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Dear SSSelf

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Dear SSSelf


Please make sure you support and understand

the cause of those Paragons of Greed

whose aim is to cut every tree down

I know some may not understand them,

it's just Business you know,

Nothing Personal!

They wish you no harm!

If you hear something about some Bona Fide Saint

approving "some" trees to get knocked down

Please just let it go

Stop them?

Don't even think about it

You know how Trees are in a hurry to grow right?

They appear like mushrooms, or so those Ogres think!

You may "sometimes" throw your trash anywhere

That is so acceptable!

Please don't fret over those "small acts"

No one would notice it anyway

By the by Did you seem to notice anything unusual

about Summer these past years?

She seem to get hotter and hotter every time she walks by

And how Storm passes with might,

not to mention the "little" Damage it leaves,

whenever it comes for a visit

Do you think those Saints anticipated all these?

Maybe.. Maybe not..

Who are you to question their idea of progress?

Again, they wish you no harm!

Self, I leave you but my two cents

It's always always your call to make that decision

I hope you choose what's right

I pray you’ll. . .be smart. . .be decisive. . .be kind

and I pray you do not forget our Future!

© 2017 Zee

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