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Dilapidated Building

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A dilapidated building

Dilapidated building

As I walk into this abandoned building what I see in front of me,
walls with devoid colour
screeching and creakes of the front gate sounds like a catastrophic melody,
trees hums in rhythm as the wind blows
inevitable, as everything about it tells a story
like a heart that's somehow beating with full of rotten memories.

When I step onto the front porch, it lets out a loud moan
with the air of desolation,
the deadly silence pierce my ears
flaking speckles of paint
lines the floor with dust,
as I stare at the corpses of ill-starred creatures.

Why the cement that shows from different places reminds me of my inconspicuous wounds?
Like the scars on flesh beneath,
there are many of them as I start to count.

Ceiling hang limp in the stagnant air
nothing there to hint that the place had ever been inhabited,
yet its very existence is a proof that it once held life like I once did.

The damp and faded pictures, rooms full of antiques, now rusting, decaying and deteriorating
evoking memories of how everyone once disdained my proficiencies.

The more I look into it, the more I am tempted to deferral, my fears making false promises, playing tricks with my mind so that I'd stay.

The choice wasn't hard if I want to leave this dark castle and break-free from this curse and live
but it was the thought of letting go of the pain that once helped me live.

Tries to quell the sudden buzzing in my ears, as I come to a conclusion and see my fears, now gnawing my bones.
Little did they know, I, now am impervious to the anguish and isolation.

I close my eyes, thinking how I tried collecting all the shattered pieces of me and fix the cracks with glue.

But it wasn't the glue that I needed. It was the ray of hope that helped me breakthrough.

Making it easier for to me abandon this dilapidated building and giving life a second chance

Hence, lesson learnt, keeping in painful memories only succoured in building a putrescent house.

Author's note:-

Hello! I hope you liked Dilapidated building and if you did, let me know in the comments section below. I love feedback from my readers, especially if it's constructive criticism. I am all ears and open to it, so feel free to mention what you felt was missing or how I can further improve my writing skills.

I'll sum up the author's note by this quote, "There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope." ~ Bernard Williams

© 2017 Nemo Krypto

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