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Do Ghosts Have Reflections?

It wasn't me in the mirror anymore...

I open my eyes. I can see the sun shining through my window. It look like a totally normal day outside. But, on the inside of my house, not so much. I sit up in my bed and stretch. I look around my room. Nothing seems to be out of place. I get up and start on the way to the kitchen after going to the restroom. I get my coffee pot, running water in it to start a new pot.

“Still here, are you? Hm, me too. Probably a different reason though.” I say to Denver, who is sitting on my couch staring at my television.

“No talking this morning? Okay. Want some pancakes?” Again, he said nothing back.

I walk over to Denver and bend down next to him.

“This is much better. Now you cannot run your mouth. I should have done this to you years ago!”

Deeboop Deeboop Deeboop

“Hello? Oh! Hello mom, how are you? Good. Oh, Denver? Uh.. Yeah. I saw him last night. He left around nine saying he was going straight home. Yeah. If I see him I will tell him you want to speak with him. I love you too. Bye mom.” I put the phone back on the hook and looked over at my brother.

“Mom is wanting to speak with you. Shame she never will again, isn’t it bro?”

I went over and sat on the couch next to him.

“Ah, hockey. Brutal sport. Not quite as brutal as what I am into, but it still ranks up there. You know? You even LOOK better this way. All tied up. Blue face, slit throat. You cant even speak to me, which I am loving. I can sit here and say as much crap about you as I want, and you are none the wiser.”

He sat there with the same expression on his face. I got up and headed to the bathroom to shower. I undressed and washed my body and hair. I got lost in my own thoughts.

What if it was wrong to do? What if I get caught? No! I cant think like that right now. He stole my wife. He took my life away from me, so his had to be taken too. Maybe she will come back to me now? Not if she finds out… But she wont. I wont let her find out, I have to protect her. And my mom… She cant ever find out either. She would never forgive me.

I got out of the shower and covered my face with the towel as I walked over to my bathroom mirror.

I wonder if I should shave? Stephanie always liked it when I shaved. Maybe she will drop by today looking for Denver?

I removed the towel from my face and looked at myself in the mirror. At this moment, I knew true fear. I have never been quite the same since that and I dont think I ever will be. What I was looking at in the mirror was not me, but my brother who I had slaughtered the day before. I saw his tired eyes, his slit throat, the blood all over his face.

I stepped back, rubbing my eyes and shaking my head. I looked back at the mirror. I saw him again. It was like I WAS him. I quickly put my clothes back on and went to the living room. He was sitting there, just like before.

“What are you doing to me? Are you trying to make me feel guilty? I don’t! I done Stephanie a huge favor. I done myself a huge favor. I have to get rid of you, for good.”

I live way out in the middle of no where. This should be easy.

I make my way out to my back yard and gather up all the extra wood, sticks, anything flammable that I can find. I douse it all with gasoline and go back inside to my brother. I grab him, hoist him on my shoulder and take him to the backyard and place his limp body on top of the wood. I go back inside and get my living room rug and my sofa. It was a lightweight, thin metal framed piece, very easy to carry. I knew metal would not burn, but I hoped it would at least get rid of at much as I can. I add more gasoline on top of it all.

“So long, brother. See you in Hell later.”

I began lighting a match when I suddenly heard a faint sound coming from the wood pile. I walk over to my brothers face. His eyes open which caused me to jump backward.

“Vinnie… This will never be… over...”

I threw the match on the pile and watched it all go up in flames. I walk back to the house and straight to the bathroom. I needed to see if he was gone, if it had stopped.

He was still there.

“This will never be over Vinnie.”

It has been now 6 years since I killed my brother. I do not leave my house. I have no reflective surfaces in my home anymore. But I still dont regret what I did. I was right in thinking that Stephanie would show up that day. She seems very happy in her new basement apartment..

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