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Dear Ellie - Part 9



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  • Dear Ellie - Part 8
    Scott Branson is on a path to self-destruction, and Ellie will pay the price
Scott undergoes questioning

Scott undergoes questioning

From Part 8

Scott was finishing up his second interview when Stella stopped by. She motioned to Officer Alexander to meet her in the hall.

"So, has he confessed to anything, Alex?"

"Nope. He denies ever seeing Carrie since before Mrs. Branson tucked her in bed."

"You don't really think he did it, do you. Alex? "He's not the one we're after, but David Martin - boy, that man is messed up, and he has no alibi. He gave me a list of several of his so-called drinking buddies that he spent early Saturday morning with. None of them are real people, just names he pulled out of the air. He doesn't want me to report him to probation for drinking."

"Stell, that name sounds familiar - David Martin? I'll get back to you. I'm going to finish my interview with Branson, then see what I can find out about Mr. David Martin. I know he's been trouble before Just can't place him right now."



Alex scratched his head, trying to remember where he had heard the name before - "David Martin, I know I've talked with him before, but where? When? Oh well, maybe Branson knows something."

Officer Alexander headed back to the interview room deep in thought. "Mr. Branson, what can you tell me about David Martin? I believe his son plays on your team. You had a problem with him last year. How did that play out?"

Scott felt a touch of relief as the focus of the crime seemed to shift to another.Scott exhaled as he began.

Clumsy Tim Martin

Clumsy Tim Martin

"David's son, Tim, is an extra on the team. We're required to carry so many players, whether they're good or not. Unfortunately, Tim fits the or not category. He's a good kid. He just doesn't have talent. I overheard him make a derogatory remark about the coaching staff. He ran extra laps after practice because of that."

"How did he react to that?"

"Initially, he was pretty upset. He was cursing and making a big scene. The practice was over. I just walked away, went in and showered. When I left, he was still running.

"The next day he approached me in the hall and apologized. He knew he was wrong. We have a great relationship on and off the field."

Alex drummed his fingers on the table. He was getting impatient with the preliminaries. "So, do you think he could have anything to do with the abduction?"

Scott took another deep breath and exhaled again. "If I could pin it on him, just to get this thing over with, I would but honestly, he wouldn't be smart enough to come up with the idea. And like I said, we're fine now."

"His dad? I hear he can be pretty nasty." Alex finally got to where he wanted to go. How did David Martin fit into the story?. Where had he heard his name before?

"Tim's dad can be very hard. He made a special trip the next day to let me know he didn't appreciate the way I handled the situation. You sent two of your men over to have him removed from school property. There was no physical altercation, but he made it perfectly clear that if I did anything like that again, he'd see me in jail - or dead."

Alex was puzzled. Scott's recollection was true, but that wasn't where he heard Martin's name before. Weary from the day's work, Alex asked one more question. "Do you think this might be Mr. Martin's way of getting even. After all, you could end up in jail right here, right now. Based on the anonymous tip we received, we could hold you. Maybe it was David Martin who phoned in the tip. Any thoughts about that?"

"I like to think the best about people. He may want to even the score with me, but I don't think he'd hurt Carrie."

Okay, Mr. Branson. You’re free to go. Know that you haven’t been eliminated as a suspect. We’re still investigating, and we may call you back in at any time. If I were you, I’d stay close to home.”

Ellie was at home crying when Scott walked through the door. The afternoon of thoughts she had experienced was overwhelming. She still wasn't sure if Scott was safe and neither was Scott. Tears rolled down her cheeks leaving streaks of mascara in their wake.

Scott tried to comfort her as much as possible, but he needed comforting as well. The two sat on the couch and cried in each other's arms for several minutes.
The long afternoon was over, and at least for now, the two could feel safe again. But how safe could they be? An unknown individual had entered their house and took their child. If harm could happen that easily, how safe were they, really? A new fear set in.

Ellie held Scott tighter as new tears began to flow. Scott wrapped his protective arms around her and held her close, but there was no comforting. Scott was beginning to see the big picture. No one was safe. Their world had been forever changed, and it was a change neither asked for nor wanted. The fabric of their perfect, peaceful lives now had a gaping hole. There wasn't a clothier or seamstress in town that could fix it.

They were both now coming to grips with the emotional upheaval in their lives. The wounds bled, but they bled inside, souring the spirits and drowning hope. They longed to go back before all the trauma and tragedy, but they both knew that could never be. The dream they were living was a reality. The horror they experienced was unforgiving and relentless. Tidal waves of pain rushed over the shores of their souls eroding the sand. At last, there were no more tears to cry, and Scott broke in.

"Listen, Babe. We have to find Carrie's attacker - not just for Carrie's sake, but for us. They're looking at me as a suspect."

For the first time since Carrie was taken, the thought entered Ellie's mind. Her wrinkled brow spoke volumes, "Are you responsible, Scott? I mean, did you have something to do with this?"

Scott looked at Ellie incredulously. "Are you kidding? How can you even think that much less speak it? She's my daughter, too. I would never hurt her!"

Scott's anger was reflected in Ellie's eyes as she shot back. "There must be a reason they're looking at you. Besides, if you're innocent, why are you so defensive? Scott, if you hurt her, we're done! Now, tell me, what did you do?"

Scott hung his head as he stood and walked over to the recliner.

"Scott, what did you do? Tell me."

"I didn't do anything. That's what I did. I did nothing. An unwelcomed guest enters our home - our home, Ellie, and takes our child. And I did nothing. He's still out there, and I did nothing. It's time I do something to find our baby."

Scott headed for the door but was stopped by Ellie's question. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to find Carrie."

© 2017 William Kovacic

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