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Descriptive Short Story: The Beach

Claire Miller is an engineering graduate who is now wading through the chaos of trying to be a responsible adult.

Enjoy this descriptive short story about the beach.

Enjoy this descriptive short story about the beach.

As the sun shines happily on the cool, rippling surface of the sea, cars drive towards the nearest parking space like they would never have another chance to see this exquisite scene. Children are the first out, and they run frantically towards the sea, as if competing for a gold medal.

The parents are next out of the sleeping creatures, tangled in the deck chairs, towels and umbrellas they brought with them for this beautiful day. Mums screech for their children to be careful, clinging onto their infants as they try to stumble after their older siblings. The dads huff and grumble as they are left to carry all the ‘essentials’ the mothers had insisted on bringing.

The peace has been invaded, yet the sea couldn’t be happier.

And then, a hundred cries of joy drown out all other sounds—the children have penetrated the turquoise swirls of the deep blue carpet. The nourishing sea cools them. Some relax, letting the water gently lap at their bodies. Others run riot, splashing about and giggling wildly. And some stand at shore, letting the sea-cat rub around their ankles as they marvel at its treasures—dead or alive.

Panting as though they were the dogs that have been brought here, the mothers and fathers finally catch up. They prepare themselves for a nice long sunbathing session, leaving the infants—reeking of sunscreen—to totter off and make sandcastles.

As the hours whiz by, people come and go, parents dragging their children away as they shriek for “just another five minutes”, but they know it won’t work a third time. They know that parents just don’t understand. Very few appreciate the wonderful feeling of the powdery sand between your toes, or the blissful sensation of the cool waves crashing against your ankles, legs, waist.

And when the last person turns to leave, the sea silently whines for them to come back. It runs after them but slips and falls down, back to where it started. It tries again, and again, and again, and again... and again... and... again... and... gives up.

The blood-red sky swirls like the sea did blue. The sea kicks over every sandcastle in rage and a petty attempt at revenge before settling down in time for Lunar to show off her silver gown. And in the moonlight he cries. And in the twilight he mourns. And in the morning he forgets, ready for another day with the people at the beach.

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