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Detained crow

Detained crow

Caught in a string was a crow, willing to fly again, wishing to get free once more and yearning for someone to help her. It was a cheering weather the crow caught in string was praying for every second to pass quickly so, either she could get free forever herself or she could sleep a forever sleep. Observing the situation of the detained crow hundreds of crows gathered around the crow shouting and screaming around the imprisoned crow diverting the attention of people towards the accident.

The seized bird was using all her energies to extricate herself from the unfortunate situation but all her efforts were going in vain. Despite wasting all her calories, she was not able to even loosen the strings from her feet. She was thinking that why she opted this way to fly. She never knew that this might prove her last flight in the waste sky. Now she quit trying to free herself because, she knew that it is her last day on this planet. The pain grew stronger this time because, the strings have started lacerating her skin and they were about to touch her bones.

Now, the bird closed her eyes and started memorizing the days when she was having flights over high mountains, boundless pastures and stupendous oceans. She remembered the day when all of her friends were going on an evening flight though, she was not willing to go for the flight but her friends did not listen to her once and forcefully took her for the flight. Today they all were here but how agonizing it was that they cannot set their friend free, they could not even alleviate her pain. Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

By now, she was mentally ready to say goodbyes to her friends and to submit her soul to the divine power suddenly, she felt that the strings were loosening. In astonishment, she opened her eyes and saw that a little boy has cutting the string as one of the tips of the string has caught to his antenna. Finally, the boy freed the seized bird, the folk of birds said thanks to the little angel by flapping their feathers and starting their journey from the point they started.