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Demon Board


Is it really just a game?

I guess you could say this all started 3 years ago. It was a typical day at first. I, being the naive 17 year old girl that I was, thought that it would be a good idea to do something stupid. Of course, what teenager hasn’t done at least one stupid thing? Yeah, none. Before we get into the stupid thing, let me give you a little back story starting that morning.

At the time, I had jet black, dyed hair. I usually wore black jeans with some kind of black tank top in the summer, or the occasional short skirt. It was mid June, and the Kentucky weather was kicking my behind. Hot and muggy all day, and remaining muggy during the night, there was almost no relief. I have blue eyes, and am kind of a bigger set girl. I am telling you all of this so that you can truly picture all the events that are about to take place.

I decided to call up a couple friends of mine, Michelle and Terri. They are sisters that live right up the road from me, when my time isn’t taken up by Kenny, my boyfriend, we are always together. We all met in eighth grade and have been inseparable. They surprisingly approve of Kenny. It always, even to this day makes me laugh because he gets jealous of them because he wants all my time.

Michelle and Terri could not be more alike. They aren’t twins, but without really analyzing them it would be hard to tell. They both have long black hair, Michelle with streaks of red. They both have blue eyes and ivory skin. Their skin looks as if they were a vampire who has not seen light in years. Michelle has a small birth mark on her left cheek that is very hard to miss unless she points it out or you sit there and stare at her for a while. The birthmark and the slight red coloration in her hair are really the only way you can tell them apart if you just meet them.

Kenny was off on a school trip for college. He had to visit with someone that was in the same profession as he was going to be going into and observe, so I am not quite sure if you would call it a trip, but he was so excited that you would think he was going on vacation to Japan or the Bahamas. I didn’t feel like being alone so I called up my girls and we made plans to go get some lunch at the local mall.

This mall had a little shop named Dave's that had the best hot dogs in all of Kentucky, so I chose to get a couple from there. Since that trip, the venue has been shut down and I could not be more sad about that. The other girls decided that they wanted burgers so they went to another spot in the food court. Its kind of a tradition for us that every time we go get lunch, we visit our favorite shops. One being this little Iconic shop where they sold potions, spells, spell book, things of that nature. I never had bought anything in there before, but I always considered it. I was too afraid to invite something in that I would not like, rather than bring good in. I had crystals and things I knew a bit about, but the spells to bring luck and money into your life really just scared me.

We finished our meals and headed toward the shop. The lady that ran it knew us by name we had been in there so much at this point. We had only went once a week for the past 2 years. Her name was Esmeralda. I'm not so sure that was her real name, but it was what she went by in the shop. She came up to me almost the instant we walked into the shop. She told me she needed to speak to me in private. I knew this woman but not well enough to speak to her alone. I insisted my friends came with me, but she refused. She said that her spirit guides told her that no one else must know the information she was about to give me. Reluctantly, I agreed to go into the back room with her.

She went on to tell me she knew about a huge loss I had recently had in my life. Instantly I was confused. How did she know about Aunt Irene? I hadn't told anyone outside of Terri and Michelle and they had not been to the shop without me since it happened. I questioned her and she said her spirit guides told her that Irene had a message for me and that Esmeralda could not be the one to give it to me, it would have to come straight from Irene. Of course, Irene has passed away a week before so I had no idea how she could give me a message.

My aunt Irene was like a second mother to me. She understood me far better than my mother did. Irene was a real witch. By that, I mean she actually did spells and potions and things like that. She dressed all in black like me, I think that may be where I had gotten the habit from. She loved all things horror and spooky. A week before all this happened she was hit and killed while walking across the street by a driver that had their license revoked. It was an accident that never should have happened.

Had she known Esmeralda before she died? I just wanted answers. Esmeralda went on to tell me that she and Irene had grown acquainted through magic. They shared tips and tricks and taught each other so much before Irene had the accident. She said that Irene gave her something that I needed to have in order to get into contact with her. I wasn't sure quite what she meant by that, but she stepped to the other side of the room and got into a crate type box with a lock.

When I saw what she pulled out I immediately shook my head no and said I wanted nothing to do with it because I had heard terrible stories about things of that nature before. Ouji boards have never been something I was interested in, I knew the dangers. She told me that I must take it because I could be in serious danger and Irene needed to give me a message urgently. I again told her that I did not want to take it and that there must be another way. She said there is, but I may not get through to Irene, something may intercept. That I could have more direct access to Irene through the board. This was something that I had never heard before, I had heard quite the opposite. Beyond my better judgment, I accepted the board and stuck it in my messenger bag along with the planchete. She had been dealing with magic and spirits longer than I had, so my thought was that she must know what she was talking about.

I exit the back room and go back to my friends. Naturally, they are confused. I tell them I will explain when we get back to my house and in my room where we could talk. We finish browsing the spells and items in the shop. On our way to leave, Esmeralda walks over and hands me a piece of paper. She says this would help guide me and that I must not do anything that it says not to. I shook my head yes and stuck the paper in my pocket.

After we got back to my house, I pulled the board out of my bag and explained to my friends what was said. Michelle asked me how I could possibly believe that lady and asked if I knew how dangerous these things were. I said I absolutely knew but I also knew that If aunt Irene really needed to talk to me, I was willing to chance that. I then pulled the paper out of my pocket that Esmeralda had gave me on my way out of the shop. It said the following:

1. It is best not to play this alone.

2. Never antagonize or poke jokes at the spirits, if they get angry things can go south.

3. Don’t take you hands off the planchete while you are communicating.

4. Never ask things like when you are going to die, or to know anything about the future.

5. Make sure you close out the session by saying goodbye and moving the planchete to the goodbye option.

I was already afraid enough, I knew I didn't need to break any of these rules. I didn't know what would happen, if anything, but I didn't want to chance anything. I went over to my window and picked up my crystals. I knew that they would help draw energy to the board if you laid them on it while you “played.” We sat the board on my bed and we gathered around it. I decided to ask the questions since we were speaking with my aunt. We all placed 2 fingers on the planchete in the middle of the board and moved it in a figure eight to start the session. We made sure let the spirits know we meant no and just wanted to communicate.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” I asked, shaking just slightly.

No answer. It confused me because Esmeralda seemed very sure, almost desperate to get me on this board because Irene needed me.

“Aunt Irene? Esmeralda said you wanted to speak to me. Are you there?”

All of a sudden the planchete started to move. Very slowly, but steadily. We all looked at each other and questioned who was moving it. There was no way this thing was moving on its own, was there? Slowly it made its way up to “Yes.”

“Um.. Am I in danger?”

It moved to “Yes” once again.

I looked at my friends as my stomach flopped.

“Is someone trying to hurt me?”

Once again it moved to “Yes.”

“Who, Aunt Irene? Who wanted to hurt me?”

The planchete started moving faster and faster, until it was hard for us three to keep our fingers on it.


Over and ever again the planchete moved from Z to O. After about the fifth time, Terri jerked away from the board, yelling in pain. Michelle looked over at her, I was still fixated on the board trying to figure out what ZO meant.

“My side is burning!” Terri yelled at us. I looked up at her. She raised her shirt to expose where the pain was. We saw 3 scratches about 3 inches long. There was blood at the surface but not enough to run down her side. “I’m done playing with this board, Brandy. Something isn't right, I'm beginning to think its something bad!”

“I'm so sorry, Terri! I have no idea what happened, we don't have to use it anymore right now. Its not a toy, though. Its not a game. We actually were speaking to something, someone. Irene would never have hurt you. I don't think that is really who we were speaking to. But what does ZO mean? It cant be a name, can it?” I said, very sorry that my friend had gotten so hurt.

“I don't know,” Michelle said still examining her sisters injury. “But I think you need to get rid of that board. Whatever was talking to us probably blocked Irene from you.”

I nodded, but with no intention of getting rid of the board just yet. I went to the bathroom and got Terri our first aide kit. It was in the bathroom closet on the very top shelf. I am pretty short, so I always have to get the step ladder to reach it. I took one step up, then another, one more. I reached up for the box. As my fingers made contact with the box, the closet door shut behind me. There is no way to open this closet from the inside because it catches when you shut is and it has no inside handle. That's the fault of my dad, who thinks he can rig up and fix anything when really, he just messes them up. It sounds mean but you can ask anyone who knows him as well as I do.

“Okay guys, I am sorry Terri got hurt but It wasn't me, I didn't do it. This isn't funny!”

The shower turns on and I hear the main bathroom door shut.

“Hello? Do you guys hear me? I'm in the closet! You closed me in here!”

I hear nothing. I bang on the door a couple times, still yelling at them to open the door. I sat down on the step ladder.

“They have to let me out eventually. Especially when my parents get back home.”

After about ten minutes, I hear the shower turn off and the main door to the bathroom open. I watch the closet door open slowly. I walk out.

“Okay that was just mean guy-” No one was in the room. I look around and see the mirror. It was steamy from the shower being on.

“ZOZO” Was in the steam.

I took the first aide box back into the my room where my friends were.

“Look guys, that wasn't funny!” I said, still shaken. “Which one of you did it? Terri, you were the one who got hurt so I bet you were trying to scare me, right? Or Michelle what about you? You're probably mad your sister got hurt and are trying to get back at me for something that wasn't my fault?”

“What are you talking about?” Michelle said, standing up.

“Don't play dumb, you guys just locked me in the closet for 10 minutes, and wrote ‘ZOZO’ on my bathroom mirror with steam!”

“Brandy, we didn't move from your room. I swear it, we just thought you were gone so long because you had to use the bathroom or something.”

“I don't believe you. Not at all! Here, take the first aide. I'm going downstairs to the kitchen.” I walk out of the room.

A little while later my friends come downstairs with their things.

“We are going to head home, Brandy. I will text you later, okay? What did you do with the board? Terri asked.

“Its in my bag.”

Michelle turned around away from the door, “You're getting rid of it right?

“Yeah. Bye.”

“Bye. See you later.”

I knew they were both upset. But, I knew I didn't scratch Terri and I had no way of knowing she was going to be scratched. What had we contacted? Irene would never have hurt my friends, she thought of them the same as thought of me. So, I decided to go back up to my room and try to contact whatever it was again.

I walk up the stairs, and when I get about half way I hear a boom coming from what sounded like my room. It startled me, so I stopped and looked around. After a bit, I walk the rest of the way to my room and see nothing different.

I really hope that was a bird on the roof. I think to myself. There is no one here but me. My friends left, my mom is at work and my dad is at a basketball game.

I walk over to my bag, where I had put the board and planchete when we got done with it earlier. It was gone. Had my friends taken it to ensure it was getting thrown away?

I run over to my desk where I had my phone and call Michelle. She told me she nor Terri knew anything about the board or where it was. She swore they had not saw it since Terri got scratched and that was the truth. She said I may have misplaced it while we were rushing around trying to figure out what to do. We hung up.

I decided to just lay down in my bed, turn Hulu on and try to remember where I had put the board. Even though, I knew I had put it back in my bag. I ended up falling asleep. I will never be able to forget the dream I had. It was the scariest thing, out of all of this that I have ever witnessed so far.

I dreamed that my friends and I were on our way to a concert. What was scary was, two days from the time this happened my friends did have a concert to go to, but I couldn't go because I had to babysit my baby cousin. But, in the dream we were all in the car together. We were jamming out to some music that we all liked and just having a great time. The music stopped and the car grew silent. Terri was in the front seat beside of Michelle who was driving. Terri fiddled with the phone that was connected to the car radio, seeing if she could get it to work. The radio started to make a high pitched sound, kinda sounded like a whistle. There was no way to control the volume it wouldn't budge. Looking at the radio, you could see ZOZO ZOZO ZOZO over and over again where the name of the song should be. A woman's cackling laughter filled the car. It didn't sound like it was coming from the radio, but from a passenger in the car. Then, we heard a loud honking noise as a semi truck was headed straight for the car. There was no way to get over into another lane, the semi was coming the wrong way in our lane. As the truck hit the car, I woke up in a sweat screaming. I sprang up and called Michelle just to make sure they were okay. I explained my dream to her. She said there was no danger of that happening because they were going to be taking back roads all the way there and there were never big trucks out those roads. That calmed me down, so I laid straight back down with my face up toward the ceiling, eyes closed.

I opened my eyes, looking at the ceiling. Something suddenly starts flying at my face. It hits me, and I scream because it scared me. It didn't really hurt, it just startled me. I open my eyes again and pick up what was then covering my face. I stared at it in surprise. It was the board. I examine it. On the back there was an engraving. I had to look close, but it was my aunts name.

“Irene Deverox”

Was this her board? I put the board back into my bag, where the planchete still was. I hung my bag up so that I could constantly see it.

Nothing much happened for the next couple days, everything was pretty quite. It was the day my friends left for the concert. I received a text when I woke up from Michelle.

“Hey Brand! We wish you were coming with us! We know how much you love The Screaming Banshee Clownz. We will bring you a couple souvenirs okay? Have fun with Frank today! We love you!”

I texted back.

“Thanks for that! I will love it. Frank is sleeping for now, they arrived last night and left with Mom and Dad early this morning for the Kay-men Islands. Ill have the baby a whole week so I will be glad when you guys are home in case I need help! Have fun, love you both bunches! And Michelle, please drive safe.”

A few hours go by, and the baby wakes up. We play, I feed and change him and put him down for a nap. He was only a couple months old so he sleeps a lot. My phone buzzes. It is a text from Terri.


I text back.

“Funny, Ter.”


I didn't reply this time, I knew she was just trying to scare me. This time, my phone rings. It was my mom.

“Hey mom! How is the trip going? How far are you away?” I say. “What do you mean? No. No! ZoZo? Oh my God… No, I cant explain now mom I have to go!”

My mom called to tell me that my friends had been killed. A semi hit them head on. They both died instantly. When their bodies were taken out of the car, the seat under Terri had been scratched. It appeared that ZoZo had been scratched into the seat. My friends are dead. Is this where it stops? I may never see the end of it. The board is missing again.

Please, do not play with a Ouji board. Its not a toy. Its not a game. But, if you do. Do not make the mistake we did. Always close your session out.

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