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Happy Together : A Short Story

September 3, 1967

Dearest Adeline,

I am sending this letter to you because I know you’re currently wondering about where I am — if I am doing well, if I am uninjured, or even if I am still alive. It's funny how you worry about things when you don't know what the risks are. I can’t exactly tell you where I am situated, but you already know that.

To tell you the truth though, I am doing quite well, but I am not fine. Every single day, I wake up to the loud sound of a siren and the cold air enveloping me instead of your soft voice and warm body. I wake up to the cold and stern faces of my fellow soldiers and strangers instead of your heartfelt smile. I wake up wishing for this war to end so I can finally be with you for good.

You know, I had a dream last night. It was a bright and sunny day and we were having a small picnic at the park. The soft chirps of birds and laughter of children filled the air. The sun shone so brightly, but it was no match for the glowing smile on your face. I was happy and relieved. For once, I wasn't worried about dying. I wasn't worried about it being my last day on earth and not having to see you one more time before I leave.

I was in the moment and it was perfect.

What made it better, though, was when two tiny children ran towards our direction. A grin spread on their faces from ear to ear. A young girl and boy who had your twinkling eyes, your shining brown hair against the sunlight, and your plump cheeks. “Daddy!” they cheerfully squealed running up to hug me. At that moment, I knew that that’s what I wanted for us.

At this moment, I still don’t know what to say. I don’t know if this war is going to end anytime soon but what I do know is that I will fight this war not just for our country, but for us as well. Not just for the sake of the people in this nation, but also for the future of our family. I will return for you. Until then, please, wait for me.

Forever yours,

Emett Fisher

It was an ordinary day. I was sitting on a hammock on the patio listening to our favorite song, Happy Together by the Turtles, when I saw a silhouette of tall man walking towards the house. I was delighted and at the same time confused. The paper didn’t mention anything about the war ending, but my feelings bested me that I ran towards the figure thinking it was you. I was wrong. It was a general. He was carrying your coat and on top of it was a letter. The last letter I received from you. The last letter that filled the void in my heart with emotions.

It has been months since then, and I've been waiting since then.

Waiting for something I can never have.

Waiting for someone who will never come.

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