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Draco and Dee: Short Story for Children; How Can a Young Girl Cope With Moving and a New School?


Ann loves to write short stories. Children's stories are a challenge and a little outside her comfort zone!

Draco the Dragon (from Jarrold's department store, Norfolk) - one of the Dragon statues of 2015

Draco the Dragon (from Jarrold's department store, Norfolk) - one of the Dragon statues of 2015

Draco and Dee

Do you believe in dragons? Dee wasn’t sure. As she sobbed into her pillow, she wished she was back in the house she called home instead of this new one in a strange place, going to her first school the following week. She needed something to believe in, to help her cope. Someone had told her that Norwich had a close friendship with dragons. She wanted that to be true.

Draco, the young dragon, was wondering what he was best at, what he enjoyed the most, so that he could live up to his name, match the fiery stars, find a purpose. He was handsome in his dark-as-night skin dotted with twinkling stars. Aerial acrobatics were his delight. Inquisitive, even nosey, he showed no fear but wasn’t sure what a dragon should do. What he did know was that constellations, stars, could be used by voyagers as a celestial guide.

That same night, Draco was practising his aerial somersaults. You might have seen his shimmering, misted shape above the rooftops. He heard Dee’s sobs below, landed gently on the window sill and tapped the window.

Dee turned to see what was there. Draco’s glow shifted softly in the dark. Wide-eyed but only a little frightened, Dee whispered,

“What are you? Why are you at my window?”

“I’m Draco the Dragon. You sounded troubled; what’s the matter?” Draco’s soothing tones calmed her.

“So there are dragons here!” thought Dee. Out loud, she said,

“This is our new home, I don’t know anyone, I miss my friends, I have to go to school, I’m…. frightened.” Dee’s voice trembled as she tried to block her tears.

“I get frightened sometimes”, said Draco, “because I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. A dragon should be fierce but I don’t like being fierce.”

Dee didn't think he looked at all fierce but thought she’d better not say so.

“If you like,” continued Draco, “I’ll show you the city, tell you about it. Are you brave enough to fly on my back? You won’t fall and we’ll be back before you know it.”

“Oh! An adventure with a dragon! Yes please!”

Dee felt a little scared but her wonder and excitement were much stronger than her fear. She put on a warm top, climbed onto Draco’s back – “Just sit between my wings and hold my mane.” – and he slid smoothly from the window.

His sturdy, warm frame made Dee feel safe. Her fingers gripped his mane tightly at first but then relaxed a little and, full of excitement, they both began their adventure.

Far below them were miniature houses, trees and traffic. The vast panorama of land and sky stretched for eternity, making Dee feel that the night was a deep, dark blanket keeping them safe.

“Look below us, Dee. You can see Lakenham School. It’s near your house, so you’ll probably go there.” He made a short, low dive to get closer.

“It’s not too big, is it? You can see the layout and the playground. A little girl in your street goes there too. I’ve seen her playing and she’s kind. Three doors up from you. Maybe you’ll meet her soon.”

Dee was beginning to feel better.


“We’ll visit Dragon Hall next,” announced Draco.

“Oooh! Do you live in a Hall?” That sounded grand for such a small dragon.

“No. It’s not mine,” he chuckled. “It belonged to a merchant - important men bought and sold all sorts of things there and made themselves rich. Do you like writing, Dee?”

“I love writing stories. And now I can write one about you!” She was smiling now, having such a good time.

“Well, Norwich is the City of Stories and Dragon Hall is now the National Centre for Writing. You can go there to find out what it’s all about.”

Dee was beginning to think Norwich was a magical place; a city of dragons and stories and probably much more.

Near Dragon Hall, the River Wensum mirrored the city’s lights in its black-depth waters winding its path through the night. Dee could follow its deep flowing shadow between buildings.

“Now, let’s go to the Castle!” said Draco.

“A castle?!” Dee was amazed. “Do they have knights and horses? Are there flags on the top?”

“Yes. There’s Snapdragon too and he breathes fire!” Draco laughed so that it didn’t sound scary. Dee’s eyes shone bright and rounded in amazement.

“Snapdragon? Does he look like you?”

“No. He’s long and round with a thin, pointed face. His scales are red and orange and his jaws snap together with such a noise! That’s how he gets his name.”

Norwich Castle, High on the Hill

Norwich Castle, High on the Hill

There in front of them was the Castle, a square sturdy building on top of a steep grass mound, towering over the city. Flags fluttered in the glow of lamplights which cast silhouettes on the walls; shapes of houses, spires and – was she imagining it? – an outline of a little girl sitting on a dragon!

“Look, that’s us!”, she squeaked, pointed, then had to grab Draco more tightly to stop herself falling. Reading her thoughts, Draco said quietly,

“I won’t let you fall. You’re safe.”

“Draco, it’s just like a fairy-tale Castle!”

Dee was beginning to like this new place.

“There is much to see inside. Your Mummy and Daddy might take you there and I expect you’ll have school visits too.”

Back at the house, Dee’s parents had heard her soft crying earlier so listened at the door. Hearing no more sobs, they decided she was asleep so didn’t go in.

Up in the sky, Draco was ready to let rip,

“Ok, ready to go to the Cathedral? I’m going to speed up now!”

Draco banked round and Dee could see the Cathedral spire straight ahead of them. Seconds later the pale, floodlit stone was directly in front of them.

“Ready for a spin round the spire?” asked Draco.

Before she could answer, he veered to the right, then spun left all the way round the building, rising as they continued, round and up and up and round. Then, they stopped. On the very point of the spire, they surveyed Norwich and beyond. Dee gasped. The ride, the speed and the view made her gulp in extra air, to steady her racing heart and stop herself screaming with glee – well, at least to do it more quietly.

It was beautiful; the elegant stone, the graceful shapes and structure of the Cathedral, all set in a large grassed area, serene, away from traffic and free for anyone to walk around at any time. Draco and Dee absorbed it all.

Dee was beginning to feel tired.

Draco didn’t say a word. He let Dee look and wonder and think and settle, almost asleep between his wings now, she had used so much energy. After a few more minutes, he said quietly,

“I’ll take you home now but we’ll look at one more building on the way.”

He took Dee past the Guildhall. It’s facade of sparkling flint facets, resembling the scales on a dragon’s back, winked at them as they passed.

“That’s where the people who ruled the town used to have their meetings, for hundreds of years. I have a dragon friend, Ascalon, who stood guard there when the Dragons decorated the city in the Summer of 2015. He looks like flint too.”

They sped over Jarrold’s big department store – “They sell little versions of me there, as well as books and toys” – and back over Lakenham School.

Dee smiled all the way back home. She could have stayed on Draco’s back for ever.

She hoped for more adventures with her dragon friend.

Tomorrow she would ask her parents if they could go to see the girl who lived three doors away. I wonder how she was going to explain how she knew?

Draco helped Dee through the window and saw that she was safely back in bed. “Goodnight”, he said, “I will see you again, soon.”

“Goodnight”, whispered Dee, a huge smile turning into sleep.

Draco went home, excited to tell his parents where he’d been. He hadn’t felt as happy for a long time.

“I know what I want to do. I want to help children who are scared or alone. I want to show them around and make them feel better. Can I guide them round the city and show them all its wonders? Can I fulfil that rôle?”

Draco’s parents were proud of him, for helping Dee and for being brave enough to do it. They told him he was the official dragon guide for children. He was happy. He’d helped Dee and he’d made his parents proud.

Draco was looking forward to more adventures with Dee.

© 2021 Ann Carr


Ann Carr (author) from SW England on May 10, 2021:

Glad you liked this, Brenda. Thanks for reading.


Ann Carr (author) from SW England on May 10, 2021:

Thank you, Mark! Glad you liked it.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 10, 2021:


It seems Draco & Dee both had a change in their lives.

Great story. I love how she travels with him and overcomes her fear.

Mark Tulin from Palm Springs, California on May 10, 2021:

I can't turn down a good dragon story. Thank you, Ann.

Ann Carr (author) from SW England on May 02, 2021:

I've since read this story to my two youngest granddaughters and they enjoyed it but said it was a bit long! Point taken! For the original competition it had to fulfil a word count but maybe I should cut some of the guided tour!

Thank you all for reading and for your useful feedback. Any other comments would be welcome of course


Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 30, 2021:

Thank you, Misbah. I'm glad you enjoyed this and I appreciate your kind comments.

Take care.


Misbah Sheikh from The World of Poets on April 29, 2021:

What a lovely story, Ann. It’s good that darco and dee learned something from adventure. Darco made his parents proud. He was brave and helpful. A Strong character. When I was a child I always loved to know about Dragons. I enjoyed the read. Thanks a lot for sharing

Blessings and Love

Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 28, 2021:

Thank you so much, Vanita, for your kind comments. I'm thrilled that you mentioned learning too, as I wanted that to be part of it.

I'm also pleased that you and some others think it's worth me pursuing this story with a series. I'm not sure as I don't have a distinct idea of follow-ups yet and I'm a little wary of not being able to keep up to the enjoyment of the first, but we'll see. Two of my granddaughters might have some input at the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing the perspective of a 10 year-old and a 6 year-old.

Yes, we're all kids at heart, I think!

Keep safe and well.


Vanita Thakkar on April 28, 2021:

Wow, Ann !! This is a wonderful story. It reminded me on my little niece's childhood. She was very fond of Barney the Dinosaur.

I enjoyed the beautiful journey across Norwich with Dee on Draco's back. Cute imagination, full of learning. You can write other stories of the two enjoying their outings and learning.

I am sure kids will enjoy such stories - little ones as well as those in grown ups like me :-) :-)

Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 27, 2021:

Amara, thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Take care.


Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 27, 2021:

Thanks Shauna. Good to see you. My daughter has read it and knows that I shall be reading it to the two girls (10 and 6) over the weekend, so I'll see what they think of it! Should be interesting, especially with the different ages. It wasn't written for them but they are due to move within the next month or so and therefore it's suddenly very apt!

I'm not sure about a series, though there are plenty of possibilities for one. That's why I mentioned that they both wanted to have more adventures together. We'll see.

I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the great comments, especially as you picked up on the fundamentals of the story - of course!

Talk to you soon..


Amara from Pakistan on April 27, 2021:

Ann, its an amusing story.. I enjoyed it..

Thanks for sharing..

God bless you..

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on April 27, 2021:

Ann, I love this story! Draco and Dee both learned something while having an adventure of a lifetime. And now Dee's no longer feeling alone in her new city. She's discovered the magic of faith and imagination. And Draco has found his calling.

I think this would make a nice series for children. One could be about going to a new school. Another about making friends. The possibilities are endless.

Have you read this story to your grandchildren? They'd be the best gauge of the story's success with children.

Awesome job, Ann!

Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 27, 2021:

Thank you, Mary, for your lovely comment. It's hard, isn't it, for children to be uprooted but sometimes it's necessary and often turns out to be for the better. However, that doesn't underestimate the pain of wrenching a child away from what s/he's used to.

I appreciate your visit; always good to see you.


Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 27, 2021:

Ann, I thought this was an old storybook. So impressive of you to have created this. I am sure your grandchildren would enjoy it. I know my grandchildren would, except that they're older now. I remember the crying when our granddaughter moved from Switzerland to the U.S.

Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 27, 2021:

Thanks, Lorna, for such a great comment. I'm so pleased that you liked this. I would love to publish and maybe make a series, so purposely left it open for more adventures. The competition inspired me and even though I wasn't placed, I enjoyed doing it. I'll see what my two granddaughters think about it at the weekend!

Lovely that your daughter still has her dragon book. Some things are timeless aren't they? Also, a present like that, mother to daughter, is precious.

Thanks for your visit, Lorna; I know you're very busy.

Keep safe and well.


Lorna Lamon on April 27, 2021:

A beautifully told story Ann and you brought it to life with your wonderful characters. My daughter loves dragons and as a child I bought her a little book entitled 'How to take care of you baby Dragon', - she still has it. I could see this story gracing the bookshelves. A wonderful write.

Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 27, 2021:

Devika, thank you so much for your warm words. You are kind and my head is getting bigger! Yes, Draco is cute; he's my daughter's dragon which I bought for her from Norwich, after my visit.

Keep safe and well, Devika!


Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 27, 2021:

Hello Lora! Thank you for your warm praise; I'm so pleased you like this. I'm delighted that you're thinking of reading it to your nephew. Please let me know whether or not he enjoys it - I won't be offended if he doesn't, I'd just like some feedback. As I mentioned to Audrey, two of my granddaughters are a little worried about moving soon, so I'm going to read it to them at the weekend. They are good critics so we'll see!

Norwich is indeed a lovely city to visit. The Cathedral grounds are beautiful, the building itself is graceful, full of light and wondrous colours, and the city's history is packed with interesting places, events and people. Well worth a visit. I only went to accompany a friend and I've been itching to go back ever since!

Keep safe and well, Lora.


Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 27, 2021:

Thank you, Audrey, for your warm words. I wrote this a year or so ago, as a response to a challenge from the department store where I bought it. I've changed it a little but now it's useful for me too as my granddaughters are about to move - new house, new school!


Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 27, 2021:

Thank you, Linda. I'm pleased that you found Draco appealing. When I visited Norwich that year, I bought this little dragon for my daughter who is nuts on dragons in general!

I appreciate your loyal support.


Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 27, 2021:

Chitrangada: Thank you very much for your comments on my children's story. I'm glad you found it engaging; that's important, especially for the youngest readers.

I hope you're keeping well.


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 27, 2021:

The dragon is cute!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 27, 2021:

Hi Ann This story doesn't surprise me since you are one of the best writers on Hubpages. Seeing the story through a child's eyes is amazing and the characters put together is perfect! You story is beautiful!

Lora Hollings on April 27, 2021:

This is an enchanting story, Ann, that children would just love. You did a wonderful job at creating the characters of Draco and Dee. I love the lore about dragons and Norwich sounds like it would be such a cool place to visit! I especially would enjoy visiting the castle. I think Dee is fortunate to have found such a nice friend! I found your story just delightful. I will have to read it to my nephew, soon.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on April 26, 2021:

An interesting and engaging story, which I enjoyed reading. You have created the characters so beautifully and I can also visualise the location too. Appealing to the children as well as the grown ups.

Thank you for sharing.

Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 26, 2021:

Thank you, EK Jadoon.


Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 26, 2021:

Thank you, Peggy. I'm glad you found this fun. I tried to see it through a child's eyes and 'fun' is what they all love!

I appreciate your support.


Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. on April 26, 2021:

I fell in love with this dragon. Every child in this situation should have a Draco. Thanks for this wonderful story.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on April 26, 2021:

You’ve created a lovely story, Ann. Draco is a very appealing dragon! It was interesting and enjoyable to explore Norwich through Dee and Draco’s eyes.

EK Jadoon from Abbottabad Pakistan on April 26, 2021:

That was a fascinating read, Ann. How beautifully Draco has said, " are you brave enough to fly on my back". You have created the characters very well.

Keep up the good work.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 26, 2021:

What a charming story, Ann! It almost reminded me of Peter Pan and those children's escapades. It is fun seeing things through the eyes of a young girl and her dragon guide to the city.

Ann Carr (author) from SW England on April 26, 2021:

Thank you, Jamie. What a great comment! I don't understand anyone who doesn't love dragons! Norwich had a Summer Statues trail, all for charity in 2015. Most cities do the statue thing now. Bristol has had Wallace and Gromit, gorillas, elephants and hares (and others I think). They're all quite big and so imaginative. Each participating company designs its own and schools take part, designing mini statues. It's brilliant!

Good to see you first here, Jamie.


Jamie Lee Hamann from Reno NV on April 26, 2021:

I am waving at Draco from Norwich....love the world you created and the characters. Enjoyable read maybe bias because I love Dragons. Jamie

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