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Dreadful Nightmare

Moin is a student of Humanities (Arts). His hobby is writing Short Stories, Poems and Articles. He lives in India and loves meeting people.


Dreadful Nightmare

Once upon a night, I woke up with a start. My throat went dry, and my eyes grew as big as an owl's. I heard footsteps outside my bedroom. They were progressing steadily.

I shouted, "Mom! Dad!", but there was no response. I was sweating all over.

I wrapped up myself in my blanket. My eyes swept the entire room. The sudden stillness shook me. There was no occasional honking of vehicles, no cicada singing. It was me and darkness, face to face.

Fear crept up on me, like icy cold hands strangling me by the throat. The footsteps died away, and I felt quite relieved. But the next moment, there was a laugh. I was sure that it had come from my room. I panicked.

I asked in a trembling voice, "Who is there?"

But no soul stirred. I gathered the courage to get up and switch on the light. When I switched it on, I felt rather safe. At that time, the bulb was my saviour. Once again, I heard the laughter ringing in my ears. I put my hands over my ears. But it was no use.

A voice, cold and piercing, whispered, "How are you?"

I was petrified. My hands shook.

I said, rather loudly, "Who are you? Where are you?"

The bulb burst. I shrieked. My head spun in a sudden frenzy. The man laughed.
I made a run for the door, but it shut itself. I attempted to force it open, but it didn't. I banged at the door in fear. I heard a knife striking my study table. He was armed.

The cold voice roared, "Stupid boy! It won't open unless I want it to. Do you remember me, Moin?"

I said, "I d-don't know you...please! Don't kill me!"

"Shut up!" he barked. "I am your worst fear. I am Lord Voldemort."
And a snake-like face appeared from the dark.
I shrieked. Everything went black.

"Moin! Moin!" a sweet voice called. "Are you okay, beta?"

"Mom!" I spoke in a shaky voice. "Vold---"

But I couldn't go on. My mom hugged me.

She said, "No one can harm you, beta. It is okay. Just a dream. Just a dream."

"Mom!" I said. "I saw Voldemort. How is that possible?"

"Don't overread, my son," Mom spoke gently to me. "Take a break. Okay?"

"You are right, Mom," I said.

And I stopped reading Harry Potter for two weeks. It had a lasting impression on me.

© 2020 Moin Khan Muzammil

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