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Does The Media Cause Toxic Relationships?

Fazilat Khan is a third year student, studying English and History, who loves the way the media shapes the way we think in relationships.

I was thinking back to when I was literally obsessed with MSN and would get really excited over some emails; whereas, now the idea of having a cell phone has become a life changing experience. All aspects of our relationships are overwhelmingly based on our social media communications. How many times has it been that you are talking to people on Instagram to people, you do not even know? I feel that is an important topic that needs to be addressed, as I have realized how alienated we have became from the real world. Are these relationships even real?


Well, when I first thought about social media and relationships, my mind instantly imagined the thought of being able to rekindle with past relationships, that would have been otherwise, lost. You meet people from the other side of the world and can relate to them. Okay, right now I am talking about Gabe and Jess Conte: for all those of you who do not know who they are - you definitely need to check them out. The Instagram couple that were willing to maintain a long distance relationship, from Australia to America, because they knew that they have found their other half. Swoon.

Who would not want to meet their other half like this?


How Would You Feel If Your Partner Kept Looking At Other Girls/Boys On Their Instagram

But the problem is this is not the case with every relationship and in most cases, social media sites actually has a detrimental effect on relationships. Studies have suggested that a lot of the times, one of the partners will be talking to someone else on social media and insisting that this is okay. It makes one feel insecure and jealous, even in fact creating doubt between whether their relationship is even real. I was wondering, can one fall out of love? What if they start liking someone else? These questions are circling around them, even at their happiest moments.


We All Are So Lonely

Social media has also led to the negative social impact of loneliness; when you are sitting alone in your room and searching through different Instagram accounts that present this idealistic relationship, it begins to make one feel excluded. We all start wondering why we do not have a relationship like that? In some cases, it makes one more desperate to find someone and the way social media works is that we can talk to anyone, which would momentarily satisfy our needs. I really hope, whoever you are talking to is 'real' and please be careful if you ever decide to meet up. You never know exactly how they are, until you met them face to face. After all, there is a scary world out there in the real world.

Balancing Social Media With Your Real Life

Do not forget that you have real connections out there that also need to be maintained. So many of us out there, live our lives through virtual worlds. Not that I am judging because I used to have a Moshi monster account when I was younger. But, I feel the need to prod everyone to remember that balance is key. We should experience as much as we can in life, without feeling that troubled, insecure feeling that someone is better than us or is having more fun than us. At the end of the day, every time you feel that way, you have to remember that posts are what users want to present to the world. They are only the surface of what someone is like, and for all you know, even that person may be feeling exactly the way you are.

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