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Death Comes Back - a Flash Fiction Story

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in Psychology.

Death Returns

Death came back. He sucked in a big breath and coughed.

“This earth air is deadly.” He said to himself.

“I see you’ve finally returned.”

Death turned to find a little boy sitting on the wall behind him.

“What are you doing here Silas?”

The boy smiled. “Just visiting.”

Death tilted his head. “You’re never just visiting. So, again. Why are you here Silas?”

“My dear Death does one need a reason for being somewhere. Can’t one just take respite to enjoy watching God’s creation, these humans, go about their pathetic lives?”

Death smiled. “I see you demons still hold a grudge.”

“Don’t get me started Death. Well if you’ll excuse me I have some humans to go and toy with.” He jumped off the wall and started to go. He turned back around “By the way my dear Death you haven’t given me any souls lately.”

“You know better than I do Silas, it is the Son of God who makes the final call. I am here just to ease the soul to the other side.”

Silas smiled and disappeared.

Death And Fred Go the Barbers

“Demons,” Death mumbled under his breath. He walked down the street until he came to a small barbershop. He pulled a paper from his pocket and read the name on the card. He knew he was a couple days early for this one but his assignment this time came with a prayer assignment. He walked through the door, walked in and sat down in a chair.

No one in the shop looked his way because they could not see him yet. He studied the man in the end chair who sported a Korean War vet cap. The man had a short crop of grey hair and looked rather healthy for a man his age. Death knew however that the man’s demise would come suddenly. He just didn’t know how. Death looked to his left. There sat a rather jovial looking man. He stared at death.

He lifted his hand in a half wave. “Hey Death,” The man said. “I did not notice you sitting there.”

“Hey Fred,” why are you here?” Fred pointed at the same man Death was there for.


Death wrinkled his brow. “Wait, that is who I’m here for.”

Now it was Fred’s turn to be puzzled, “Are you serious? I mean my assignment Is to try and reunite him with his son. They had a falling out years ago and haven’t spoken since. I heard nothing of his demise.”

Death pulled a card from his pocket. “Here read it for yourself.” He handed Fred the card. Fred scanned the card and handed it back.

“You’re here for the wrong guy.”

Death looked at Fred confusion filtered through his eyes. “What do you mean the wrong guy? I’ve never botched a calling of a soul. Now Leroy on the other hand. Well that is neither here nor there.

“Well I’m telling you the guy over there is Harold Walker senior. The name on you card says junior.” Fred shook his head. “It sure complicates my assignment. If the son dies how do I reunite them?”

Death sat there for a few moments looking at the card. He looked over at Fred. “The card gives this address but you’re right. I need to check on this. Someone in accounting must have messed up.”

Death Checks With Accounting

Death faded out. A few minutes later he appeared in front of a small Cape Cod style house. It was the usual red brick house with two gables on the front. Fred had been right. The one he came here for was the son. He watched the house.

“So I was right.” Death turned to find Fred standing there.

“We meet again.”

“Yes, it seems accounting didn’t realize there were two Harold Walkers and the younger of the two is the one in the books to be escorted home.”

Fred looked over at Death. “As the humans are find of saying, “That throws a monkey wrench into my plans.”

Death stood there for a second. He then spoke. “So what’s the beef between the two of them.”

Fred tilted his head. “You know the usual, father does not agree with the son’s direction in life. Son grows up bitter and hasn’t seen the father in years.”

Death laughed. “ An easy fix for an Angel of your reputation.”

“Yeah I’ve done this before but not with one so close to death.”

Death looked at Fred. “So do you have any ideas what we can do? I mean even for me, Death, it is a sad affair when one does not reconcile with another before I have to call them home.”

Fred stood there for a moment. Death could tell he was in deep thought. And all of a sudden Fred part perked up.

“I have an idea but we have to get the thought into Junior’s mind.”

Death said to Fred. “Well you don’t have much time so you better hurry.”

“Yeah, yeah I know.” Fred faded away. Death stood there and watched Juniors house. He had an idea of his own. He proceeded up to the door and knocked.

A young man answered the door. He did not seem surprised to see Death standing there.

“I’ve been expecting you.” He motioned for death to enter.

Death walked into the house and looked around. “Nice place you got here.”

“Can we get this over with I’m nervous enough without having a little chit chat session.”

Death waved his hand. “Relax, I’m not here for you yet. There’s something that needs to be taken care of first. Come with me.”

Junior just stood there a second trying to figure out what was going on.

“Let’s go life’s a wastin’”

Junior followed Death out of the house.

“Where are we going?”

“Just come with me.” Junior followed Death down the street where they boarded a bus. Junior looked at Death.

“Couldn’t you just pop us over there? I mean a bus. You are a sort of Angel.”

Death Rides the Bus

“No were riding the bus.”
“Suit yourself.” Said Junior.

Death looked around the bus. He didn’t see anyone who recognized him so he figured no people on the bus were close to their time. Death then looked out the bus window as they rolled and stopped their way through the city. He sighed. “Humanity,” He thought. “So many of these beings who made their way through life never fearful of what they did or who they did it to until it became time to meet him face to face, then they changed. Some even begged him to give them more time. Truthfully, with the bosses ok, he could grant them more time but few were worthy. The bus stopped. Death looked at Junior. “This is our stop…let’s go.”

Junior obliged and followed Death off the bus. They walked a block or two until they came to the Faithful Rest Homeless Shelter. There they found Fred leaning against the building.

“What took you guys so long?”

Death gazed quizzically at Fred. “We took the bus.”

Fred laughed. “The bus could have just…”

“No,” Death said. “We’re not going there. Now can we get on with this?”

“Hold up a minute.” Said Junior. “So Fred, is it? Are you like Death?”

Fred smiled. “No Death is Death. I am well, not Death. I’m an Angel of many missions.”

“Enough idea talk,” Death said. “I have a schedule to keep and times running out. Let’s get this over with. Junior let’s go.” The three of them walked in the front doors and past many people. No one seemed to notice them. Junior looked around. “Why…”

Fred answered first. “For now we remain cloaked.”

They walked down through the lobby to a set of doors on the left. Fred led the way into the room. He looked around until he saw who he was looking for. In the corner sat Harold Walker eating his free lunch while staring out the window. Junior followed Fred’s gaze.

“We’re here for him? Well I’m outta here.” Junior turned to leave but Death clamped his bony hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t think so lad. We’re here to fix what needs to be fixed before it becomes too late. Now go forward.”

Junior walked across the multi purpose room.

“You don’t understand. My father does not want to see me ever again”

Fred looked at Junior. “How do you know? I mean did he say those exact words or is it your heart which needs to be restored.”

Junior looked at Fred. “You angels are a pain in the…”

Death pushed Junior. “No more talk. Go now.”

Fred laughed. “Man, I could use you on more of my assignments”

Death scowled. “The problem with you helpful angel types is you are too nice. There are times when a little finesse is warranted.”

Fred harrumphed. They walked over and stood before Harold Walker. He looked up. A spoonful of food poised before his mouth.he sat the food back on his plate.

“Can I help you gentlemen?”

Fred smiled. “No but we can help you.”

Death stepped in front of Fred. “We are here because of your son.”

Harold laughed. “Junior does not want anything to do with me. So if you’ll be on your way so I can get on with my lunch.”

Death looked at Harold with a look of well death in his eyes.”No we will not be on our way. This matter must be settled now.”

Junior stood there watching the interchange between the angels and his father. He wondered why his father could not see him. It was at that moment Death took his hand from his shoulder. The angels disappeared and Junior appeared. His father had no remembrance of seeing them.

“Junior, what are doing here?” Junior’s father said.

“Wait, you can see me?”

Time For A Change

“Of course I can see you. I am not blind after all. Now what are you doing here?”

“The two…brought me.” Junior looked around the two angels were gone. Well Death and one Angel to be exact.

Death and Fred stood and watched though neither Walker could see them.

Harold Walker senior looked at his son. “So why are you here after all these years. Come to scold me again about how you made out better than your old man who wasted his life in the military.”

“No pop…”

“Well if that’s what you’re here for you best be on your way. I don’t have time for your nonsense.”

“Pop...come on. I never meant to hurt you. I was just so excited about going to the pros that forgot what got me there.”

“You’re darn right. You should be.”

“Pop...please. You taught me the value of hard work and so much more.”

“Are you done saying your piece? My food is getting cold.”

“Pop I’m dying.”

Harold Walker senior dropped the fork back to the plate. “What’d you just say?”

“I said I’m dying. I don’t know how much longer I have but since Death is here…” Junior looked around. “somewhere. I guess I don’t have long.”

A tear ran down Senior’s cheek. “How...I mean..”

“It is a rare type of cancer. It’s ok though. I’ve comes to terms with…”

“Nonsense nobody is ok with death. We all used to say the very same thing to ourselves when we off to battle. I just wish our lives could have been...well closer.”

“Me too...Pop. If I hadn’t…”

“Son forget about’re here now.”

“Yeah thanks to Death…”


“No I mean the guy who was here. Well not a guy but a heavenly being.”

“Son, there is no one here now. Sit down, have some food…”

Junior went and got a plate and joined his father.

Death and Fred stood and watched the two men talk. No one could see them because they chose no to be seen.

“Thank you,” Said Fred.”My mission here is almost complete.”

Death looked at Fred. “I’m always glad to help provide some happiness to these humans. I mean I’m always the one who brings sadness to humans. Well here on Earth. The souls I take are always going to a better place. Wait, Fred. What did you mean your mission is almost done.

“There is one last piece the mission. An answered prayer. You see Junior prayed to be healed. It was not part of my mission but Clarissa’s.”

Death and Fred turned to see a beautiful dark haired Angel standing by the doorway. She walked over to where they were standing. “Greetings gents.”

“Long time no see.” Said Death.

“Yes, but I heard your doing my work for me. Something about a little girl in your one assignment”

Death smiled. “Yes, you heard correctly. I didn’t have the heart to take her.”

Clarissa laughed. “Growing soft are we?” Her face lit up. “Hey, they’re is always opening in the healing department.”

Death shrugged his shoulders. “No thanks. I’d miss the joy of taking souls off to Heaven.”

Fred looked at his watch. “Oh, I got to go. I have another blessing to bestow. See you later Clarissa. Death...maybe.” Fred turned and faded as he walked away.”

“So, Clarissa, why are you here?”

“I am here because Junior prayed the prayer of Salvation and for healing.”

“Hum, so that was the extra prayer attached to this assignment. Well, did the Holy One grant his request?”

“Check you book.”

Death took out his departure log. He looked for Harold Walker Junior's name. It was no longer there.

“Sorry Death.”

“Hey, no biggie. I’ve had it happen before. Can I stay and watch?”

“Sure,” Clarissa walked over to Junior and laid her hands on his shoulders. He stopped talking to his dad and looked around. Clarissa’s hands glowed a bright white and the they went dim. She lifted her hands off his shoulders and strolled back over to Death.

“I’m finished.” She patted Death on the shoulder. “See you around.” She faded away. Death looked at Junior and his dad. “Enjoy your new life.” He said and faded away.

© 2020 Timothy Whitt

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