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Do You Know Love?

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How would you define love?

How do you show love?

How do you know you love?

Do you use love lightly?

Loving only when others do good for you

Do you love only yourself?

Do you love others as you love yourself?

What do you love with?

Is it with your eyes?

Because of the beauty that you see

Is it with your ears?

Because of the melody that you hear

Is it with your lips?

Because of the sumptuous sweet taste

Is it with your hands?

Because of the soft delicate feel

Or is it with your heart?

The only place where love comes from

If you love

You will not be selfish

You will be honest

And you will be true

If you love

You won’t hurt others

If you love

You will forgive

You will have compassion

If you love

You will always care for the needs of others

If you love

You will give to the needy freely

But most of all

If you love

You have Christ within

Love conquers all

Love is patient and kind

Love is peace

And truly divine.

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