Deadly Dreams

Updated on April 17, 2017

Dreams rub against my Eyes

Fading away as I Rise

The hours forcefully drag me Out

Adducing the ordeal, Reality is About

I beg of time to let me Rest

And out of thoughts I build a Nest

That's cozy and makes me feel at Home

And I care not if it's dawn or Gloam

The curls of situations obstruct my Way

Making me averse to start my Day

My bed holds back my zest And Zeal

Making it hard for me to Deal

With the test of life that's taken by All

Through which some learn and others Fall

Into a puzzle that's hard to Solve

But the ones that get through lastly Evolve

And I resist myself from proceeding Ahead

For I feel like this confusion will leave me Dead

Dead in the shock of failure and Loss

My fate which can come what may Toss

And a heads would mean I won the Race

That I started at a wary Pace...

-Tanaaz Malik


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