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Deserving of Love

An amateur poet, being that she has no published poetry works preferring to keep them trapped in her laptop but here they come ready or not.


Just maybe I was only meant to be loved

The only explanation that comes to mind

Nothing else seems basely logical

The love I have in me evaporated

Sucked dry by nonreciprocity

I can only hold on for so long,

Before I begin to lose myself to the calls of despair

Filling back up is harder than thought

It is way more difficult to give than to receive

That barely makes sense to me but the truth rarely does.

Little by little my empty fuel tank gets filled up

As soon as it is I snap back the lid

it'll never escape this time

No more sharing, I promise myself

What a blatant lie of a promise I made that would never last

I tried to hold on but he had the key

A key I never gave him,

which he crudely made but still fit like an original

He unlocked my love without permission

I was never meant to just be loved

I was meant to love and to be loved


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