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Diary of a grumpy teen

I am a computer engineer, licensed digital marker, and content creator fluent in Arabic and English.

(1) My Prom dress Ordeal

OK, that is how I see the world today. It’s like the world is a three-story building. The ground floor has the kids living in their games and fantasy land. There’s us the teens on the first floor in our all messy, noisy, and very controversial world. The second floor that’s the adult's floor, in their problematic world, complicated relations, and of course frustrations and all.

Now here is my problem. Before you jump to conclusions, I would like to inform you that I am a good girl. I am understanding and nice to everyone and I am a straight-A student…so I deserve the title (The Good Girl).

So where is the problem? It’s my prom dress…A problem that summarized the story of my life.

I am trying to choose my damn prom dress. Of course, my first option is searching with my friends. Problem (1) was whom to go with? If I go with a certain friend group, the others will feel offended and left out. It’s like I have to make a psychiatric analysis for my friends before going out to look for prom dresses. Problem (2) I understand we are all different with different tastes, but no need to fight or be emotional in the mall. Every shop we entered we were like the messy, noisy band making lots of random noise and no harmony at the end…no choice.

So I went out with my mom. She is nice I know and I truly love her. She wants to help me, but she overdid. She buried me under a ton of options, so I still can’t decide. The dresses I like are expensive, so being the damn good girl, I have to disregard my wish because I know if I choose one she’ll get it even if it buries her in financial crises. The good girl in me tells me to just shut up and never tell her I love that dress, but the teen in me tells me you deserve that girl, you did a good job….so, again no-decision.

My grandmother, the family’s fashion guru is my last resort still I forgot my grandma is way older than me and hence we have different tastes.

I am lost…I feel lonely…I just want to cry and hope the prom party is canceled. I am frustrated and I sure need to calm down and maybe hush everybody around me…I need to stop the noise of opinions around me. It’s like I need the sand storm in my brain to settle so I can hear my inner voice and know what I want.

I need the people I love to sit quietly, but I need to hear their opinions…I am torn…pray for me.

© 2021 Nahla Roshdy

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