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Dear Ellie - Part 4



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

I have to admit I'm struggling a bit.with this installment.With that in mind, I welcome any constructive criticism you may have. Just leave it in the comments below. Now, back to the broken life of Dear Ellie.

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    Scott Branson is on a path to self-destruction, and Ellie will pay the price.

From Part 3

"Scott, what are you doing home so early? I have some good news to tell you."

"It better be good because I have some bad news to tell you. Let's go sit down."

Scott, is it that bad?"

"It is. The gym is closing. Tony didn't tell anyone. Tonight is the last night, One more paycheck on Friday, and that's it. I don't know how we're going to pay for your schooling. That job paid it all. I'm going up to bed."

"No, Scott. Wait a minute!"

"Oh, yeah. You said you had some good news. That's what I need right now - some good news."

"Look at me - Scott, look at me!" Ellie walked toward Scott and put her hands on his shoulders. "Look at me. We'll get through this. I can take a leave of absence for a while. We'll make it work just like we always have before. We can do this!"

"There's no way you're leaving school. Not now. Not ever. You've worked too hard to stop now. I won't let you quit."

"I didn't say quit - just a leave of absence. Just for a while until we can get back on our feet. It will work."

Scott wasn't so sure. He repeated, "I'm going up to bed."

Morning came. Scott struggled to get out of bed. Ellie nudged him into action. He went through the ritual of dressing, eating breakfast, and going over his class notes for the day. On his way out the door, he shouted to Ellie who was in the kitchen, "I'll be late. I'm going to go job hunting after school. Wish me luck. You know what? We'll get through this. Love ya, Babe!"

Ellie's heart sank. She didn't have the chance to tell Scott the rest of the good news that was now bad news.



Ellie tried to be strong, even though, her dreams were shattered. She ran to the bedroom and fell on her face. The once comfy bed now seemed hard and an instrument of punishment. Her tears soaked the pillow.

The ring of the telephone brought life back into focus. It was Scott.

"Hey, Babe. Just on my lunch break. Thought I'd give you a call. I contacted Power Train Fitness. They need help. they said if I qualify I can start tonight. Of course, I qualify, right Babe? See, I told you we'd get through it."

"You told me we'd get through it?"

"Well, maybe we told each other. Anyway, I feel good about tonight."

"I do, too, Honey . . . Scott . . ."

"Well, lunch is just about over. I gotta get ready for my next class, Love ya!"

Another opportunity came and went. Ellie's news would have to wait for another time. The day progressed slowly. Supper came and went. The six o'clock news came and went. Ellie's tears only came. Scott would be home late as he finished his first night at Power Train Fitness.

It was nearly 1:00 a.m. when Scott finally trudged through the front door, glad to be home again. Elie was waiting for him. The discouraged look on her face told Scott everything.

"Oh, Babe. The good news. I'm so sorry. I've been caught up in this new job. I never even thought . . . "

"It's okay, Scott. It doesn't matter anymore."

"Well, believe it or not, it does matter to me. What's going on?"

Ellie took a deep breath. Graduation is just a few weeks away. We don't have long. Do you have to take this second job?" Scott knew something was going on in Ellie's mind.

"Okay, out with it - what's going on?"

"It doesn't matter, Scott. It really doesn't. I'll be graduating first out of the entire class. I've already sent out several resumes. Allegheny General wanted me to come work for them."

Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh

"You mean, move back to Pittsburgh? That's great, Babe. We'd be closer to Mom and Dad - get a fresh start. That is great! And, Babe, I'm so proud of you. When do we. . . "

"Scott, may I finish?"

"Oh, yeah. Go on."

"The hospital needed an answer by yesterday. The job is gone. They gave it to someone else."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

Ellie chuckled to herself. "Scott, I tried to, but there was always something more important, always something to pull you away. Now it's too late, but that's okay. We'll be happy here."

"We could be, but it was always your dream to go back home. Never fear. Scott the job-saver is here. Uncle Roy has worked at AG for as long as I can remember. I'll call him first thing in the morning. He'll get your job back. Now, let's get some sleep."

The alarm clock was screaming in Ellie's left ear. She rolled over to wake Scott. He was nowhere in sight. She slowly pulled herself together and wobbled to the kitchen. Without her cup of coffee, she was useless. Now - to find her husband. He was sitting on the second-floor balcony, cell phone in one hand, his cup of coffee in the other.

"Good morning, Babe. Just talking to Uncle Roy. He's on it. We'll be moving back home shortly."

"Scott, you didn;t have to do that."

"No, I suppose I didn't, but my wife, the Queen of Scottsville, deserves to have her dreams fulfilled. Besides, what good is it if you know someone in high places and can't take advantage of it. Now I have to get ready for work."

Scott was such a dear. Ellie was touched.

"Scott, are you sure this is going to work?"

"Oh, absolutely. You'll hear from Uncle Roy by noon. Start packing, okay?"

Reality sneaked back into Ellie's mind. Memories from so many years ago passed through her mind in no particular order. She felt as if her mind was permanently scrambled. Yet, she remembered it all so well. It was hard for her to tell the present from the past, except for the fact that the present hurt so much more. She couldn't process how things had turned around so quickly.

Scott had been good to her. He was her knight in shining armor, and she couldn't understand how things had turned around so quickly.She knew nothing would ever be the same again, but could she at least find some sense of purpose? She doubted that.

The pain of her present reality settled deep and strong upon her. Tears began to fall like rain. How could things have gotten so far off track? Her perfectly pieced together world crumbled so quickly. Even if she could piece it back together, she couldn't find all the pieces. She wondered if this was how Humpty Dumpty felt.

A breeze floated in through the opened door stirring Ellie's mind back to the past - back to the happiest day of her life. Back to when things were perfect. Back to the special event that made her life complete.

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© 2017 William Kovacic

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