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You Visited Me in My Dreams Last Night


Thank you for your message, darling.

I had a dream about you last night, sweetheart ...

You know that I often wished I could have died with you. Life here on earth seemed so meaningless without you. My need to be with you felt stronger than any desire to remain one second longer on this planet. Never mind about the other people who needed me, it just hurt too darn much. I really, really wanted to go with you. I would pray every night for God to take me so we could be reunited.

Well, you musn't have liked that idea very much.

My dream started in a large railway station full of people. I caught sight of you far away, leaning against a wall and staring at me as if you were expecting me. I could barely make out your features, but I knew it was you. I also knew that I was actually dreaming ... even while dreaming, I was conscious that I was dreaming.

When I was finally standing in front of you, you took my hand and we began walking. You were silent and your expression said nothing. I was just thrilled to be holding your hand again. As we walked further, I asked, "Where are we going, darling?" You turned your face to look at me but said nothing. There was something in your eyes, though, that finally made me realize where we were going.

I stopped. "No! I can't go with you yet, hon. I still have things I need to do," I cried. "But I need to know that you will always love me." I then started sobbing uncontrollably until you began hugging me tightly. The emotion this stirred in me was so overwhelming that I immediately opened my eyes. I saw that I was still in our bed in our bedroom, but I could not move because you were still hugging me. For a few seconds, I physically felt your arms still around me, even though I was fully awake!

At first, I was a little frightened. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. And I know the mind can play tricks during that half-asleep/half-awake state, but there was no haziness about this. I was as alert as could be. You visited me in my dream, and your message was clear. You would always love me, but it was not yet my time to join you.

I have never asked you to give me signs that you were with me. But you did, and in such a beautiful way. I feel 100% better now. I now know that I can go on because you never truly left me. Thank you once again, sweetheart, for being my guardian angel.

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