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Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

‘Never judge a book by its cover’, is what they always say. I wish I could tell them all that they are wrong. You need to judge a book by its cover or you could end up like me. This is my story.

I was taking an afternoon stroll around the park near my house. While out walking, I encountered this weird looking kid. Now normally when I think somebody looks weird I always remind myself to ‘never judge a book by its cover’. So while walking past that kid, I gave them a friendly nod which they returned. The next morning I was getting into my car when I noticed the same kid, this time hiding behind a bush. As I gave them a little wave they jumped and started to run off. ‘Weird’ I thought to myself. Well, what was even weirder is that I started to see this kid more and more. It was almost like they were stalking me. No, probably not. I was probably overthinking it.

It was 2 months after my first encounter with this kid and I kept seeing them everywhere. I mean everywhere. Wherever I was, there was that kid. So one day when I saw them, I had decided to talk to them. Looking back, that was the dumbest idea that I have ever made.


The kid seemed to flinch like they always do. I can hear them mumble underneath their breath for a second before responding with, “Hi.”

“So” scanning over the kid I continue, “I happen to see you around here a lot. I would love to get to know you.”

This kid looks terrified. I can faintly make out them talking to themselves. “Uhm. Sure.”

“How about we start off with names? My name is Leo Satin.”

“Satin? That sounds like Satan!” they laughed, but to me it sounded like nails on a chalkboard. Very high pitched.

“Yeah. What’s your name?”

“My name? Oh its..” they started again with talking to themselves for a good minute, “My name is Star, Star Cunings”. They walked closer to me and stuck out their hand so I shook it.

“Well Star, it is a pleasure to meet you. But I have to get to work, see you later I suppose.”

“Yeah! Have a good day Leo!” with a big grin they start to take off.

Weird. Anyways, it’s been about 3 months since I started to talk to this ‘Star’ kid. If that is their real name. One day when we were hanging out Star invited me over to their place. Nicely but stern I decline. Shit hit the fan when I did. Star seemed to snap. If you blinked you would have missed it. Their face seemed to get red and it looked almost like steam was coming out of their ears. Once again, they had started to talk to themselves and now I realized that it was a full on crazy. But like they always say ‘never judge a book by its cover’. Saying my goodbyes I make it back to my apartment and start to think about how weird that was.





Being startled awake I look over at my clock. 2 in the morning. Thinking ‘what the fuck was going on?’ I grab the closest thing to me that could hurt an intruder (if it even was that it could just be an animal. Oh how I wish that it was an animal that night). Before I could make a move I feel something, a rag to be exact placed over my mouth. Chloroform? Who? Looking up I see Star. They are wearing that same big grin on their face as they talk to themselves. Just as I start to make out the words I pass out.

Waking up, for one I was tied from my wrists to a chain on the ceiling. The second thing, I was bleeding. I could look down just to see blood running from my chest. As I start to look over the room - well basement or storage unit by the look of it, I notice a figure standing in the corner talking to themselves. Star.

“Star! Hey man. We can just talk about this, can we not? We don’t need to resort to this. I don’t even know what I did!” sort of screaming out.

Star turns around and looks at me like I am crazy.

“Sacrifice. You need it to be happy.”

They started to walk towards me with a knife and then just stopped. They just stopped? Why? They started to grin. But they were just standing there. I can hear them mumble “sacrifice” over and over again.

Oh how I wish I could show everyone who says “Never judge a book by its cover” what happened. Want to know another thing everyone says? That when you die, you can see the last moment before you died replays forever with no end. Oh how they were true about that one. I can still see that stupid fucking grin and hear that “sacrifice”.

How I wish I would have listened to my gut that day.

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