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Welcome, Mishits!

Marcelo has a B. S. in English Education and experience as a Spanish teacher. He enjoys science fiction and fantasy.

Mishito One


Aunt Barb and Uncle Ken lived in an old house in Pennsylvania.

Aunt Barb had five little kittens, and she had offered Din Din two kittens.

Din Din chose a little black kitten and a cute little grey one.

If you had a kitten, what would you name the kitten?

Daddy named the black kitten Machu Picchu, after the ruins in Perú. And he named the grey kitten Micifuz, which in Spain means cat.

Mommy put the two kittens in a little lidless cardboard box with a little blanket, and then the family drove back home.

But they had two hounds at home, and the family was worried about how the hounds would respond to the kittens. Hounds are hunting dogs... would they try to hunt the kittens?

Daddy had a plan. He knew his dogs were well trained.

When they arrived home, daddy brought the first hound to meet the kittens. "Maya, meet the new members of the family." Maya sniffed the kittens, and then she went to greet mommy and Din Din.

Then daddy called the second hound. "Porthos," said Daddy, "Meet the new members of the family." Porthos sniffed the kittens, and then he went to greet mommy and Din Din.

Once the hounds gave no more attention to the kittens, daddy let the kittens roam free in the living room.

That night, daddy set up a crate for the kittens. Inside the crate, he put a litter box, a water dish, and blankets for the kittens.

What is the water for? What is the litter for? What are the blankets for?

Overtime, Daddy began to refer to the kittens as Mishitos (Mi-shi-tos). Din Din really liked the name.

Mommy asked daddy what this word meant. Daddy explained that back in El Salvador, when people want to get the attention of a cat, they call on the cat by saying "Mish, mish." Daddy changed the word a little, and the word now means little mish.

Overtime, mommy thought the word mishito was too long. Mommy doesn't speak Spanish like daddy, she speaks English. In English, people try to make words as short as possible to make them easier to say. So, mommy began to call the kittens Mishits... and the name stuck--the family now calls the kittens Mishits.

Mishito Two


© 2020 Marcelo Carcach

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