the hospital we had to drive by the accident site. I remember seeing the car with the semi still on the hood and windshield. I looked at my husband who was driving and he was as white as a ghost, as I'm sure I was.

Arriving at the hospital we did not know what to expect. After seeing the car I just knew it was going to be a horrible sight to see my daughter. To our amazement we walked into the emergency room and saw my daughter sitting on her bed with no visible injuries.

After hugging, crying, and breathing we began to get the story from my daughter, what she could remember, and then the state trooper filled in the blanks.

Here is her story...

In a Hurry to Get Nowhere

My daughter told us how she was running a little late but stopped for a coffee anyways. My daughter explained that even though it was stormy traffic was moving right along. She explained that it she was going about seventy but started to slow down due to the speed change. it began to rain harder and she was getting close to her exit so she decided to get out of the fast lane and move to the slow lane. She began to tell us that a truck hit her as she merged into the middle lane. We learned later from the trooper she actually hit a van that she doesn't remember at all.

Through tears she recalled the car hydroplaning and losing control. She couldn't remember a whole lot but she knew she spun out and could see the headlights coming at her. Apparently when she hit the van she did spin out and hit the median before being slung back across the freeway. She then came to a complete stop in the slow lane facing the wrong direction. The last thing she remembers is seeing the headlights and the semi. Yes, she was hit head on by a semi going sixty miles an hour.

This is where I tell you I thank God for saving my child.

When we spoke to the trooper he was so shook up that he sat down and talked to my daughter telling her that she is a miracle. He then went on to tell her that he has never seen anything like it in his career. He told us all that in his experience one of two things usually happen in an accident of this magnitude: either you are crippled for life or you die! He took the time to help her understand that she was going too fast for road conditions.

We heard this several times from the doctor and the tow truck driver. Than again from the insurance agents involved.

My daughter had bruises and cuts. She was banged up pretty good but had no broken bones or internal injuries. She definitely suffers mentally and probably will for some time, but she is alive thanks to the good Lord above.

My daughter is one of the lucky ones. I wanted to share this story to urge others to slow down. There is absolutely nowhere you need to go that is worth your life.

What's Your Life Worth

As we rush through life too busy to slow down, we let time or lack of it fog our judgment.

We often hurry for absolutely no reason, only to find that we only saved two or three minutes.

We risk life and limb for what?

A job

A date

An Appointment

A sale

Road Rage

What is your life worth? Are you willing to risk everything for a couple minutes?

Please Slow Down, It's better to be late than to never arrive at all!


It Can Happen to Anyone

Please remember this story and these pictures. Keep talking to your friends and family about slowing down. This can happen to anyone and more often than not there is not a happy ending.

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