Dragon Child

Updated on June 26, 2017
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Brett Romine is a teacher and writer. He recently published Feudal Education, or The Heretic Knight, which is available on Amazon Kindle.

Did I let you down all those years ago, my dear child?

Did I allow the man to ride you like a lowly beast?

Did I let him degrade and destroy your innocence?

Did I help him tighten a leather noose around your neck?

Why then must I suffer for the Dragon’s sins?

From the annihilation of your twin arose a new monster,

One so vile and malignant, a rival to your Dragon father

I’m sorry that I conceived you because I loved your brother,

He was so sweet and loving and full of joy,

Pure mourning sunshine, the morning dew on the grass,

Innocent and pure, loving and serene,

Deceptively strong, but gentle and meek.

Sometimes I can still hear faint echoes of his laughter,

And hear the sounds of his voice singing children’s songs,

Glimpse a brief glimmer of his eyes play in the mirror

You, my dragon child, are merciless and heartless; a cancer

Eating at my infected soul; a malignant tumor

Devastating all of my relationships; a parasite

More pernicious than the Dragon stalking through the forest.

The face of an angel, but a temperamental, twisted demon,

Striking indiscriminately any perceived threat.

Poisoning my very existence with your evil intent.

For there’s one final victim you crave to claim,

One who should have died in the woods that day,

One who lived on when your twin was murdered.

To see him hanged, swinging in the breeze,

In the dispassionate woods where the dragon reigns,

You’d love to view his final choking breath,

But you’ll learn yet to embrace a new fate.

The vengeance you sought struck down by purest love,

Dragon child, your fatal bloodlust will cease.


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      GalaxyRat 10 months ago

      Wow- I'm speechless. That's a good thing. Nice poem!