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Discombobulated Explanation of Relation


I love the way you live to laugh to love to let me listen lovingly,

And the words to use are never there to tell me that you care,

That you've just felt a similar but disconnected, led on by a stare,




Glaring perfected thing.

Me too.

We too,

Heard that these things match without a clash and we have all but this and that and it's perfect.

Thank you.

For the blanket sanctuary disproportionately warming me and them,

and drifting off to there, and



all that's here that wasn't somewhere,

Because I've felt lovely, lonely feelings

up until this space thats bare

and now we've crossed and this is here.

So lets kiss cheeks and flatten peaks,

So we can meet in places that are



reasonably, we could re-create the thing

we had,

and act like all the parts have been retrieved,

and placed back by visionaries,

with our best interests in mind,

My Dear.

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