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Do Not Sleep Amy.

Even though that is not her real name I thought I should use it. Not necessarily because I don't want people to know her real name, because I doubt any reader of mine might know her. Amy with the beautiful hair and eyes, and a very wide smile which went on and on.

I don't really remember when I officially met her, my memory could not stretch that far. But I do remember that in the beginning we were friends. She would spend days with my family and I at home, because she lived nearby and also her mom had to work on weekends.

Kids are fearless now that I think about it, we were told to never allow her go to sleep when she came around. We were suppose to entertain her with games, movies and conversation and we kind of never questioned that. Maybe our minds was clouded by the fact that we were given a "Carte Blanche", whenever Amy was around to watch as much TV as we want, that we forgot to question such directives, or we just being kids. But we were soon to know.

Her mum had dropped her off per usual on Saturdays, we were happy to see her. We had gathered later on to watch TV and we realized that Amy was no where to be found. My sister walked into the bedroom only to find her sleeping ever soo soundly, we woke Amy up for a good 10mins and she never woke up.

An initial suspicion that she might have died in her sleep was quickly quenched when we realized that she was breathing, she just couldn't wake up. We quickly went out to inform a grown up who was in this case my dad, he just happened to be home and before we told him what happened, the fear in our eyes betrayed us.

My dad called my mum, waited patiently for her to come and went inside the room were Amy was sleeping and started praying.

Amy came from a long line of fetish priestesses in a sense she was was marked for priestess hood even before she was born. Her mother refused and protested because she was a Christian and it worked for a while till she (Amy), mistakenly ate food that was met for the gods during a popular festival in Ghana called "Homowo".

Homowo is a festival that is mainly celebrated in the southern part of Ghana by a group people popularly known as the GA's. The celebration normally takes place in August and its a symbolization of when the ancestors won a victory over hunger. The word Homowo can be broken down into two syllable. "Homo" meaning hunger, and "Wo" is a hooting sound in the GA language.

During the festival there are songs, dances and a special type of food known as kpokpoi is prepared, eaten, and also thrown around by the various paramount chiefs "for the gods".

Amy ate the food for the gods. She since then was marked by the gods as a wife for them, and since her mother refused to send her to the shrine to be officially inaugurated, the gods resorted to getting through to her whenever she sleeps.

As a child, I lapped this up. I didn't understand what was going on but I knew that something was wrong with Amy and she became all better, when people prayed over her or she held a Bible to her while she slept.

Amy is married with two kids now. I don't know remember when she got better, or when the gods the let her alone. But I am older now, I googled "A sickness that makes you sleep like the dead", and it gave me Narcolepsy.

Was it Narcolepsy? The Gods?

I am just happy Amy is safe.